Winter Child

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A young girl feeling snow for the first time.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



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Riding, riding, what seems to last a lifetime and be a million miles. A song I've heard so many times in the past on the radio and still not know the name. I close my eyes and what seems like five minutes ended up being an hour. We were driving through white firm cottonballs by the looks of it. When we arrived at my new house, I went in quickly but, while I wasn't looking it started to come down. I walked in the middle of a sea of all white and I held out my hand. A tiny freckle of an exquisite design fell and rested in my plam. Then as fast as it had apeared, it vanished into the pink of my cold hand.

I looked up to a gray and gloomy sky. But all I could feel was excitment and wonder. My parents came out and took a picture of me standing in a never ending place of white with my frozen hand out into the endless seam of snowflakes falling all around me. I bent down and made a handprint in the freezing crystals beneath me. I had to pull out my hand before too long or else I thought it would freeze over. Then as I looked up I saw a boy about my age running towards my in a black woolen coat, dark eyes and soaked dark pants with brown boots. His hair falling over his face, squished by the blue hat.

The boy then said, "This is snow." I stared at him and then the "snow" numerous times before he had continued on. "I love it, it makes me feel warm even though it's cold." FLASH. Another picture. I'm twenty now, and I cherish this picture. The young boy and the silly girl in her bright red coat and long red hair flowing down and curling in every which way. My redish blue smile larger than any other. I love the snow now, and I can still remember the soft and kind voice of the little boy who first told me what snow was. I'm happy I could remember snow with such a precious memory. 

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