In memory of Frank and Cecile Widmeier

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My Great grandparents died within the 2010-2011 years. I will forever remember the smell of her perfume and his cigars.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



A life lived is a life loved even if it's stone

Anything can change inside a mind of one or two

But when a life die's, it leaves us all alone

Anybody with a sense would say it's best for you

to get rid of past memories and forget whats to be forgot

But when it's ones you love and cherish, good thing, it is not


A woman and a man, age seventy seven, and age seventy three

Both died within a faulty year with so much love for me

I loved them both with every ounce of my soul

But God took them by the hand and away from me he stole

I cannot help but think it was destiny

It will eventually happen to you and me


At the same time I wish that they would return

and hold my hand once again, instead I hold the Urn

The songs they sung still flow through my mind

Every time I think of them, my thoughts seem to blind

What's reality of it all and what I made up fake

But pain stays throughout the stiffening heartache

Forever my Great grandparents' memoir will keep my heart to break

* In memory of Frank and Cecile*

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