the fellow peer

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this is a story i created for my language arts class for half my grade do you think it makes the cut. i haad to write a story about suspense and horror

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



The fellow peer

Hi, have you ever heard the story, you know the story of “Beaumont middle school”, well there’s much to discuss then. Well of course it all happened at the middle school (Beaumont) in the bathroom, the football field and even a classroom. And the killer was even a FELLOW PEER, clean record, good grades and supposedly stable minded, at least that’s what everyone thought even his parents were astonished to hear the news that there little peer could have done something so, so, so EVIL.

Well the story starts off in mr.marys class we were learning about English and writing and junk like that and one kid raised his hand to go to the bathroom so of course mr.mary said he can being a great teacher as he is, and then three other kids said they had to go to so mr.mary being occupied said sure. Those three kids were Steven cottonfield: a kid who’s a troublemaker smokes and does everything an adult does because he thinks his cool, Louise lambrt: a girl who volunteers at hospitals and would gave a total stranger her right kidney but for some reason kids try to avoid her and last but not least Thomas soulfire: a kid who is pretty mutual boy, popular half and half grades and can speak four languages.

So it’s been 25 minutes and no one returns, so mr.mary sends a boy and girl to get the kids and they both come back screaming saying “Steven is dead”. The only one that didn’t come back was the first kid that went to the bathroom, Jeremiah pennet: a kid who has good grades, clean record and surprise, he can hurt a fly. The first one to go was Steven, he came and asked Jeremiah if he wanted to have a smoke and Jeremiah replied not in word but with a knife in his stomach, and he dragged him to the bathroom and put on the toilet and lit a cigarette in his mouth and waited for Thomas came in so did another kid so he waited for the random kid to leave and then wait for his chance.

Well that chance never came because it was burrito day at school today if you get my drift, so both Jeremiah and Thomas both fled while they could. So Jeremiah thought the next time to strike with his murderous rage would be the football game happening later that night because Thomas always stays after to help clean up the bleachers.

The time finally came, the moment the world will let go of two very precious lives of kids who had bright as he slowly crept up behind the bleachers he saw an unsuspected guest, Louise lambrt the girl of jeremiahs dreams, here with Thomas his #1 enemy. That basically made Jeremiah come envy with rage, so he being the murderer he is stabbed Thomas from behind the bleachers right next to the spine causing Thomas to scream in agony from his throbbing and bleeding back. Louise screaming and running away was soon stopped by Jeremiah who was rushing after her. Then sadly enough he had to sadly silence her before she alerted neighbors or passing by people and as he slit her throat he whispered “I’ll always love you” then did what had to be done.

As he was walking away from the horrible mess he just created he heard police sirens so he rushed to the parking lot hot-wired a car and headed for the that’s what happened at Beaumont middle school about 25 years ago, all he left behind was a note written in blood quoting that “I shall return with a vengeance of a thousand men”. And till this day people say he still roams the halls as a fellow peer. 

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