Zeimke the waterdrup

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Pelsy the waterdrup searches for water in the desert.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



We are going down to Lalofon, the quiet desert. We cannot see anything with our human eye, and with our human ears we don’t hear a sound. With our nose we smell a soft odd odor. It doesn’t smell sweet, salt, or sour. Lalofon is a landscape that exists only of sand, it is as flat as a frozen lake, and can be seen until the horizon. Moving downwards, further and further, to the bottom floor of the Lalofon desert, we see a little thing. It’s Paesta the drop of water. With three hundred miles an hour he rolls over the desert.

‘Fast, faster, fastest, ‘he murmurs.

Paesta is afraid of something. He is afraid to dry out and is incredibly thirsty. Though the only thing he can see is sand, his intuition for water leads him into the right direction. Far ahead of him is a dark sky without clouds, and without rain. The dark sky moves forward, just as fast as Paesta moves, so Paesta will never reach it.

Paesta is a dark green water drop and came half a year ago from a pyramid cloud.

Pyramid clouds have pyramid shapes with the widest side directed downwards. Instead of water drops that fall out of a cloud, the pyramid cloud goes down to the floor and gives away its water drops to the ground. Half a year ago a million of water drops from the pyramid cloud dried out. To stay alive the little bits of drops have aggregated. This is how Paesta was created. He is the collection of a million bits of water drops.  Paesta is not made of water, but of falater, a flexible substance.

Paesta is rolling with large speed over the ground, looking for water. Every now and then he glides, because the sand is so flat.

‘I become tired and dizzy of this rolling, ‘Paesta thinks, and he wishes to be at the eight bows soon, where they have good advice.

‘Six hundred miles to go, ‘ he thinks. Sweat is at his forehead and he catches the drops. To prevent from drying out, he drinks his own sweat.

Finally he sees the eight bows. They are eight flat bows in the shape of half circles that can be seen in the sand as dark shapes. Each bow is about twelve meters high.

In front of him the sand is moving and letters are being formed.

‘Where are you running for?’ is being written in the sand.

Paesta moves with his belly through the sand and writes ‘ I’m running away for the dry-out.’

‘You are running into the right direction, but you won’t be on time at the water of Saanzo.’

‘Then I will disappear, ‘ sounds Paesta, frowning his eyebrows. But I will find a way to be on time at the water.

We can make you be able to fly,’ the eight bows write into the sand.

Take this sandglass with you; it is filled with sand and seawater. At the right sign you can use it.

With 6000 miles an hour Paesta flies over the landscape of sand. Like always the grey sky goes out of in front of him just as fast as he moves. Above him the sky is yellow and orange.

After three hours flying he looks upwards and admires the sky. After that he looks downward again. Unnoticed he is already flying over the water of Saanzo, a large ocean. Saanzo is everything, except flat. It has round hills and steep places, passageways which one can fly through, and water flows into all kinds of directions. As a spear Paesta goes downwards. Jippieie. He dives into the water and takes some of it to grow bigger.  Paesta looks around and doesn’t see any other water drop.

‘Hello Paesta?’ sounds a low heavy voice from the bottom of the water.

‘Hello. Why is the Lalofon so dry?’

‘It has been dried by sandstorms and the water is much deeper into the ground.’

‘Can’t you move the sand and crawl through the Lalofon?’

‘I don’t have enough water for that. Only if the complete planet works together I can get enough water, and can I push the sand away to make a canal.

Then Paesta sees, far ahead, the grey sky fall into pieces, as snow flocks. The flocks of grey sky fall and they move through the yellow-grey colored air. He looks at his arm brace with the sandglass.The sand and the water in the sandglass go from one side to the other, also against gravity. Paesta starts feeling light in the head and can see the complete planet. He can see twenty oceans that are connected with each other by pools, canals, and ditches. Water comes from all over the planet and flows to the ocean of Saanzo. Saanzo has understood the message and pushes the water into the sand of Lalofon. With the water that flows back he takes sand away and a canal starts to exist. The canal becomes about forty meters wide.

With 6000 miles an hour Paesta flies over the new canal. Plants jump out of the ground as mushrooms. Large ferns with living shadows are growing. Leaves of ferns form a hammock and swing with the shadow. Finally the shadow flies through the sky.

Water drops in groups of five collide and go on as couples of three. Others groups go from three to five drops. Grass in the form of a stick moves through the ground. They shoot through the sand to go to those places where the most of light is. Bubbles of gas come from umbrella shaped grass. It’s the grass where the bubbelsnake lives.

The bubbelsnake swallows a bubble of gas and floats upwards. At the top of a fern he yawns away the bubble of gas, stops floating upwards, and sits down on the plant.

Paesta drinks allot of water and gets larger. After swallowing six million times he falls apart into a million pieces. The drops of his pyramid cloud come alive again, and Paesta has disappeared.

The million water drops pass the eight bows and ask what the bubbles of gas from the umbrella shaped grass are. The eight bows write on the ground that it is oxygen and that in this way the CO2 level on the planet is getting less. 

Soon the animals from the poor parts of the planet arrive and have enough food to eat, and water to drink.






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