Terrorism: How Will It End?

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Is there or can there be an end to terrorism?

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Terrorism:  How Will It End?


In the article for Wired, the author, Spencer Ackerman discusses 9/11 and the subsequent reactions from the media and politicians.  He writes that the terrorists achieved the results they were after, hysteria and its aftermath on the American people.

Hysteria, has sent us into a 6.6 trillion war (Ackerman), caused the politicians to create new laws with regard to homeland security, surveillance of our citizens, and a fear that exists even today.

Fear has brought about many reactions; there is talk of car bombs and nuclear threats by al-Qaida.  When in actuality, al-Qaida’s only dialogue seems to be concerned with car bombs in Washington, D.C. and New York City..  Ackerman also states that we have more to worry about concerning the amount of “unsecured nuke material” that’s available, than we do with al-Qaida

Ackerman believes that the singular major threat to the United States is nuclear terrorism and the United States has “underreacted” to it.  Although, the Obama administration has tried to procure unsecured nuclear material, they have been unsuccessful.

Al-Qaida’s presence has been diminished, but yet the politicians react as if they are still an ominous presence.  And, no one political party wants to be the one that backs down or lowers the budget on our security, or change any of the laws that may affect our citizens, with the possible outcome being another devastating terrorism attack such as 9/11.

Former White House counter-terrorism chief, Richard Clarke, has this to say: “There’s going to be a terrorist strike some day.  And when there is, if you’ve reduced the terrorism budget, the other party, whoever the other party is at the time, is going to say that you’re responsible for the terrorist strike because you cut back the budget.  And so it’s a very, very risky thing to do.” (Ackerman)

Ackerman considers that risk to be a political risk and one that will be carefully thought about by both parties.  The Patriot Act and the 2008 amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Act expire in 4-5 years and it “requires Congressional reauthorization to continue.” (Ackerman)  Citizens need to step up to the plate and take actions with their votes.  Terrorists will always be around.  How we act and react, sets the tone for our future.

Our future must include the winding down of our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan; the rethinking of legislation that allows the government to spy on its own citizens.  And, finally try to come to some kind of closure to 9/11.  If we can accomplish these “things”, we can truly honor the 2,996 victims and perhaps bring them peace and perhaps us as a nation.

 In the article, “How to Beat Terrorism:  Refuse to be Terrorized”, Spencer Ackerman covers the devastating effects of 9/11.  The actuality of that day is that almost 3,000 people were murdered and a nation lost its innocence.

Our reaction was to attack Iraq; our president informed the U.S. citizens that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, and the U.S. needed revenge, let’s just admit it.  I believe we had to show the world that we would not be bullied or frightened.  As a consequence, here we are a decade later, with an expenditure of over 6.6 trillion; and so many of our Armed Forces have been lost, wounded, and disabled.

The U.S. has not won the war on terrorism, nor will it ever win that war.  Although we have won some battles when we take into account the capture of Hussein, the killing of bin Laden and other key members of al-Qaida.  But there will always be terrorists.  There will always be someone or some country that hates us for that reason or another.  Can we stop them?  Hopefully, we can stop most of them.  Does that mean we need to live in fear 24/7?  As for me, we will all die someday and whether it comes by means of a car bomb or a car accident; I refuse to live my life in constant fear and on the verge of hysteria. Is there a reason to spy on our fellow citizens by use of the Patriot Act?  Do we need to pry into the business dealings of our Muslim citizens, or track them on their cell phones? Though I feel confident that we should keep track of some of our citizens; it has already been proven, that not all terrorists are Muslims or illegal immigrants.  Does Jihad Jane bring up any memories?

We all understand that terrorists/terrorism is a real threat to national security.  But, what is truly frightening to me is that there is unsecured nuclear material throughout the world.  The Obama administration has failed to procure it and there is no easy solution.

Where do we go from here on the war on terrorism?  What do we do concerning the nuclear threat?  At some point the United States needs to say enough is enough.  We cannot live forever in the shadow that once was the Twin Towers.  The 2,996 lost souls are gone forever.  Our innocence as a nation is gone.  We are allowing fear to guide our destiny.  We cannot allow that to happen.  We need to elect, or at the very least, hold accountable the people in office.  They’re the ones creating the laws, such as the Patriot Act and adding new amendments to the Constitution, with little or no effect, except to spy on our fellow citizens.

None of these Acts or amendments has brought back the murder victims in the Twin Towers.  If we are to truly honor them and bring closure to us as a nation, we must move on and try to create a better world to live in.  Elect officials that will actually listen to what the voters are asking them to do. Deal with the other nations, not as our enemies but as potential friends and alliances.  Stop the spying on our fellow citizens that only creates more hatred among us, as we have enough of that already.  To have a better world we must unite together and strive to better civilization as a whole.

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