Far Away

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Falling Fantasies

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



Chapter 1

I run. I run as fast as I can, away from broken hearts and empty homes.  I run until my breath is heavy and my legs are aching from the effort. I run because that's all i can do.

The trees suffocate me, their pines prickling and blocking me from the sun. There is no wind whistling and without it, the soundless forest seems eerie and monstrous. I see a light flicker ahead of me but it disappears as soon as i lay my eyes on it. With my last ounce of strength, I run after the only light left in my life.

The canopy of trees get thicker and thicker as i run until i can't see anything anymore. The light disappears into nothingness and i realise with dread that i don't know where i am. I've read stories about girls getting kidnapped in forests and getting slowly murdered. There screams could be heard for miles. 

No-one cares about me, I think. They can go ahead and try, I invite them to.

A rustling comes from behind a tree in front of me and despite what i was thinking, i back away, fear running through my veins.

"You do not have to be afraid of us," A voice echoes through the woods. I start to shake and my voice trembles when i ask:

"Who are you?" what do you think they're going to say idiot, i think to myself. Murderers don't introduce them selves.

"We are here to help," another whisper echoes through the woods. The voices are neither girls' or boys'. They are something different, something out of this world. It is as if they are whispering through a speaker in a deep ocean.

I feel a light touch on my shoulder and i jump and turn around but there is no-one there.

"Don't you trust us?" the voice tickles my ear and i have to stop myself from turning around again.

"Show yourself," i squeak, tears stinging my eyes.

"If you wish," two figures appear in front of me. They are both tall and lean with chestnut brown hair and eyes that sparkle with secrets and mischief. Their otherworldly beauty is transfixing and i find myself gaping.

"I'm Orion, this is Andromeda," the boy, Orion, says. Something at the back of my head is telling me to run but i ignore it. Orion and Andromeda's presence makes me feel safe and i don't want to lose something as rare as that.

"Are you lost?" Andromeda asks in a soft voice. "You can come with us, we will show you the way home."

Without thinking, i find myself following her. I don't understand what's happening but for once I'm going to just follow whatever light i see. And right now, my light is two inhumans.


Chapter 2


As we walk through the forest, the trees get taller and taller; their leaves thicker and thicker until it feels like i'm blind. I can't hear Orion or Andromeda ahead of me, their footsteps neither making a sound or leaving a trail, unlike mine. Nevertheless, i know where they are going. They  have a presence that i can follow without being able to see. An owl hoots above us and i hear a howl of a wolf behind me.

I walk a little faster hoping that we can find shelter soon. No matter how brave i like to think i am, i don't want to die or be eaten alive by a monster in the middle of a claustrophobic forest.

Ahead of me Orion and Andromeda glide to a stop and i stumble before halting behind them.

"What is i-? i ask before Orion clasps a hand around my mouth.

Make no movement, his voice echoes through my head even though i'm sure he didn't talk. I stare at him confused but i follow his orders and try to keep myself from hyperventilating.

There is a movement in front of me and a  wolf appears out of the darkness. Her crimson fur shines from within, lighting up her golden eyes so they glow in the never-ending darkness. They are gentle and wise and they stare at me as if they are reading my secrets. Two large beacons pouring into my soul.

Around me, Orion and Andromeda stand back to back and i realise the things i didn't see before. The large wolves that are slowly surrounding us. I want to run away but i can't. I'm paralysed under their sheer glance.

Orion looks at the red wolf anger burning in his gaze.

"This is Greek territory," he says. "Begone before we rip you simple-minded Romans into shreds."

The red wolf growls.

"Son of Poseidon, you have passed the Forest of Artemis," her voice is a low growl. "Now you obey to me."

"We will never obey to you Lupa," Andromeda's voice is thick with hatred. "Even Romulus and Remus left you."

The wolf, Lupa, howls with rage and strides towards us, her pack following. A bow appears out of nowhere in Orion's hand and he reaches back to get an arrow from a quiver i didn't know he possessed. Andromeda already has a knife out.

The demons' eyes glow with fury as they leap towards us in a ghastly battle.

Chapter 3

A scream cries through the air. It's mine. Blood gushes out of the scratch in my arm. I'm lying on the ground. There's a wolf on top of me. The wolf scratches again. Everything goes black.


I wake up with agonising pain. I scan my surroundings but i can't see much. I'm not sure if it's because i'm lying in the dark or because i'm finally blind. Or you know, you could be dead, i think to myself. No, it hurts too much, death would be more peaceful. I snort. How would you know, i think, you've never been dead before.

With a groan, i try to get up. I need something to distract myself  from my annoying brain. My head has obviously had too much hits for one day.

"You should rest," A voice comes from behind me. My heart leaps to my throat before i realise it's just Orion. How is that any better, i think. How can you trust two strangers who carry ancient weapons for fun?

Orion slowly comes towards me as if he's afraid. His arm is battered and bruised and his face is covered with scratches. His eyes are bloodshot and...angry. His eyes. Slowly, the last few hours come back. What have i done? I'm sitting with two unknown people and i feel safe. No, i felt safe.

I need to get out. I don't know how they were controlling me before but i need to get away as soon as possible. Maybe because they're injured, they can't force me to do anything anymore. I need to get back to my life no matter how damaged that may be. Before their powers come back.

I slowly back away but i hit something. Andromeda is behind me. She looks into my eyes and haltingly i feel my own will being drained again. With a gasp, i fall back into the cloudy world of the unknown.

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