Alone In My Confusion

Poem by: FireNice1997


Life just... sucks.


Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



I walked down the hall with a cheerful stride

Looking around with a smile in my eyes

Today could be better

and it could be worse

but tonight would be fun

I'd be writing the verse

The verse of the life that I wished I could lead

You were right there writing music with me

Then we took you home

and you gave me a wave

the cell phone you left

would come back another day

The day after the text I should not have seen

Showing me what a fool I had been

To trust someone small

With something so large

Now my heart is shrinking

I wish I had a car

To drive myself to a store so big

That a mall could fit inside

So the worries of my

Oh so fragile life

Would be able to

Easily hide

You're showing my best friend the way

Down the darkest of roads everyday

And now i'm

Worried that I

Can no longer

Save her from you

I hope that one of these days

A truce between you and I can be made

So that her heart

Can be spared

From the war that

Is tearing me apart

I'm sure you have your trials too

But life is just so easy for you

That when words were said

I turned my head

And placed all

The blame on you

When I worried anout her safety

You spat in my face and hastily

Told her to tell me goodbye

and to look me in the eye

With a hatred worth

The fire of the sun

So I must say that for now

I must go and ignore this somehow

As my tragic heart mends

And you learn to begin

A life without

Feeding on other's


© Copyright 2017 FireNice1997. All rights reserved.

Alone In My Confusion Alone In My Confusion

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Life just... sucks.
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