a mans world evolves without him

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love, satyre, time

Submitted: May 05, 2011

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Submitted: May 05, 2011



Atlas't for the earth, it bears, too much weight

A fever from the eyes mans soul expell

Outdated in a modern Ipad state

In shadows of a man immortals dwell.

For he of a thousand stars sees she moon

and give his strength to dream of silky touch

For she observes him pending is his doom

Aroused in full her time is dew and such

Is her blessing and her mere mortals curse

For she is old and wise with worlds ways

And yet she spends a night for his remorese

For as she passes more of her remains.

Impossible it seems they do share dreams

Immaterial currency it seems.

Sharp is the hand and will of father time

For now he wears a wall street suit and beat

too disposed is he, performers in the street,

he hasnt change for talents passing rhyme

Instead he milks them of their petty cash

and mocks them in their waining piling bill

They cant afford to live yet do not crash

because their love is bound within a will.

The red moon rise filld with anger, loss

Love punnished forever he repays

The flames will not go out within his eyes

He burns for her no matter what the cost;

Because he loves her mortal is his world

He gives her ever thought within his soul.

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