a sword called open

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wizards and magic epic fantasy short story

Submitted: November 05, 2008

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Submitted: November 05, 2008



Chapter one

"Pop up Sword"

" children of the town come out come out, its story time..children of all ages come out, this is a tale of magic so come and sit down while there is sitting room.

It was as if the old man could speak to the mind of each person in the town for they flooded out of thier houses into the square to hear great tales of old and magic.

" my name is not important but I am old and that usually means i know alot about alot of things. First lets start off with a game, watch this piece of paper Im going to put it in my left hand ( the old man then claps his hands togather and appears in his right hand a butterfly, everyone clapps and cheers) watch close now im going to make it disappear in the strangest manner.

The old man, with his left hand snapps his fingers and the butterfly bursts into flames, with his right hand he completely covers the burning butterfly cups his hand to his mouth and blows out a cloud of smoke...

"there you have it and now for the game if anyof you can tell me weither that was magic or a tricks, I open to your ideas...anyone?"

3 children wave their hands in the air frasntically looking to be out spoken..

"You child...wearing the hair piece what was that magic or a trick.?"

"It was magic it was fire magic..

Incorrect...and you my child was that magic or a trick?

"It had to be some kind of magic...."

"Incorrect..last chance and so it seems there is one hand left to choose. What is it then?"

"That would be a trick..."

"well done young man... what is your name?"


Well demetry, step up to the stage i have another surprise for you.

The old man draws an old looking sword

And now for a trick or magic perhaps...( the people gasp at the sight of the sword) demetry if you can draw the sword you can have it...remember there are several kinds of magic, choose your esponse wisely.

" old man how do i Open this..( as demetry hold the sword up it pops up out of the scabard and falls to the ground."

"ok, Demetry how did you release ther sword?"

"I asked it nicely to open"

"ok then ask it louder so the whole audience can hear it."

(demetry yells loud) "OPEN"

the sword does not budge and the audience points and laughs.

"Ho ho you all think thats funny well I invite all of you to try to draw the sword... remember if you can you can keep it."

the whole courtyard lines up and attempts to draw the sword but none can.

" see its harder than you think...Demetry take the sword again and ask the sword to open in your mind thiss will tell me if this sword belongs to you.

(Demetry speaks in his mind) OPEN

The sword again jumps out of the scabard and falls to the ground.

"Well give cheer for this young boy has earned himself a trick sword this day...Now i have one last trick, it involves my special old wizards cap and the wonderful thing about this cap its magic when the show is over people place monies, food and drink with in this hat its magic enough for me...( the audience laughs)

"ok this last trrick might be a little bit of magic so children pay attention..How many of you have ver seen a fairy?...none of you I didnt think so, this fairy i have in my hat, now in my had is a light fairy the smalles of the fairy family. watch close.

just then the old man releases the fairy from his hand mutters something and the fairy disappears...

" ok children story time is over to your beds to your beds accept you Demetry you shall stay behind with me."

"Demetry you can call me Nulli"

(Demetry then hears this voice inside his head) not only is he a skilled pick pocket he has the magic gift.

How did you know i was a ......

Just then Nulli clasped his hand over demetries mouth  "we neednt ruin your surprises young boy now hold my hand and come with me."

The old man grabs hold of demetries arm and they are wisked away to some strange place.

" i feel really sick,, where are weaaahhhhhhahahaahah!!!!!!

" dont worry this feeling will pass it always happens the first time you teleport." I want you to tell me everything about your past from birth until now and i dont want you to miss a single detail, for all this information is deathly vital." But before i probe your mind Ill have to teach yu how to quiet your mind. Or ratehr drink this it will help you.

"What is it?"

"something to help settle your tummy"

a few seconds later Demetry passes out and over the next day or so Nulli stood over demetries seeemly lifeless corpse probing his mind for vital information with his huge glowing eyes and endless incantations.

"W.....W...Where are we, and why are we here I just want to go home.."

"Here drink this"

"ohhhhh no you dont, the last time i drank your sick drizzle i passed out and who knows what you did to me in my sleep.."

"You have a headache do you not"

"your the mind reader you tell me"

"well then drink up we have lots of work o do with the short time we will be here."

"Place your Hand on this hourglass it should tell me how much magic essence you have in you..."

As demetry placed his hand on the hour glass it began to spin really fast and then exploded.

"Hmmm...This just wont do, and they say these things are good for three hundred years...funny old wizards. Oh good  I have another one..try it again"

This time the hour glass spun and bursts into flames..

" well it happened twice so this is not a coincidence...lets start your training at once.

"Take this book and go over near that old wilted tree over there and open it."

"What is it?"

"This is the magic sword tutorial that all aprentice wizards have to complete before they can recieve their test. The objective is to defeat the sword by knowing what it will do next and countering its movement. The better you get ast it the harder it gets and dont worry the wounds you recieve are illusionary but will still affect your performance."


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