a sword called open (chapter 2)

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fantasy, magic, war, chapter2

Submitted: November 05, 2008

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Submitted: November 05, 2008



Chapter 2

Magic tutorial

After countless hours of battling, tumbling and receiving magical, but still crippling, injuries Demetry grew very fatigued.

"Alright sword Im tired of fighting you..if closing the book will not stop you BEGONE, i want to see you never more."

"Excellent, Nulli hissed, now your ready for your magic tutorial, this will test yourself more than you are capable of understanding. Just rtemember when somethings are read alloud, conjuration and evocation will bring them to life, even if one does not intend them to. Pick an element and we will begin right away there is no time to waste."

"I think I want to learn about lightening" 

"Good choice I see today that i am a teacher fitted to the tasking for this exercise. You know when you get angry how your cheeks get red and warm well apply that same feeling to the air around you and see what happens. Then once you get the hang of that add the colour aqua marine, this will build a static charge in the air, and remember your intention requires focus."

As demetry tries to warm the air every piece of glass within eyes shot explodes..

" well its a good thing were on an island or else boy you would have created a whole lot of work for the worlds glass makers. I think you will make a great force wizard in time. Ok now you remeber the teleportation, I want you to telelport over to that tree teleport back and then strike the tree with your static charge."

" but wont that destroy the tree?"

"Relax, its not a real tree its a magic tree, things on this island appear to be something while are something but completely differant. go a head times wasting!!"

several flashes and blinks later demetry teleports and then points his finger at the tree and releases a blinding bolt of lightening (bazzzzzzzzzaaaaap)

See I told you the tree responds well to your magic see how it grows leaves and floweres and is beginning to bear fruit. Go take one and eat the whole thing bot be forewarned clear fruit anywhere else besides this island is deathlt poisionus."

"Ok now its time for your final exam, this will decide if you live or die, this is the main requirement for a wizard to truly be a wizard instead of a half wit apprentice"

Nuli began drawing black powder sand with an inlay of white sand, and a red candle while writing strange forms and uttering strange arcane words of magic.

"captured within this circle was a being... as i grew closer i found that it was me staring back at me with the most intense gaze like i was about to killmyself or me rather. I have never seen anything more froghtening.

"Dont be scared and when your ready open the circles from each parts of the sand and begin your test of magic."

Instantly I knew what to do, Icey eyes and brewing a storm cloud so cold it chilled my soul to the bone, a thick mist with a crackle diips deep below the line of zero.

Demetry moved the sand and began his test of magic.

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