a sword called open (chapter 3)

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wizards, magic, war, weapons

Submitted: November 13, 2008

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Submitted: November 13, 2008



Chapter 3

me and myself

"They were like 2 mirrors moving before either could catch the othes image. I could not tell at first which had the upper hand, but I knew Demetry was an outstanding pupil. I see now why I was cosen to find him, in the end, ironically, it was anti magic that Demetry had triumphed with, forcing his shadow into the place where he just was and with a temporary antimagic pocket he trapped his other self. Seeing Demetry subdue "himself", I vanquished his shadow self and congradulated him. Go figure a wizard at 15 years old. I was not a wizard in my training untill i was at least 18 years of age when in danger my gift had finally talked to me and sved me from iminant death. For bog prowls can sense magic even in its latent form if the host is unaware of his magic it usually ends in a very unpleasant ending. Yet my gift had already placed a contingincey spell on me and when it attacked I unknowingly surprised the both of us when i knocked it to the ground with a gale force wind also alerting a nearby wizard that I was ready. The differance being when I had found Demetry I somehow knew he was gifted and rather then dodging some ill fate he was open to such arcane teachings.

"Nuli did you see that it was amazing i challanged myself to a duel and won, but howcome im not dead if I killed myself?"

"Magic works in mysterious ways as you will come to understand as you progress."

"When I found you It was the sword that woke you from your dormant state, the wizards of old used these kinds of tricks to acquire legions of new students for then the old way was to take them by force from their families and if the families would resist the wizards would summon some ill fate upon them so as to make  the child obediant and have an open mind. This is not my way, besides you are alone in this world you have nothing to hold you back. Its time to rest turn in for the night we will continue your training but for now you need to regain your strength."

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