A voice to invigor masses

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a rant about current events, the past and the present.

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



America is half an abandon building

Yet they have no mercy for the homeless.

Drinking colloidal gold, and still have no money

The rich tell the poor to get jobs like their funny.

Inherited yet unpermitted to free speech

Enlisted to conquer another countries beach,

For the land of the free is a machine of war

Preaching peace before the death shower.


Amendments are amended by millionaires

Here’s ten thousand here’s then thousand ,a bribe, who cares

Hers free money can’t pay its interest, your fault

Here’s another credit mortgage default.

For they don’t need to buy real estate

They just inflate the interest rates.

An empty America is what they will get

When people get robbed they don’t forget

For it’s either a moved on nation

Or annihilation-

Here is my advice for you

Move away from America

Leave it barren like the desert of Saudi Arabia

Let them accumulate their hurt

And their empire of dirt-


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