rant of situation

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this is a poet repressed and expressing

Submitted: December 06, 2008

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Submitted: December 06, 2008



Composing a poem read by the world, yelling loud enough to pierce every ear drum within 10 miles.

Feverish with numbness for the sickness of travel, for once you begin you get the lust and it never subsides unless you’re on the road to another place in mind.

money is free to travel but the face requires paper to pass form port to port from plane to plane, Im so sick of these plastic paper trails stuck to a peoples tails so the rats in the government have something to chew on.

tired of being gouged by another poets pen, feeding off the loose line lost in time, timber dollars only fend off what the pine beetle already has eaten, being beaten by the rules from everyone who breaks them.

A series of sounds much like the muffled screams of a beaten woman inside a mans soul crying for a listener or a shoulder to cry on.

Energy is what you waste when time you cannot taste. Sweet so sour its soup spills  and burns a hole right through the floor.

have you ever wondered what its like to be in foster care well i don’t been there done that times ten, no wonder i feel like no place is home, much like my thumb my only true travel companion.

music is the glue that fixates a composer long enough for his instrument to satisfy the muse, in c in c she cries in her orgasmic lullaby, but it seems she is actually a he hermaphroditically infatuated with the minute and the moment.

Please pencil pushers writes of tickets currency and law, abide to the sound of simplicity make the dam north American dollar already and end the auto makers poverty, or bar them to law let them fall  creating the next memorial of cars and their ancestors the dinosaurs.

for this delusion of society is hypocrisy at its finest tax fraud manuscript... it seems when you hold a large title to the laws you are exempt and quite frankly im sick of being undermined. The tax collector knocks and i hit him hard enough to blind him.

take that democracy down with big brother and his tell tale secrecies, "TELUS TELUS everything"

et phone home phone earth and crash... but the biggest secret is why we get that rash from checker boards in the sky...are aliens a good reason to LIE?

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