tempral music

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this poem is about death and rebirth

Submitted: December 06, 2008

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Submitted: December 06, 2008



Somber eyelids close too close for comfort

An eerie knell tolls my hairs violin consort

My ribcage is played  like medieval bells

Measured in bars, weighed, though listener never tells.

Teardrops form the mouth froth a saw of sirens tears

 Calling to those lost with agony and jeers

Tic tick the metronome walks for the back bone of the band-

In the shadow stalks

Breathed barely in one hand lost tones of the other

For light ,to this sound, bend into tiny coffers.

Coughing the coffins song dead mute jitter bones rung

Composed by its finger long after it s crescendo lingers.

Like fantasia magic calls to choir the powder of the pouter puss

Oozing to and fro with symphonic ire floating higher dancing musk

The deeds of the day repeat  and render from its pyre

Dancing with its devils waltz beseech the mummy breaths with fire.

Eyes blink in slow swoon the organs of the organ wane

Shivering oh Fortuna undead dreams in life remain.

Binding flesh to breath the vocal cords of bass ull like virgin birth

To fill the measures of empty space, for life’s solo begins a funeral opera

Clouds begin to sway resurrecting the moonlight sonata

With a melody unchained. Arise the fiddler’s feud

With no time to interlude for keepers finders of the lute

Sun rising with a tune enharmonic voice breaths harmony

The human hertz feel charity to choose the mood of blues.

Tap shoes loose these moral toils sowing to the face beauty from boils

Mozart and all his wisdom break free from his keepers prism.

This composer well decomposed

Bows and clears his throat sharp but in C

Composing his last, first symphony.

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