Deja Poo

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Deja poo-when you get the feeling you've heard this crap before

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



I have this overwhelming urge to fight, or flee. I need to fight. But the only other one in the boxing ring is me. So I guess I’ve met my opponent. I need to run. To get far away from this place. Again, it’s not the place, it’s me.

Damn. I thought this was going to take something off my chest. Only has added more weight.  

Sometimes...I feel the fear of uncertainty. And sometimes. I just let it take the wheel. Closing my eyes, I see only failure. I desperately want to find happiness, and comfort in success. But is it possible? Am I capable?

I don’t have a problem with drugs.

We get along just fine, in fact.

I can function normally, I swear it.

Oops, there’s that wall again. Always getting in my way.

How’d you get there? I ask

It gives me same sarcastic answer. Silence.

Well, I'm pretty tired of your shit too! And so I rear up and I punch the wall wherever its face may be

And I look down surprised,

Cause I don’t feel a thing.

The laughter echoes in my ears, and I can feel a giggle welling up in my chest

The itch to free it is almost overwhelming. So I let it out, but it’s not a giggle. It’s a full blown laugh

And once I start, I told ya I can’t stop

The noise of it disturbs the silence I was comfortably dwelling in. but soon, it doesn’t matter, cause all noises seem to run together.

Can’t help it, I was only made this way

Can’t help but feel like I’ve been down this road before

Must be Deja vu

I created me

And so I is who I shall be. For now and forever more

You want to know why I'm like this?

…yeah, so do i...

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