For Jamie

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Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



When the lights go out
We're getting up
We go where we go
We do what we want
Do what we want
We'll be the colour in all this black and white
Are you feeling what I'm feeling?
'Cause it's really feeling right
Don't wake me if I'm dreaming
I could stay here all night
I can feel it, I can feel it
I can feel it coming true
I can feel it, I can feel it
When I'm looking at you

You’re real.

Your words were once my truth

The very air I breathed was choking me

But I managed to pull through

I should thank you.

But the only words that come out form an apology

Of things I’ve done

And the things I’ve yet to do

I once had a way with words

Poetry could leak like spilled water from my lips

I strived to be what I knew I could not

You helped me see

Helped me look where I never thought to

Made me realize

Just how


Things were

And where do we stand?

On an earth that turns so constantly?

What I used to say

Always felt worth the time to spell out

When I was around you

These days, it seems

Like I’m missspeling efferything so that nothing comes out rite.

I know you understand

And I know you can hear me

Even when I don’t speak

The words sound clearly

I miss you, man

But I mustn’t rely any longer on your generosity

Everything you didn’t have to do

You did with a smile

The hope you contain

Shines bright in your eyes

Lighting up the farthest corners of a room

Chasing away even the darkest shadows

I don’t know where it started

But one direct look

Was all it really took for me

To realize

What I was missing

I tried to hide

But you’ve always found me

No matter how high I build my walls

You see right through them

On the outside looking in…

You were always there

You manage to breathe

Even when there is no air

I know this goes on and on

Yet there’s no way I can stop

It’s disappointing..


How we’ve had so many poets, philosophers, and artists

Yet not one of them

Could invent words that can sum up

What I have to say

All I can do is hope you can feel my vibes

And get the message

Always here,

  Love, Shadow


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