Soul Search

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Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 14, 2017



Have you ever seen clouds at night? 
Have you seen the way they bruise the sky? 

Have you walked along the highway, listening to the cars pass by?

The headlights turning into tail lights, white, then red.

Watching them hurry home, to their families and their beds.

So many lives, spin about in orbit

So many things unknown
So we find a way to absorb it

Behind the pine trees, black against the world

Are secrets that just sit there,

Waiting to be unfurled

In the midst of it all,

It's still hard to believe 

That there are still new ideas

Dreams to be conceived.

We must find the gold

Before it turns to rust

Find the time before we grow old
  Stay young forever,
If we must

What is there to know?
If it's never been said?

What is there to write?
If it'll never be read?

I guess the point is,

That we try anyway
That's all we can ever ask for

To turn this black night sky to day.


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