When you were young...

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Interesting story behind this one. I wrote it when I was choosing my GCSE options and I was fed up of people telling me to be sensible and to give up on my dreams. The first few stanzas are about me but after that the girl in the poem ends up being squashed by other people's opinions which will hopefully never happen to me (and to be fair my mum was never as bad as the one narrating the poem).

Submitted: March 25, 2008

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Submitted: March 25, 2008



When you were young,
There were no bounds that could hold you,
No dead ends or blank walls,
That could turn your dreams away,
When you were young,
You wanted to fly,
You said that was how it would always be,
But I knew,
You had it in your heart,
Nothing was going to stop your dreams,
You were unbreakable,
You had it all planed out,
You sounded so sure it was hard not to believe,
“When I’m older mummy
I’m going to have a horse of my own”
But I knew
You laughed at danger,
Said I was being stupid, worrying,
Too protective of you,
You would run across the street,
Dive into the deep end,
Eat food off the floor,
Didn’t care if it was poison
But I knew
You were only little but you knew it all,
Thought you were destined,
Didn’t believe the newspapers
With their weekly horrors,
Thought you could make it alone,
“Mum can I go out?”
No! No you’re not to.
Because I know.
I protected you.
I kept you from harm.
That’s why you are everything you are,
So why do you look at me
From broken eyes?
And why do you stare
At children playing in the street?
They’re not safe!
You raise your eyes to mine,
The perfect woman,
2 kids, a working husband,
Steady office job,
Some goldfish in the pond,
At your plain semi detached,
I did this for you!
“Yes” you agree
“You did this to me”

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