Late August 1979

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: FISH MAN
This story is true; the names have been changed. The fire happened four o'clock Fryday, afternoon I should have been killed. As a rule people inside of burning trailers don't make it out alive especially when passed out the smoke usually gets them. On that day there wasn't any smoke. I am telling this story in reverse order. Because of facts that were not yet in order. I believe the fire was intended to kill me attempted murder. There were clues along the way. I failed to make a connection. See if you can as I continue, to write this story down.

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016




 The year 1979, at age, nineteen I worked third shift in a factory.   My shift was 11:00 pm to 7:00 am Sunday-Friday I was a night watch janitor.   There was a man; I worked with who had lost his drivers license in the past his name was Bob.   Bob and I had become close friends. Bob and I lived relatively close to each other eight miles.

I became Bob's driver in exchange for gas money; Bob supplied the pot.   I picked him up at his house at 9:30 pm he twisted one up and well you get the picture.   The day was Thursday as was typical Bob wrapped one up at lunch break 3:30 in the morning and we toked it.

Friday morning at 7:00 am work was over.   We got our checks that morning; we cashed them I bought a case of beer to drink at home.   One of my old buddies met us at the supper market; his name was John.   John came along with Bob and I while I took Bob home, of course, we did not go straight to Bob's house, he twisted up a joint and the three of us smoked it at Cedar Lake, then we started in on the beer.

At 9:30 am John, and I dropped Bob off at his house, the two of us went back to my trailer.


I had been up now for eighteen hours since 3:30 pm Thursday afternoon, I helped toke at least three joints and drank five beers, and worked eight hours in that period.   I had a massive buzz at that point.

  10:30 am I was still drinking beer with John.   There was a knock on the door one of my brothers Bill decided to drop in he knew that I would be partying as it was a custom at my trailer.   Of course, my wife Jill was not real happy with that whole situation as she knew it was a custom as well.

John, Bill, and I had been playing cards for the last couple of hours.   It was 11:00 am I was in a drunken stupor.   Jill had made sure she got the car keys from me so John, Bill, and I wouldn't take a drive, we were all very high especially me.   I had planned on drinking all day long.   However, when 12:00 o'clock rolled around I was in a state of near comatose. 

 Leaving the others [Bill, John, Jill] who were still drinking and playing cards I stumbled down the hallway struggled to get my shirt off, in the old days, I slept in the raw but not that day.   When I got as far as the bed, I dove into it like I would have dove into the lake on a sweltering hot summer day that was that.



"Randy!get out! Randy! Randy!!! Get out!! Get out, Randy!!! Randy get out!!!."   I heard this command over and over, it was silent at first, but it was repetitive.   It sounded like a person yelling my name from a long distance.   I had no idea how much time was passing. However, the person screaming my name from a distance seemed to be getting closer and closer as if he had begun to run towards me in a panic mode.

 I was so wasted that I could not respond to the command, get out Randy!!! Get out!!.  " I should never have woken up let alone gotten out."   I leaped out of bed like a largemouth bass would have leaped out of the water at my jitterbug on a calm summer night, my heart racing.

The voices I heard in the background a few minutes ago were just outside my trailer now, outside my bedroom window.   They were loud and panicky they were the voices of my wife Jill my brother Bill and my friend John.

"WHATS GOING ON?!!!" I yelled.  " GET OUT RANDY GET OUT!!!." I still didn't understand, what was going on everything seemed to be just fine.   The sun was brilliant as it shone through the bedroom windows on either side of the room, it was also hot in my room, as was always the case living in a trailer during the summer time.  

 It seemed like a typical August afternoon.  However, something was terribly wrong; I could sense it now with great urgency listening to the sound of the panicky voices coming in from just outside my bedroom window. My heart began racing even quicker than it had been.   "GET OUT RANDY GET OUT !!!."   I raced over to the door; my plan was to exit the trailer through the hallway door just outside the bedroom door."

I slammed up against the door [The bedroom door] yanked it open, I reached for the door nob on the hall door. However, I had to retract my hand quickly, once more something was terribly wrong.   I could feel intense heat on my hand as I retracted it from the hallway.   I smelt burning hair as my eyelashes and hair melted back a bit, I also felt intense heat on my naked chest, face, and arms.

I was truly in shock at that moment. I realized, 'At a deep subconscious level' that my trailer was burning down very quickly!! and I was in it, nobody yelled FIRE GET OUT RANDY!!.   Standing in the bedroom doorway for a few nanoseconds staring down the hallway, I could see all the way to the front of the trailer I could see the sunlight shining in from outside the kitchen windows. 

Evan at that point, the idea of fire had not totally sunk in yet, although I stood there in the intense heat I could not see fire lite.   I could see layers and layers of intense heat waves, but it was dark in the trailer except for the kitchen windows as I had mentioned earlier.

The heat waves functioned just as waves on a lake function except the heat waves flowed vertically.   I slammed the door shut, yelled to Jill "where did I put the money?"  " It's by the bed" she replied.   I grabbed the money crawled across the bed dove out the window wich Jill, Bill, and John had already broken out sometime earlier.

The three of them caught me in midair, and I was happy about that I would have landed face first on the ground some four feet below.



Once outside the trailer, it all came home to me Fire.   I looked towards the front of the trailer I saw the curtains from the bedroom next to my room floating up upon an underflow of red fire flames.   The curtains quickly melted away. However, the flames were still growing fast.   The sound of glass breaking, the snapping, and popping sounds of wood burning became ever louder as the seconds passed by seeming like hours.

For the first time since this nightmare had begun, I was looking towards the front of the trailer again; I could see a huge plume of black smoke ascending from the living room area, as the roof had collapsed.   The plume of smoke looked like a small tornado it went straight up in a spiraling motion.

Still, in a daze, I yelled at Bill "where is everybody?!!!   Who was here where's Jill?!!!"   "John replied right there"   Still, unsure of what had happened while I was passed out, I grabbed Bill shook him "WHAT DID YOU LET HAPPEN?!!!   Where is everybody? Who else was here?" "Nobody just the four of us" Bill replied. 

At that point, the people who lived in the trailer park were forming a line around the fire scene I remember this young man I am not sure who he was, he wanted to help.   The young man approached me he was carrying many small fire extinguishers.  I had to giggle" as I told him it was too late for that."

  " Randy help me save dads motorcycle!!" Bill yelled.   The motorcycle was at the front of the trailer. That was where all of the smoke, flames, and airborne debris, were spewing out of the trailer. Oh, and it was quite hot as well.  Bill and I grabbed the bike we managed to tip it over the foot pegs sunk in the ground, but we dragged the bike with ease leaving a trail in the grass from the foot pegs. We pulled it out onto the trailer park road the foot pegs left a trail in the blacktop as well.

  " Randy where are the keys?" John yelled.   My car was parked in my driveway next to the trailer, outside of the living room. John was sitting in the car screaming "where are the keys, Randy?".   I tried to get to him. However, the flames were roaring through the open living room wall carrying with them sparks, burning embers, paper, and other debris, the sound of popping, and snapping, wood burning was deafening.  The flames rolled over the hood of my car, up and across the windshield. 

"WHERE  ARE THE KEYS RANDY?!!!" John yelled once more.   "JOHN GET OUT OF THE CAR!!! RUN JOHN!!!" I replied.   At that point, I heard the sound of the windshield pop I could see it-it was blackened and shattered into hundreds of little squares and rectangles but it was still there because it was safety glass the fire had not melted the plastic inside the windshield yet.   I guess the sound of the window snapping got John on the ball he fled the car.

" I want everybody together right now" I shouted.  We had a vast audience at that point namely everybody from the mobile home park.  I could hear the fire trucks coming in the distance all we could do was wait.   I stood outside the hallway door I watched the white paint on the outside wall turn brown in color, then black, a moment later I could see the trailer across from my front yard as the wall melted away.



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