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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017




What were my most important reasons for leaving you?  I felt there was zero communication between the employees.  Me first attitude was prevalent; there was an ongoing negative prejudice from those who were supposedly in charge of the board store namely Mike and Jeff against those working in the garden center.  My actions made it clear that I would not be part of the conspiracy because I worked for Menards not them personally Mike and Jeff.

During the early winter months, I spent a lot of time culling back lumber keeping the bargain bin shelves full.  However, it didn't take long for Mike to notice that I was doing extra he cornered me and made it very clear to me that he was outraged that I was doing extra work. I quote "Don't you dare put that wood on the shelves because they will expect us to do it." 

I let Mike know that I was not just going to stand around and do nothing which he Jeff and others seemed to do as they would disappear for extended periods of time. While I stayed in the board store helped guests. I also folded up tarps and put them in a wooden box for easy access which caught Jeff attention he made it clear that I quote "We don't fold the tarps."

As with Mike earlier, I let Jeff know that I was not just going to stand around and freeze to death, so I folded tarps Jeff disappeared nothing new again.  As business picked up a bit, I spent a lot of time sweeping the board store nobody was happy about that, and nobody would lift a finger to help except for another new hire like my self-named Rick.

On one occasion I grabbed ahold of my broom to find that someone had greased up the handle I paid no attention to it to wreck the fun of those who no doubt were watching.  There was a new man there who I showed the grease to so that somebody knew what had happened.

On two occasions I had cut backs already stamped and ready to go in three dozen at one time I had already entered them into stock I did not have a chance to take them in that day the next day they were gone.  Nobody bought them that night I checked, so manager Mike simply removed them from inventory problem solved right?  A few days later it happened again nobody cared.

On another occasion, I had sent an older gentleman out to the eight-foot wall to get a board. After a half hour he returned to the board store to me, I asked him if he found what he needed? "He said no they sent me back in here." Jeff and Terry another new guy was standing close by so I asked Jeff knowing the answer if the board the guest was looking for was indeed out on the wall because they sent him back in here. Jeffs reply I quote "That's not our problem that's the garden centers problem!" in front of our guest I corrected Jeff immediately I told him this is not the garden centers problem this is our problem you have the radio Jeff and Terry you have the Hilo lets fix this now.

All of these things I had reported to all the managers in receiving Brian, Mike, Matt, Andrew, there was finally a pow wow between Mike Jeff my self in front of Brian and Andrew wear Mike and Jeff began to slander me. I was accused of not putting the sticker boards in the right places on every bunk of wood in the yard even many of which I had not put there. I was accused of power sliding bunks of wood into the shelves damaging them.

 I was charged with putting the radio on the wrong channel so as to ignore it altogether. I was charged with spending to much time putting the value wood in the shelves and not having time to help the guests I was always in plain sight of guests and managers easy to find while my accusers were hiding somewhere for extended periods of time.

 I talked to Dave human resource manager twice and finally Cassy. There are A lot more things that happened these are the big ones if I am indeed guilty of all of these things why did I have perfect attendance? Why was I not written up over and over? Why did I pass all of my tests when they came up? Why did I not get fired? I am a simple man with a high school diploma, but this amounts to extream harassment in my simple mind.  I am sorry for the deep seated distrust that I have even with you at corporate as I feel writing this is probably in vain rarely if ever is anything done to protect the rights of one person.

I was loyal to Menards, and now I will take my business somewhere else, and I will encourage others to do the same thing.



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