Swans nest

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Submitted: February 06, 2017

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Submitted: February 06, 2017



It was afternoon on a spring day in 1970 my friend Brian, my brother Jody and I went fishing on Siver Lake in Brains boat.  Silver  Lake is in the Traverse City area in Grand Traverse Country.  In Northern Lower Michigan home to the national cherry festival.

As the three of us were trolling along it became evident that the fish were not going to cooperate with us.  However, it was a lovely day the wind was nil the water was dead calm.

Except for the wake, we were pushing up behind the boat small ripple free waves which slowly rolled to their end reaching the top of the trees reflections causing them to dance from side to side as they became fragmented.  Then slowly the fragmentations lost control and reorganized to form tree tops again in the calm water.

A few yards further inward the lilypads were set in motion as if they had just awakened from a dead slumber.  Rousted from their snooze, the pads they did not seem to mind as in one accord they began to dance quickly at first as if they had to burn up stored energy from their long hibernation the night before.

  Again in one accord as if being instructed by a conductor their rhythm began slowing in a wink of an eye back into the afternoon hibernation they resided.

What happened next? Jody, Brian, and I were about to come into contact with an ill-tempered and just down right mean animal out on the lake.

Brian began slowing down now as we entered the open water in the cove a couple of hundred yards or so from the narrows going into to the Holliday Park Campground area.

The bay was almost directly across from the Brackle's farm for the old timers who remember that area back then.  Brian stopped the motor at that point.  In the silence following the absence of the sound of the engine.

We began to hear a strange sound in the background a sound that I had never heard before.  The three of us looked around trying to see what was making all that racket.

Splat, splat, splat, splat, what a weird sound.  We found the cause it was a swan running on the surface of the lake his wings were flapping on the water causing the splat, splat, sound.  "How awesome" the three of us exclaimed.

At that time the swan was running faster and picking up speed quickly his wings also increased in speed the splat, splat, splat sound was also more intense and louder.

As the swan continued running straight at the boat causing the surface of the calm water to dance in turmoil, it seemed as though the swan was going one-hundred miles an hour. 

 As the three of us stood there watching as brain dead as we could be waiting to see how everything was going to play out.  I remember thinking "this is going to be wild he [The swan] was picking up, even more, speed now so that he could fly right up to and over the boat very cool indeed."

At that point, Jody said in a disturbed sounding voice "if he [The swan] were going to take off he better do it soon."

" OH NO!" Brian called out "HANG ON JODY!!" I blurted "NOW WHAT!"  Jody replied

CRASH!!  The swan smashed his chest into the side of the boat causing the three of us brain-dead frail little-bodied kids to fall to the floor.  We the three of us still did not realize that this swans intention was not to only fly effortlessly through the open air as he lifted off the water just in time to miss the boat.

NO!! That was not his intention at all his neck stretched out into the boat into my lap finally I realized that we were under attack now is that brain dead or what?  The swan was hissing and snapping at me his wings were still in motion banging on the outside of the boat.

I think he [The swan] intended to board us.  I fought him off with my forearm as I yelled at Brian to get us out of there.  Jody used the paddle to make his stand that swan was pissed he had no fear what so ever.

Brian was desperately pulling the crank rope trying to start the motor.  Our attacker [The swan] took notice of Brian as witnessed by the movement of the bird's neck and face as he began nipping and hissing at Brian.

At that time I grabbed an ore and began beating of the swan so that Brian could get the motor started.  That bird was down right mad what we had done to tick him off we hadn't a clue.

Finally, Brian got the motor fired up he put her in high gear, and we moved out of there.  The Swan followed use in attack mode until we got up enough speed to exit his area.

When we finally lost him [The swan], we could still hear him in the background running on the water flapping his wings splat, splat, splat, splat.  Oh no, he's still in hot pursuit the three of us thought we were going to have to bash his head in if he caught up to us.

Otherwise, somebody other than the Swan was going to be severely hurt.  Finally, the bird broke pursuit and settled back into a normal mode.

We all wondered what that bird's problem was?  We never did find the answer to that question at that time.  However twenty-five years later after being attacked four more times while fishing in different lakes.  I finally figured it out the answer to that question from so many years earlier.

The Swan that attacked us in 1970 was a daddy Swan and not too far off in the distance somewhere mommy, and baby Swan was keeping the nest warm while daddy Swan was trying to kill three brain dead, human babies Jody, Brian, and I.

I have learned that if I see a Swan on a nest while out in a boat there should be one Swan out on the water nearby, that's the one we need to watch.  If you approach that Swan, the daddy bird he will show you his safety zone by swimming an 180% half circle from the shoreline behind him mommy and baby Swan are tucked safely in their nest.  

If we don't cross the border that daddy has marked out, he will not try to eat or kill you and your pals or sink your boat either.

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