Wishing for Beauty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl wishes that she was beautiful

“You’re not upset that I’m hanging out with Jeremiah tonight, are you? I know we had agreed to go to the movies, Aimee, but Jeremiah is always busy, you know?” a girl asked her friend as they walked home from school.

“No, it’s fine, Lily. Really. We can always hang out another time. We see each other every day at school anyway,” Aimee replied.

“You sure?” Lily said, sweeping the bangs out of her face.

“Yeah,” she answered, kicking a rock into the grass. She went to kick it back to the sidewalk, but Lily beat her there.

“Are we practicing for the game next week now?” Lily asked, giggling, as they both struggled to gain control of the rock.

“I hope not,” Aimee groaned. “I’m so tired of soccer practice. We’ve got no chance of beating Maywood anyway."

They halfheartedly continued kicking the rock down the sidewalk. “How about we meet up next week at the mall?” Lily suggested.

“Sure,” Aimee said, though her hopes weren’t high. Lily had cancelled their previous plans for weeks.

Soon, they separated ways to get to their respective homes. Aimee was still kicking the rock when she got home. The rock caught a ray of sunshine and seemed to shimmer, if only briefly. Curious, Aimee picked it up.

It was the strangest stone she had ever seen. It was perfectly round and smooth and was the perfect size to fit snug in her palm. It was a regular gray color, but as she turned it around, examining it in different angles, it shimmered. It felt strange, almost like it was alive.

Aimee stashed it in her pocket and went inside.


That evening, Aimee was doing tedious chemistry homework. After working for what seemed like an eternity, she stretched her arms and said out loud, “God, I wish I was done with this.”

Sighing, she got up and grabbed a soda from the kitchen. When she came back, sat at her desk, and looked at the worksheet, she stared at it, dumbfounded. Everything had been filled in. Just to make sure she didn’t go crazy, she checked the time.

How could that possibly have happened? When she had left, she was only halfway through. Who could have come into her room and done all her homework while she had been gone? She’d been gone a minute, maybe two. And it was in her own handwriting. How can she not remember finishing her homework?

It was impossible. She shut her eyes, but when she reopened them, nothing changed. There was still an inexplicably finished sheet of homework in front of her.

She went through what had happened again. She left to go get a soda and when she returned, her homework was finished. Okay, but what happened before that? She was doing homework, she got bored, and said, “God, I wish I was finished with this.”

Without meaning to, could she have wished for this? But that was impossible! She decided to test it.

“I wish my pencil was sharper,” she said, wishing for something harmless. Gasping, she saw that her pencil had indeed become sharper.

Something was causing her wishes to become true. Pretending for a moment, that all of this was even possible, she tried to figure out what was causing it. In movies, what made people’s wishes come true? Genies? Well, she hadn’t rubbed a lamp.

Something or someone that wasn’t there before. Something different. Something that she didn’t have before.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the stone. It was a strange stone and it almost felt lighter than it had before. It still shimmered though. If anything was magical, then this was it.

Was there a limit as to how many wishes she could have? In movies, most people only got three wishes and sometimes there were rules. Could she wish for absolutely anything?

What did she want?

Her thoughts went back to her friend, Lily. God, she was so jealous of her. Lily didn’t even realize how much Aimee wanted to be her.

Lily was popular and beautiful. Guys always asked her out on dates and she was never lacking a boyfriend. Aimee had never been kissed before, never even had a boyfriend before. Maybe it was because of her appearance.

Aimee knew that she wasn’t beautiful. She was too plain. She wasn’t skinny enough or tall enough. Her boobs were embarrassingly lopsided. She had braces and some acne. Her nose was too big and her eyebrows were too thick. Her hair was a frizzy, curly mess.

Without thinking it through very much, Aimee said, “I wish I was beautiful.”

She felt the magic work. The stone in her hand grew lighter. It looked like a plain old stone now. It didn’t shimmer or feel alive as it did before. Maybe it was out of wishes.

Holding her breath, she looked into the mirror. She started crying immediately. It had worked; she was indeed beautiful. The changes were subtle, but she could tell. The emerald color of her eyes seemed to intensify. Her freckles stood out perfectly. Her lips seemed fuller.  Her hair had just the right amount of curl. And she was the weight that suited her body. Even her movements seemed graceful, more poised.

Wiping away the tears, Aimee went to see what her parents would say. She found her mom first; she was in her office filing papers. As Aimee opened the door to her office, her mom looked up absently, said, “Hi, sweetie,” and went back to her work.

“Hi, Mom,” she said. Maybe she hadn’t gotten a good enough look. “How do I look?” she asked.

Her mom looked up again. This time, she examined her daughter more closely. “You look beautiful, sweetie, as always. Why? Are you going somewhere?”

“What? So, you don’t notice anything different about me?”

She looked intently at her again and finally shrugged. “I don’t know. You look the same. Maybe you have mascara on?”

“No,” Aimee answered, completely puzzled. She left the office and went to the bathroom to check her reflection. She saw the difference in her appearance; why couldn’t her mother? She got on the scale, and to her surprise, she weighed the same as she did yesterday. Surely she had lost weight.

She went to every other member of her family: her dad and two brothers. They all said the same thing as her mom.

So, no one saw anything different about her but herself. Perhaps, her wish hadn’t changed her body physically.

She looked at the mirror and examined her reflection again. She supposed there hadn’t really been much of a change in her appearance. In fact, she couldn’t say for certain if anything had changed at all. But she still saw beauty in her reflection.

That’s when she understood that the wish didn’t make her beautiful. The wish granted her the ability to see the beauty in herself, the beauty that was already there.

Smiling through tears, Aimee looked at her reflection and for the first time in her life, she was happy with what she saw. 

Submitted: December 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 fishyceleste. All rights reserved.

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