Lovers Dance When They're Feeling In Love. Page 2

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Page 2 of Lovers Dance When They're Feeling In Love.

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Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



“Here you go, watch, its hot.” warned Harry handing Brendon a large mug if hot chocolate. Brendon sat in front of the fire, on the carpet, leaning his back on a small sofa. The snow had finally melted and dried from Harry thanks to the fire he had made, after two attempts. Hermione usually took care of fire starting. Harry, awkwardly, edged around Brendon till he was occupying the sofa behind his head. He Absentmindedly began to stroke his fingers through Brendon’s hair. “I won’t cut my beard, and I won’t change my hair.” sang Brendon,. “It grows like fancy flowers.” said Harry, making Brendon turn his neck so that his face met Harry’s. They exchanged warm smiles. “Aw, look at you. My number one fan.” laughed Brendon. “You know I cant resist it when you sing.” smiled Harry, rolling his eyes. “Mwahaha.” mocked Brendon, tapping Harry’s nose. “Why you sitting up there? I’m cold.” frowned Brendon, tilting his head to the side. His frown quickly turned the other way as Harry got up from the small sofa, and sat carefully between Brendon’s outstretched legs. Not even two seconds after his bottom had hit the carpet and Brendon’s arms where wrapped tightly around his stomach. Harry lay his head, carefully, on Brendon’s chest so that his head was under his chin. A Perfect fit. Brendon kissed the top of Harry’s head softly, making Harry close his eyes and smile. ‘Never let this end.’ thought Harry. Brendon placed his head on Harry’s right shoulder, nuzzling in slightly. “Don’t get to comfy.” chuckled Harry. “They could be home any minute.” he said. Brendon raised his eyebrows. “That’s sounds like a challenge.” and before Harry could get another word on the matter, Brendon’s lips were on his. Harry was trapped. There was no way out once Brendon kissed him. And honestly, he didn’t want a way. Carefully, still making sure Brendon’s hands had a grip on him, he turned his body so that both chests where touching. Brendon pulled away. “Oh! But Harry, they might be home soo-” Harry cut him of “Oh, shut up” and he rammed there lips back together. Harry had little control over anything that happened next, he happily let Brendon lead the way. Being here with Brendon allowed Harry to have no cares in the world. For a few hours at least. Surely nothing can compare to this thought Harry. He had many people in the world to support him, to be there, to love him. To trust. But Brendon. Brendon made him feel safe, secure. Just thinking about him gave him a sense of safety. Brendon wouldn’t let anything hurt him. Brendon would never hurt him. He loved him. They loved each other . There was no doubt about it. He allowed himself to be lost in this wonderful moment. ‘This beats getting pair of Dobby’s socks’ thought Harry…

Brendon watched him, daring to make a single sound. He slowly traced his fingers over Harry’s closed eyes. He could lay here, like this. Forever. “ Merry Christmas Harry.” he whispered, kissing him softly on his scarred forehead.

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