Fallout Of Energy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happens when the most dangerous elements are reacted together to create energy

" The deut and neut are ready for reaction" the blue wired face said  "beginning reaction in T minus 60 seconds"

The technicians were running around the control room like crazy.  The control room was a bubble of steel in the north side of the massive DN power plant. In the year 3054 a scientist run a experiment with deutonium oxide ( discovered and added to the periodic table in 3053) and neutronium hydrate ( discovered  and put on the table in 3025). The scientist reacted the deut and neut together and a massive amount of energy spewed out of the reaction killing him. But later on other scientists realised that people could harness the power the reaction in power plant. So therefore the DN power plant was made.


"Get that valve open" bellowed the plant manager. He was wearing an immaculate lab coat and was telling the technicians what to do. There was a massive floor to ceiling window facing the south side of the power plant. The glass window was meant to be an observatory point to look at the rector chamber. The reactor chamber was a big transparent ball with anti- gravity panels on the bottom.  At this moment the reactor chamber was hovering exactly opposite, hundred meters away from the control room.

"neut entering chamber" a technician reported.

Suddenly tiny bright blue particles flowed into the chamber bouncing of the walls.

"300 litres of deut entering chamber" another technician reported.

At that moment navy blue liquid poured into the chamber and sloshed around. When the first neut hit the deut nothing happened. The neut just moved through the deut until a brilliant bright light shone through the chamber's maxi-glass.

"reaction started!" a technician shouted.

All at once the maxi-glass burst and superactive energy poured out of the gaping crevice in the reaction chamber. Particles of burning neut powered through the control room glass and struck technicians. They met the same ending as the scientist who discovered the reaction. First all their cells dyed and shrivelled up. After that all there limbs would fall off. Final what's left of them would spontaneously combust.



James saw the blue storm rush at him as he opened the door of the control room. He closed the door and ran to his AG-craft (anti-gravity craft). He quickly jumped into the his craft and started the engine. Inside there was soft blue lights lining the edge and there was a control panel that cold change the numerous setting in the craft. But James put his hand on the black lever ( this changes throttle of the craft). He immediately zoomed forward at 257 miles per hour although the craft could go into hyperspace travel (speed of light).

In the distance he could see the skyscrapers of new new York. The black metal rose high to pierce the clouds and held many people how longingly awaited the return of their family members that will never come back. When he was 103 miles away, there was an explosion that shook the ground and the air. James just had time to look behind him to see a blue fireball shoot from the power plant. He did not know that amongst the blue flame were the deadly superactive neutron hydrate particles. Then as an air shock hit the craft, it started tumbling through hundreds of meters of nothingness. The blue lights turned red and a disembodied voice said "falling…falling...falling"

James fought the controls to pull up.

The voice said again "impact in T minus 20 seconds"

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Submitted: October 13, 2014

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