The Birds - Script

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This is a play script that is based on the book The Birds by Daphne du Maurer.The story focuses on the heroic efforts of disabled farmer Nat Hocken to protect his family from the hordes of birds that relentlessly try to invade the family’s cottage. Nat does odd jobs around the neighborhood, and on his way home one evening in early December, he notices that there are more birds around than usual and that they have become strangely aggressive. When he arrives home, he hears on the radio that all over England something has happened to the birds.

The Birds™: Radio Script


The family are on the road as the birds start to rise into the sky and begin to dive at the car... 

NH Come on everybody hop into the car then. 


MH [whisper to NH] The milkman is lying on the road ahead. I dont want the children to see him. You’ll have to turn the other way. 


NH Ok… 


{The car is bumping up and down as it is on a country lane.} 


LJ [laughs/ child voice] The car is a bouncy castle!!! 


JH Don’t be silly Johnny. Its just the road. 


MH Look. Out at sea. 


{NH presses hard down on the accelerator.}  


LJ Very, VERY fast!!! YAY!!! 


JH Be quiet Johnny. Your giving be a headache. 


{The birds have now risen into the sky.} 


LJ Fly fly HIGH!!! 


MH Nat! Look out. 


{The birds are diving towards the car.} 


MH The glass is going to shatter soon! 


JH Drive faster Daddy. 


{The car has now reached the cottage.} 


NH Jill, unbuckle Johnny from his seat. When I say zero everybody get out and run to the cottage. I’ll get Johnny and follow you into the cottage. 


NH 3…2… 


{The birds are swooping upwards after their attack.} 


NH 1...0...GO!!! 


{The whole family rushed out of the car and NH takes LJ out of car and entered the cottage safely.} 


MH Good heavens! The birds are trying to break the door. 


NH The little brutes are smarter than they look. 


LJ I no like the bad birds. 


JH I know Johnny, I don’t like them either. 


NH Dear, why don’t you cook something nice for all of us. 


{The birds try to fly down the chimney.} 


MH OH MY! Look at the chimney! Can you hear! They’re trying to come down the chimney! 


NH Light a fire. Quick! 

{MH gets some matches and lights a fire.} 


JH That’ll stop them. 


NH That’s right! We all want them to go away! 


LJ YES!!! 


{MH starts cooking some soup.} 


JM Mmmmm. That soup smells really good. 


NH Ok everyone, get to the table for supper. 

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