Journey of a Slovakian Man

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A modern man went into the past without time machine and ended up facing a dragon. Let's see how it ends up. This story is inspired by the old time of Slovakia where people strongly believed in dragons.

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012




Walk and hike, that’s what a 20- years- old unmarried man likes to do. Johan, a Slovakian adventurer, likes to go around mountains every summer break. He likes to hike and he has a super ability of memorizing ways. This summer, 18th June 2015, he wanted to take another adventure. He found out that there’s a mountain that people never been in Slovak. He wanted to observe more about the mountain if he could ever found new things. He tells all his friends and family if he’d going to take another journey to that mysterious mountain.

He packed up all his things. “I think it’s enough!” he declared. Then, he gets out from his house and turns on his car engine and headed to the mysterious mountain. He set off to start his first step. Step by step, he gets higher on the mountain while the day is becoming darker. He can’t see a thing. Oh! He forgot his flashlight! He starts panicking and tried to use his sense to find an empty space for him to build tent and fireplace. Suddenly, he crashed on a tree bark and collapse in tiredness. 

Morning came, he wakes up. He gasped. “Where am I?” he whispered to himself. He was in a strange- gothic- styled bedroom. Like in the medieval age of Slovak, he sees a woman, holding water and a towel. She dressed up like a woman from the middle age- a middle aged royal servant. “Please take a sip, sir” pleaded the woman. “Where am I?” asked Johan while taking the jug and tried to drink it. He almost threw up when he realized that the very different taste from the water that he drinks in the modern world. The water taste more like a not distilled water. “You are in King Bohumir’s kingdom” replied the lady. He looked around the room in amusement and sarcastically said “King? What king? I thought they were extinct from a hundred years ago.” Johan said followed by a laugh. The lady’s face went so red, her rage was released. “Špinavý ?lovek! Don’t even dare to say those kind of words in the sacred palace!“

Špinavý ?lovek means ‘filthy person‘ in the Slovak language. Johan giggles a little when the woman said that. “You’ll soon meet the King, Sir Johan!“ said the lady. “How do you know my name, bordelmama?“ asks Johan (bordelmama means ma’am in Slovak).“You are the person who was the oracle said to be chosen as a dragon slayer. One day, from deep under the river ground,  a dragon soon will appear and destroy villagers and the Kingdom! It will soon destroy the country too! The oracle said that you’re the chosen ones to save the country from danger!“ exclaimed the lady. At first, Johan didn’t believe and laugh so hard until the stomach hurt. “Let me see... go to the town and get some police officers and machine guns and go destroy that big lizard creature! Hahaha...“ said Johan sarcasticaly and followed by a laugh again “... seriously? You know, it’s 2015, and it’s not any fantasy world that never exists in the world!“

The lady cursed something in Slovak and marched away and then slammed the door. Wow, tough girl, thought Johan. While waiting for the girl to come back, he mumbled everyword the lady just said in a mocking voice. He opened the window and saw something unusual. There are farmers in a medieval- Slovak- peasants clothes and there are West Slavic knights who watched the farmers do their chores. Johan wondered for a long time thinking if he’s in real life or in his dream. He pinched himself for many times but nothing happens. Even the hardest and the hurtest pinch can’t do anything with his situation. He just sit on the bed and wait for something to happen.

Suddenly, the door was opened. The Royal dresser comes and brings a middle- noble- man clothes. The Royal dresser asked Johan to change his clothe to the weird costume- in Johan opinion- that was brought by the man. “After you change your clothe, I’ll guide you to the Royal dining table. The King has invited you to eat lunch with him, Sir.“ said the Royal dresser. He changed his clothe and the Royal dresser leads him to the Royal’s hall. He sat on the table and wait for the King’s arrival. He got the mixed feeling of nervousness and the feeling of ‘this must be a real joke!‘.suddenly, the trumpet was blowed, horns and other musical instrument release their sound. The door was open and there comes a big men who looks very strong and have a very gentle face. The door closed. “Welcome! My dear guest, the mighty Sir Johan!“ said the King. Johan looked very confused. “Don’t be scared. It’s okay... you didn’t make any misakes. I’m just going to tell something really important.“ Staring at the King, Johan can’t speak a single word.

“Here’s the problem why I’m calling you here. Not long after this day, there will be a fierce dragon that will come out from under the ground river and will attack the village. And there would be a possibilities that it would destroy the whole country.“ said the King.

“This must be a joke!“ replied Johan.

“No it’s not!“ said the King. “The Royal oracle had said it! And everyword that she speaks, always proven to be the truth!“  Johan looked at the King with an awkward face. “And from one of my Royal servant, she said that you talked weird things about basin gulls and said that it’s year 2015 right now?“, said the King, “could you please explain me what’s that?“. Johan tried to stay calm and explain that it was not basin gulls but machine guns, and also, he explained about the year 2015. The King explained that it was 1215, not 2015. The King and Johan talked until nightday. Suddenly, the door’s open and a Royal baron running to the King and whispered something. After that, the baron went away and closed the door. “Sir Johan, i’m afraid to say this, but the devastation will start tomorrow. But all of the Slavs only depend on your power. The oracle said that you’re the only one who cand defeat this beast with your smartness and your strategical ability.“ said the King calmly, but his face is pale.

Johan was terrified. Something in his mind said that this really was not 2015 anymore. He can’t sleep that night. But then, he remembered that the ancient Slovakians have strong belief in dragons, so that calms his mind down. He knows that tomorrow nothing will happen and he can definitely laugh. But what he worried most is that how could he got back to 2015? How could he got back to his own world? He sleeps.

Tomorrow, in the very early morning, Johan dressed up like a Slavs knight. There’s a ceremony before the destruction begins, a ceremony to claim who the defender of Slovak will be. The King showed Johan to all the Slovakians and the citizens shouted and praised Johan. Throwing him with flowers. The Royal oracle gave him  a sword and a shiled. “This weapos were sent from the gods to be taken by you, Sir Johan, this swords will help you to kill the beast and this shield will protect you from the raging fire of the dragon. Remember, the gods will always help you to fight this dragon.“ Then, the oracle walked away. The citizens and the King prayed to the gods. Johan just stand there with a plain face not knowing what’s happening. His only goal was to get back home.

The time has come. Johan is lead by the King to the a broken tall building. On the top of it really looks like a stage. Johan started to shivers, some parts of his body said that his will be real happening, and some parts of his body say that this will not happens. After a long time of waiting, nothing happened. Johan laughed- and the citizens laughed, too. Suddenly, a rumble from the ground appeared, the earth is shaking, the Slovakians are all terrified and Johan thought that it was an earthequake. The river under the stage that crosses the valley, the water began to shake. He tried to run down, but just a few step, suddenly there’s spmething that comes out from the river. The beast! The monster! The devastator! The dragon! It flies and burns down all the crops and terrified all the citizens. Johan just stand there in panic. All his body freezes, he shudders in terror. After several of destructions happening, the dragon flies toward Johan. He knew that the dragon knows that he’s his true opponent. The dragons flies in circle, Johan just could stand there and freeze while one of his hand brings the sword and one of his hand carry the shield. And then he got  a plan.

He tried to distract the dragon, it worked. Hte dragon grows fiercer and tried to eat Johan! The dragon topened its mouth and put Johan inside its slimy mouth. There are not enough air. And then, he draws his sword onto the top layer of the dragon’s inside mouth and stab it. It goes through the brain. The dragon bleed and star dying. It falls down to the earth while Johan was inside. It crashes, but Johan was safe. He walks out from the dragons mouth and realized that the citizens were cheering for him. He succeeded in saving the nation from danger. Because of the frightening incident, he fainted.

He woke up and suddenly, he was in a bed. His head was covered with bandage and his nose and mouth was covered with a mask and a tube that goes through a tank. He put off the mask and saw his friend, Sam, sitting beside his bed. He asked what just happened.

“Well, when you told us that you’re about to go for an adventure, we all know it. But when we realised that you haven’t contact us and haven‘t been back for a few MONTHS, we are started to get worried and try searching you in the place where you start the adventure. We found you sleeping near a tree...“ and then Sam laughed, “... and in the lace where you lay, we founded and old castle. So, we contacted the police and they did an investigation in the place. In the research, they found out that there was a forgotten- famous legend in ancient Slovakia where a man killed a fierce dragen by stabbing into its brain. Awesome, huh?“

“It should be“, replied Johan. 

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