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This is the character lists for one of my epic novel: "The History of Earth" which is one of my History assignment. Concerning African cultures, we need to make creation myth (countries were optional). So, I made the event like a world in medieval Europe times- and it's not in Europe actually.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




God of all gods

(He's the creator- in the story. He's the main god and he even created other gods. He was formed by stars. He created the Earth and was the leader of every gods)


God of seasons

(The creator of seasons and joy. He brought joy to humans on Earth.)


God of the night time

(The creator of the night time. He brought peace and warm.)

Mother Nature


The only daughter of Daermaethor; queen of all natures

(A gift from Andaer to Daermaethor. She can create natural things around Earth. She created her own children from the 4 elements: wind, fire, earth, and water. Her children can make natural disaster if they wanted to becasue they're mad. Or when their mother, Mother Nature, commanded them to)


The first daughter of Dandruil; guardian of good dreams

(Unlike her younger brother, she has more passion to humans and she’s the guardian of good dreams. She lives in the moon. She sends good dreams to people in all ages when they fall asleep.)


The conqueror of nightmares and death

(Morohtar is the second child of Dandruil and is the younger brother of Luna. Actually he's the second gift from Andaer to Morohtar but it turns out to be a disaster. The gods tried to stop him but nobody can even Andaer himself. So, only a human's faith could destroy Morohtar.)


Wind lady; first daughter of Mother Nature

(She was created by Mother Nature from wind and air. Ardhoniel can control the current of the wind and help sailors and make sure human don't stay too hot in Summer. But because of her disobedience, she can no longer live in her human form. She turns out to be a spirit and worked forever to make sure that humans aren't too hot and to help sailors, too.)



Fire men; first son of Mother Nature (younger brother of Ardhoniel

(He was created by Mother Nature from fire, light, and heat. His job was to help human with their daily life and make sure they don't stay too cold in Winter. Same, as his older sister, because of his disobedience, he can no longer live forever in human form. Only his spirit remains in the fire and forever will help humans with their daily life and give warmth to human in winter. In his spirit form, he can sometimes turn himself into a phoenix)


Earth lad; second son of Mother Nature

(Younger brother of Ardhoniel and Limdur. He was created from soil and plants by Mother Nature. His job was to help human with crop plantings. But because of disobedience, he remained spirits forever and will forever help human with no rest.)


Water girl; youngest daughter of Mother Nature

(Youngest sister. She was made by dew, ocean, river, and lake by Mother Nature. Her job was to fulfill human's need and to help sailors too. But because of her disobedience, she can no longer get out from the ocean and remained spirits forever to help sailors. In her spirit form, she can transform herself into a mermaid.)


Mortal girl that defeated Morohtar

(Just a normal 13 years old villager girl who have a low social class- a peasant. Because she diligently pray to gods and gives sacrifices, she has the strongest faith from all othe girls in the village. Unlike other girls, she's more boyish and more courageous than others. She sometimes likes to venture the forest sneakily. She always wanders how the outside world look like)



Edhelwen’s younger sister that will help her through her journey

(She will help Edhelwen accomplish her mission. Played an important role in the story. Even though she's really girlish and a scaredy cat, she won't let her older sister travels alone in danger. She's currently 11 years old.)



Guardian of the wood

(A ranger who later help Edhelwen and Megilwen when they were lost inside the wood and were attacked by a giant who lives in the wood. He gave shelters and foods to them.)



Idhrenohtar’s wife

(A beautiful woman who really loves nature very much. She always devout herself to Mother Nature. Her clothing even include real flowers and plants.)


The giant who lived in the wood

(A nice giant who liked to help people except if he was feeling threatened or annoyed, he would turn really aggressive and destroy things that blocked his way. He's actually Idhrenohtar and Elarinyas wife'spet)


A female fairy who helped Edhelwen and Megilwen through their journey.

(Tawariell is actually a Ragnaka fairy. Ragnaka fairies were humanoid fairy creatures which they are the mixture of human and flowers. They have a very small body and usually lives in flowers and trees. These fairies were only capable of using magic toward nature but not toward humans or gods- they were weak against them. But these fairies were good in directions)


A male fairy who helped Edhelwen and Megilwen through their journey.

(Tawariell's older twin brother)

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