The Monster in The Dungeon

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This story tells about the modern world but there are something strange in one school. 2 girls come in and only 1 survives. What's inside that school?

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012



“Under the dungeon, there laid a beast lying down. Hunger and pain surrounding its skin and anger filling his heart. A cursed man, once, a treacherous ones, betray his country only for gold and silvers, cursed into a beast that was hunger for human. Hidden under the dungeon, somewhere in the world. No one shall find him! If only a man has a kindness to free him from the dungeon he’ll get eaten. If a man has a kindness to free him from his curse, the man will be cursed too. For shall a man who sneakily goes into the dungeon, then shall the beast smells his presence and eat him alive. For shall no one could possibly go into his place,” said Antoinette, “Do you ever heard of these?”

Yes! It’s just a foolish rumor about a monster under the school’s dungeon… whatever, that’s impossible” I replied.

“I don’t think so… some of the school’s staff here- every night- they heard a groan from under the dungeon. Isn’t that weird?” said my friend again- and then she laughed. She likes to make fun of people who ever had that kind of experience. She doesn’t believe in those kind of things, me either!

“Hey! How about tomorrow, we try to go into the dungeon to prove people that the rumor was wrong. At least we got evidence, right?” she said again. Suddenly, something struck on me. Something that forces me to look at the door that leads to the mysterious dungeon. My face grew pale and my whole body was paralyzed. My eyes grew wider. I feel like if I’m in the dungeon now. It feels so realistic! I feel like I’m already facing the monster right now. Even though I don’t believe with the rumor, but I knew, there’s something strange in this dungeon.

“What is it Enid? Are you scared? Don’t be such a baby or I’ll make fun of you!” she laughed again.

“No Ann, it’s just that…” my mouth suddenly let me speak. “… I’m not sure about this. I got a strange feeling about it. I’m not scared but… but…”

“But what?”

“Never mind…”

“Okay, so let’s start tomorrow! After school in the evening, okay?” I just nod and don’t say a single word. I don’t know what to do. She just left home. My car’s coming, so, I grab my bags, books, and folders, and get straight into the car. At home I was still thinking about her suggestion. I felt so foolish for nodding before. My heart says not to join her expedition into the dungeon, but I already promised her! I finished my homework earlier. I packed up my things for tomorrow school and plus, I pack a flashlight and a medium- sized pocket knife for the expedition tomorrow. I know if these things aren’t enough to protect me for the expedition. I spend the rest of my free time reading science textbook.

The day has come for our expedition. During the school’s hour, I don’t even talk anything about it. After school’s bell rings and all the students gets off from the class. There are so many students and I tried to run away from Ann. While I was hurrying off to my locker, she grabbed my hand and said, “Where are you going? Aren’t you going to the dungeon? Oh c’mon, you already promised me, right? Let’s go put your stuff in your locker and get into the dungeon! Alright?” she followed me to my locker. She already brings her flash light with her. So I put all my stuff inside my locker and take the flashlight, the pocket knife, and the cutter from my pencil case.

“Why are you bringing weapons? Don’t be such a scaredy- cat! There’s nothing bad going to happen to us!”

“Just in case” I told her. I hope nothing bad is going to happen to us.

We headed into the door that was a portal to the dungeon. Without anyone noticing us, we get into the door. There is staircase that goes in a circle that gets darker when we go to the lower stair. I walk behind her. In the middle of the way, I grabbed her hand and whispered “I’m not sure about this but its better if we go back.” She pulls her hand and speaks so loud, “are you scared of this expedition?! If you’re scared then just go back and leave me alone!” her voice echoed. I didn’t dare to leave her alone in this danger. I’m a good friend of her!

Suddenly, we hear a slight movement- deep, down, under the dangerous dungeon- a slithering movement. “What is that?” I whispered. I knew that her loud voice makes the creature responds. “Well, just some sort of movement…” said Ann calmly. We continued our walk until we reached the base. Ann draws her flashlight around the room. There’s nothing. I sighed in relief when suddenly; I spotted big red eyes behind Ann. “Ann watch out! Let’s get out of here!” I shouted. “What? Trying to scare me?” replied Ann. I grabbed her hand and pull her. When I run to the first step of the staircase, Ann pulls her hand saying, “Are you kidding me?!”

“No! There are red eyes behind you!”

“What? Trying to scare me? It must be just a light to scare students off so that they won’t go to the dungeon anymore!” said Ann calmly.

The eyes started to get nearer and nearer to Ann. She turned her back with her flashlight on. Suddenly, her flashlight shined the figure of the monster. Its head until the middle of his body was made of statue or a stone. It has big fangs and mouth that could eat humans in seconds. “Ann! Run! R…” while I’m shouting these words, the monster attacks Ann and she screeches. The monster bites her into fleshes and bloods. All my body was paralyzed! I can’t move a single thing! I forced my hand to grab the pocket knife. I don’t know how to run; my sudden reaction is just grabbed a knife and freeze there. My body shivers, my body frozen. Seeing a good friend getting eaten by a horrible creature, my rage gets higher. I throw the knife to the monster. It didn’t work.

The beast gets so confused and it became furious! He throws my friend’s flesh and tried to attack me which is two meters away. Finally, my legs aren’t frozen anymore and I could run. For several steps, the monster- snake’s tail grabs my ankle and tried to pull me. I put my flashlight at my mouth, one of my hands holding the staircase and the other takes a cutter from my pocket. I stabbed its tail and it released my ankle. He shrieks in pain! I take the chance to run away from him. It tried to chase me but then I heard the sound of the chains. Fortunately, he was locked in the chain. I run and run and then I reached the outside world. After that, I collapsed from the horrible incidents. The school was actually a place to train knights in the past. Antoinette Daniel Brigitte? The fool vanished.

“Every evening, if any man past the door, he will hear a shout of a foolish girl and a groan of a beast.”

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