The Story of a Female Knight

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(This story is a fiction. It never exist in history.)
In the feudal age, a 15 year old girl volunteered to war. This story is a story that tells about the courage of a little girl that she even volunteered to war in return of her master's kindness. It almost look like St. Joan of Arc's though.

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012



Bluebell, a 15 year old girl, lives with her grandma at her house in the valley.. She has no family but except her grandma. Her father died during battle and her mom becomes so upset that she killed herself. She has no uncle or aunt. But, she's as courage as a lion and as strong as an elephant. People thinks that she was crazy because she always do boys' things. But she still helps her grandma wash clothes and do other housework. Bluebell lives in the feudal age as one of the peasants. She often did what man usually do as a peasant such as pulling the carriage from the farmer's workplace.

Different from all other girls in her environment, she hates wearing skirts and sometimes would like to rode her master's horse. Her master is a benevolent old knight with 2 toddlers who often likes to play with Bluebell. Unlike other knights, Bluebell's master treat her and her grandma like one of his family. The old knight liked Bluebell a lot that he thinks Bluebell as her oldest daughter even though she acts different from all other girl. Bluebell and her grandma usually helps the old knight's wife to cook for supper. Bluebell and her grandma was always provided enough needs from the old knight's family. Bluebell and her grandma liked the old knight himself and his family. Bluebell was very ambitious to pay back her master and his family one day because of their passion.

One day, something happened. A threat came to the kingdom and the king needs one more knight to win over the opposing force. So, with the old knight's old age, he forced himself to wear his knight uniform and prepare his weapons. This mission is unsuitable for his age and might result to a very big consequences for his health. The old knight's age is about 79 years old. Bluebell knew what's happening and when she saw her master wears the uniform, she shouted "Master! Master! Let me replace you for the war. Your age can affect you with this mission and if you die, something bad will happen to your family!"

"But Bluebell, you are a girl," responded her master.

The sentence you are a girl bothers her a lot because there are less rights for women in that era. But she ignored her master's respond and said "Master, just think this as my pay back for your kindness and your family's passion. Just let me go to the war. I'll be okay to take the risk, I will come back later on. Trust me. Just let me do whatever I want for this time." Her master can't say anything more. So, he let her wear his knight's uniform and she cut her hair so it looks like that she was a boy. Her grandma, her master, and his wife all prayed and blessed her for safety. The two toddler kids knew the situation and they cried. "I'll be alright. I promise I'll be back." said Bluebell.

Bluebell then rode on the horse gathered with the troops. As Bluebell goes out of the gate, her grandma whispered: "Farewell Bluebell, be careful. Please come back soon." Bluebell didn't look back or waved at her grandma or her master. The journey to the battlefield occurred for few days. Bluebell missed her home, but she needs to join the war as a return to her master's kindness and then she thought of one thing: to make her parents proud of her as they looked from the sky. Bluebell takes a deep rest before the war started in the very early morning.

She's know in the battlefield. She sees the troops from the opposing force came running toward them. Bluebell didn't feel nervous at all because she remembers what her master said when she was 10. "Bluebell my daughter, you are very different from other girls in this place. You are as brave as a lion and as strong as an elephant." His slogan echoed in her mind as she hold her sword. She closed her eye for a few second. After that, she opened her eyes and she knows: the battle started.

She drew her sword furiously to the knight from the opposing forces and slay everything that stands in front of her. Then, she ended up facing the leader- a strong man with big muscles all over his body. The leader was 5 times bigger than Bluebell and he hold the flag of the kingdom that threatened her kingdom. She remembered the words from her master. " You are as brave as a lion and as strong as an elephant." This slogan encouraged Bluebell to defeat the leader. The leader tried smashing her but his movement was slow because of his big body. So, Bluebell, with her nimble skill, stabbed the leader's stomach as his hand was up and tried to smash Bluebell with his axe.

The leader fell and Bluebell grabbed the flag from the leader and passed it to her leader. She's really proud. Then, when the troops from the opposing force tried to retreat, their leader arose and ran to Bluebell with his axe. Then, Bluebell panicked and she drew her sword to the leader's chest in the same time as when the leader stabbed her stomach with the pointy thing on his axe. Bluebell and the leader died as they drew their sword out together. Bluebell fell down and her life is gone. Her helmet was off as she crashed the ground and her leader knows that she was a girl. The leader grows very mad, because one of his troop died and yet the troop is a girl. He hates to see this sight- a little girl got beaten up by a very big man.

As Bluebell's leader rage was up, he became so furious that the enemy's troop retreated. The troop from the kingdom where Bluebell lived, went home with victory. Bluebell's leader then arranged a meeting with the king and the citizens who lived in that kingdom. The leader told everything about Bluebell. Her master added some things about Bluebell's decision and her courage. Then, the leader told about her death. Bluebell's grandma was shocked and she cried. Her master and his family cried too. Days passed as the citizens had made the statue of Bluebell putting her sword up. The citizens, the troop's leader, and the citizens still remember the act of heroism she did. Her grandma was happy because she knows that Bluebell was happy in heaven with her parents and her grandma thought about Bluebell having supper with God and her parents altogether. Bluebell's master was declared as a saint by the pope because of his kindness. The master's wife always helped Bluebell's grandma for her chores as a peasant.

10 years later, Bluebell was still remembered as a hero. The two toddler grows as a very young- strong men. They decided to join the troops and followed the next war to return for what Bluebell did. "Brother, do you think sister Bluebell is now watching us?" asked the younger one. "Yes, Edward. She is watching us. She is now an angel who will bless us safety for the next battle." said the older one. "Sister Bluebell! We promise that we would fight for you and win the next battle! Please ask God to bless us safety!" shouted Edward toward the sky. His brother smiled as he saw a vague image of Bluebell smiled toward them in the sky.

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