Writing Competition in The Snake Year

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Writing competition for the snake year 2013- Chinese themed

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Chinese New Year is coming!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Concerning the celebration that everyone knows, I would like to have a writing competition. Authors from all age and all skills were invited to join the competition.

To competitors, you need to write either a Short Story, a Poem, or an Essay with a Chinese New Year theme or something that relates to China.


Short Stories

For short stories, I want it to be:

  1. Event/ place should be in China
  2. Shows about the culture
  3. A creation myth about how Chinese New Year was created (the myth should be made by your own- use your own imagination)
  4. The main character could be an animal or a human- but there should be a snake in it, concerning the snake year
  5. NO erotica!


For poems, I want it to be:

  1. Have the atmosphere/ essence of China
  2. Describes about celebration in China
  3. Describes the joy of Chinese New Year
  4. NO erotica!

For example (no copying):

It was Spring

And I sit on the rock

Across me,

I see a village

In that village,

I see men decorating their house with red papers

Full of caligraphies

And I see women preparing foods

It was one night before the celebration

And everyone was happy

Kids were excited for the firecrackers

And can't wait to see the lion dance

The next day arrived

Joys filled these people's heart

Everywhere I see is red

Everyone wears red clothes

A joy filled my heart, too

As I see kids dancing and playing around

The firecracker started to crack

And so it begins


I think this one must be a little bit challenging than the other 2. For the essay, it would require a lot of research. For the essay, I want it to be:

  1. First choice: About the revolution that happened in China
  2. Second choice: The trades and cultural diffusion in ancient China
  3. Third choice: Why do people created Chinese New Year? And why do they wear red in Chinese New Year?
  4. You can ask your teacher or go online in the internet for this one (citations are optional)
  5. The topics were listed above (#1, #2, #3). You must pick one. The essay requires only 3 - 5 paragraphs.

Award Winning Author

The awards for these only goes to 3 winners:

First place: got a fan from me and I would share and read 3 of your writings

Second place: got a fan from me and I would share and read 2 of your writings

Third place: got a fan from me and I would share and read 1 of your writings

You are all welcomed to participate in this event. If you want to participate, please tell me the title and what category is it (short story/ poem/ essay).

If you want to give me your essay, please give me the title and the topic of your essay.


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