Holocaust Remembered

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The holocaust from a fictional jew.

Submitted: April 08, 2016

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Submitted: April 08, 2016



Left step, right step, take left turn,
Do what you say, or you will be burned,
No matter what you dream or yearn,
Your lesson will be learned.

That lesson be religion wise,
There is always something you cant disguise,
That your jewish, is no surprise,
In fact, you are my lucky prize.

You are property, you do as i say,
Or i will make sure that you pay,
But the americans are coming, straight from the bay,
And we are safe, so long as we slay.

The americans are coming, you stay right there,
I'll be right back, if you move, i swear,
I will gas you myself, and rip out your hair,
So stay, and if you move, prepare.


There was a loud sound, outside the door,
So i sat there on the floor,
Hoping that the german be strangled, with a very long cord,
There came a sound, much like a downpour.

It was the americans! I had survived!
I followed them out, and prayed for my kind.
As i stood out there, with my friends on either side,
I wondered, who else had died?

Was my family still here? My girlfriend too?
I don't know if i can live without Lou,
She used to live here, where i used to woo,
I loved her very much, and she was much like me and you.

I never forget those times, all those years ago,
When i was held hostage, in a land of snow,
And while i was saved, many were low,
About 6 feet under, under the soil they had sowed.

So as i walk down the halls,
Where i was being held, in these walls,
I see in my minds eye, the walls coming down,
And my family standing, looking very proud.

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