Nate & Alice

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Asking questions may lead to different things. So, at least... Try.

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013



One of the scariest things to do is to ask a question. There is so much that can go wrong: it might come out differently from what you intended it to be; the answer might be miles away from what you would have liked to hear or, what is sometimes even worse, you might not get any answer at all; it might lead to some questions in return that you would not want to discuss.

Alice has been in love with Nate for over six years now. True, the first four years had been all about realizing what the past two years made clear, but some of us learn slower when it comes to the matters of one’s own heart. Prior to this evening, they have had their share of good and bad times. At some point, he even said, “I am not willing to change for anyone.” Well, that is certainly not what you wish to hear from someone with whom you are thinking about building a relationship. Evolution makes this life of ours move, for better or for worse. They have experienced tender nights and have shared great laughs, but, like all the planets, have been revolving around the Sun of this-is-not-going-anywhere. To be present at the same time at the same place might reinforce love, and some difficulties enter the picture when and if both partners live in different cities. Yet, there are so many ways of letting the other know how you feel.

In the beginning, she cried over the whole situation so many times that the revenue of Kleenex was increasing in a geometric ratio, and the owners thanked Heaven for their fortune, so Alice did not get anything from that one either. Nevertheless, the persistence with which she has returned to this relationship over and over confirms the existence of gravitation. It is quite sad to realize that loyalty and a lack of self-esteem go along. On the other hand, Nate has done his part, in that he has thoroughly examined his dark self, labeling himself as a “not being able to love” sort of guy. He has also expressed his sincere, Alice believes, apologies. His identity rests firmly on the fact that he is one of those free souls, prancing around the relationship-like hills of life. In fact, his soul have probably already gone somewhere without leaving him a note. Love has never been his cup of tea, but sharing her bed and spending two or three days with her is most definitely his. More than that, it is his most favorite cup and the best brand of tea.  

So, Alice has appreciated all those minutes spent together, while Nate has been glad not to change his preferences. However, one question has been bothering her for two thousand one hundred and ninety days now: does he love her? Making a house of cards is such an intriguing thing to do! Their relationship has the same weakness, she knows it, and she has pondered about it until this evening. The conversation has been going well, so she summoned her courage and popped the question: “Do you love me? Because… you see, I love you. I have been in love with you all this time.”

Nate’s answer comes out with a sigh, “I think I feel something, but I don’t know what it is.”

One of the scariest things to do is to ask a question. Amazingly enough, it well may be that doing so will liberate you for the rest of your life. Nate is having the time of his life in the city of A, while in the town of X Alice is increasing the Kleenex’s revenue for the last time.

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