An Occurrence In Jimtown

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sitting across the street and watching my neighbor be a terrible person and feeling for those close to her

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



An Occurrence In Jimtown


I lived in this poor,

White part of town,

For a while,

People called it


I can remember

Sitting on my porch,

In the afternoon,

And watching

As across the street

A rugged

Battle axe of an

Old woman,

With a jaw like

A Sergeant Slaughter

Action figure

Threatened to kill

Her granddaughter's


If she didn't stop

Crying and trying to

Call the police.

It was a brilliant example

Of some world renowned

Child-rearing techniques.


That old bat strutted through the yard,

Like a heavy-weight contender

On a ring walk

To a Vegas stage.

She was jacked

And looking for

A knock-out.

Her opponent was this screaming

Ten-year old girl

Who had burst

Into the front yard,

With blood curdling


Mere moments before,

Followed closely by

Granny Stonefist.


"Shut the hell up

You little brat,"

The loving grandmother

Whispered sweetly to the little

Child, at the top of her voice,

"Or I swear I'll

Kill this fucking dog,

Do you want that?

Want me to kill

Your dog?"


"Nooo granny, no.

Not Payton! Please!"


"Then shut up and get

Your ass back in

The house,

So I can beat

The shit of you,

Without having to walk

All over the




Then she popped

The girl one.

Just for good measure.

But I could tell

She wanted a


I could see it

In her wild, hazy eyes.

All that build up

For the title fight

And the challenger

Never showed.

She was about to

Head inside

To drown her disappointment

In some Xanex

And boxed wine,

When her other granddaughter

Turned the corner

And headed down

The street.

Granny's eyes lit-up,

There was a bell,

Sounding round two.

And this old bitch

Wasn't going to let it

Go to the judges.

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