Latisha Fanotra

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This little story I wrote was for my buddy Latisha, as she wrote one about me. All the characters in this story are people I know.. their last names however, are changed. As well, I know the content is extremely lame and "juvenile" but to me and my friends it is funny. Most of the content is an inside joke between my friend Latisha and I.

Submitted: December 02, 2008

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Submitted: December 02, 2008



There once was a girl named Latisha Fanotra. She was in love with a man named Ian Killis. Everyday they would walk to the store, Latisha not once saying a single word. Together, they would buy pies, cookies, and OF COURSE eggnog.

A guy named Jazzlow, who was known to most as Magical Umbrella man, secretly loved Latisha Fanotra. Every single day he would stalk her and Ian as they wandered to the grocery store. Jazzlow wanted so badly to take Ian's place with Latisha as the two of them drank their eggnog.

Latisha always noticed this unusual boy with an umbrella. She always saw him talking to himself, and she thought he was such a fascinating species. Her one dream, aside from actually talking to Ian, was to hold onto Jazzlow's finger. He would absolutely love it if she did. One day, she actually asked him if she could, but he ran away as fast as he could because he was so nervous around her.

Another of Latisha's many stalkers was Robin. His last name was Chomas. Nearly everyday he would bake cookies and pies for Latisha to get her away from Ian. However, when he would present them to her, she would merely throw them at his head. Everynight he would cry because he knew that no matter how hard he'd try, he'd never get the girl. (I guess he never thought about waashing his hair!)

One day, he came up with a brilliant idea! That night, he turned himself into a giant penis, and he was looking for Latisha every where he could think of that she would be. He would steal her away from Ian once he found her! Ian Killis found out about these plans and he took Latisha into hiding. He promised he would be back as soon as he had slayed the giant penis.

Two years and eleven months later, Ian returned. Latisha was so thankful he was still alive, she had finally spoken to Ian! He was so surprised and happy that he took her out to the store once more.

As for Jazzlow, he finally gave up on Latisha Fanotra. He ended up marrying his umbrella


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