Flatline 2: Tearing Away

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Aaron and Jake return for the most popular hit in my Flatline Trilogy. Aaron starts getting visions of the past, and you learn who is killing everyone.

Submitted: January 23, 2008

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Submitted: January 23, 2008



I started to sweat. If I keep having that dream again, I’m going to go insane. Every time I fall asleep, I dream I’m in a house during a blizzard, playing that game. That same game that almost killed me. It has been 2 years since that tragic event occurred. Gordon was buried a week later. For months and months, people everywhere were looking for a girl named Jenna, who was suspected to be an accomplice to a killer named Claire Vanes. After 4 months, the search parties stopped, and town the Wilmington, where that tragic night occurred, started to quiet down. Most people have forgot about it, and it’s now an urban legend for the Newcomers at the High School. Jake and me hung out almost everyday trying to cope with the murder of his parents. After a year of staying at my house, he was sent to live with his Aunt in a town about 2 hours away. We had so much fun while he was staying here. We would go around and play ding-dong ditch, and tell each other scary stories, almost like normal people. We had gotten over that night 2 years ago, but then he moved away. That’s when I met Jon.


Jon was what you called the crazy one. He reminded me of Gordon, except Jon is a little wilder. I was thinking about driving up to see Jake, but with College starting in a couple days, I’ve been way to busy.


It is now around 9 in the morning, and I’m thinking of going to visit Gordon’s grave today. I have only visited him a couple times since that night 2 years ago. It’s weird though, every time I go up to Jacobson’s Cemetery, I can still hear Gordon telling everyone jokes, it’s actually quite funny.


I’m watching some cartoons right now; I am still in love with them. There’s a stupid Welcome Back assembly thing I have to go to today for freshmen in college.


After I watched a few shows, I started getting my clothes ready for the shower when there was a knock at the door. I threw my clothes on the bathroom counter and ran to the door. I opened the door and no one was there. I was pissed. Before I closed the door I saw something white pinned to my door. It was a note. I opened it up and it was an invite to the assembly tonight.


I thought nothing of it and got in the shower. I turned up the water all the way, because I love hot water. I could sit in the shower for days if the hot water didn’t run out. Plus I loved drawing little pictures on my glass shower door. After around 10 minutes in the shower, it started to get really foggy. I loved that. I turned to my side and started drawing little pictures on the glass door.


Then out of nowhere this black thing runs right past my bathroom door, it looked like a person wearing all black. I started to sweat, at first I thought it was the hot water, but then I realized that cold water was running; apparently it must have run out of hot water. I turned off the water and quietly got out of the shower and put on a towel. “Jon” I said yelled hoping someone would say something, but I got nothing. Pure silence was all that I could hear. Surely something must have fallen, because no one could be this quiet. I quickly searched the house, and then searched it a second time after I realized that if it was a person, that quick movement I saw could’ve been the person leaving.


Twenty minutes after searching, I gave up. Nothing seemed to have changed. I looked at the time and figured out that if I want to go visit Gordon, I better leave now. I quickly grabbed my keys and dodged out the door and into my car. What a beautiful day it was. Sunny as ever could be. I drove about 30 miles east until I hit a gravel road. It sucked because I had to drive another 20 miles, and if have seen my car, you know it doesn’t run smooth on any turf except a dry piece of pavement.


I finally reached a sign that said: Jacobson Cemetery, 1 Mile. When I reached the cemetery, the first thing that came to my head was the movie Night of the Living Dead. The movie had the same cemetery as this one, only smaller. This cemetery was huge. Probably about 30 rows and 30 columns of headstones. I went over to the directory and saw his name in the 19th row, 23 column, Gordon Matthews. Just seeing his name there made my stomach turn. So I went over to his grave and started talking to him. I actually had a lot to say, but time was against me, for I had get to the college orientation. Basically to sum it up into a few words, I just apologized for what happened, and told him that no one has forgotten about him. I actually started to cry, so I left.


I started to hesitate while walking back to my car. I could see that the back left door my car was opened. I quickly ran to my car to make sure nothing was stolen. There was a note in the backseat. My heart started beating through my chest. I opened it up and it read: I can’t wait to see you tonight! From that point on, I started driving home cautiously, looking in every direction, to see if I was being followed.


When I finally got back to my place, it was about 12pm and I had to call Jon, maybe he pulled the prank with the note. “Jon, where were you today?” “Well I went to the barbers at about 2, then went over to the video arcade my good man, why?” he said in a relaxing voice. “Well I went to visit Gordon today, and I think someone followed me. Either that or they were in the car the whole time” I said trying to get to the bottom of this. “Well, I must say I’m a little disappointed that you think I would stoop down to that level trying to scare you” he said getting a little pissed off. “Well who else knew I was going to be there, dude?” I said hoping he wasn’t to offended. “Well it wasn’t me. Do you need a ride to the orientation?” he said changing the subject. “Yah, can call before you get here?” I said quickly getting all my papers together. “You got it” he said all happy.


I decided to sit on the couch and watch some more cartoons. I must have fallen asleep because I started dreaming about the one night 2 years ago. I remember sitting upstairs in Jake’s Parents room, and Jake running down the stairs to see if Jenna was still there, and she wasn’t and him screaming. I woke up sweating like a dog. I must have slept for around 5 hours or so.


At around 5:30pm, the phone rang. It was Jon telling me that he was almost to my house. I opened the door, and I saw a car sitting in the front yard, at first it looked like Jon’s, but when I stepped outside, it drove off. Then right away after, Jon pulled up in his Chevy, and yelled, “Get your ass moving son, we got to go”. I started laughing as I put my shoes on and ran to his car. We starting head toward the college when Jon pulled the car over. “Listen up Aaron, now there’s this really big party that’s going on right now, and you just give me the word during the Orientation, and we’ll head over to the party, ok man?” he said hoping I would approve. “You know what Jon, that sounds great!” I said actually meaning it. “Sitting at an orientation for 3 hours would be horrible, so hopefully it ends early” I said to myself.


When we got to the campus, it was packed. Jon had to park way in the back, which sucked because it started getting cloudy out, and it made the moon go away. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started raining any minute. When we got inside the college, my toes were already freezing. I got in line to get my ticket number to show me where I sit. Shocking enough, my seat was right next to Jon’s, which I new wasn’t a coincidence. He must have messed with the numbers earlier, which I didn’t mind.


We got our seats and then I realized I had to pee. I knew I better do it quickly because when College starts; we’ll probably be tested on what the Professor says today. I ran all the way to the other end of the school, because from what I saw, there was only one stall. As I got into the bathroom, I could tell this year was going to suck. As I started going pee, there was a huge thump on the bathroom door, and my first thought was the party 2 years ago, when I heard a thump coming from Jake’s upstairs door. Even thinking about that, I was creeped out. So I hurried and washed my hands, and then the power went out. I started crying. What was happening? All of a sudden, the power flickered, and someone was behind me, then the power went back out. I ran out of the bathroom and the power was on. Someone must’ve been messing with me in the bathroom. I could easily go back in there and see, but instead I wiped my tears and went back to the orientation.


I sat back down next to Jon, hoping he wouldn’t have noticed that I was just crying. “Have you been crying” Jon said worried. “No, it’s just the bathroom lights were really bright, so it made my eyes water” I said telling him a lie. After about an hour of him talking, the President of the College went up to the microphone and started saying a few words. It got my attention when he started talking about the incident 2 years ago. “I know our town has gone through some tough times these past few years, with the killings and all, but I hope we can all come together and forget about it, and just move on” the president said without one ounce of sorrow. “Dude, do you want to leave, this is getting ridiculous” Jon said hoping I would say yes. And I did. All I wanted to do was leave, and never come back to this school.


I grabbed my new books and schedule from Jon’s car and quickly put them in my new dorm room, so I wouldn’t have to come back alone and do it. Then we headed to the party.


It was out around 10 miles out of town, which was a good thing. I didn’t want to even think about the town of Wilmington right now. When we got to the party, we were welcomed with a couple bottles of beer, and a bottle of vodka, which I never had before. I drank all the beers before Jon was even done with his first one. It was kind of creepy at the party, because no one was inside. The whole party was in the backyard, which I didn’t mind. I could tell I was getting drunk because I couldn’t hold my liquor anymore. Jon asked me if I wanted to go home, apparently I did something embarrassing because everyone just started laughing for no reason. Then I looked down, and I noticed a wet spot on my pants. I can’t believe I pissed myself. That will be the last time I ever have vodka.


I asked the person who was hosting the party if I could go inside and clean up. He gave me the keys to his house, and told me to hurry because no one was allowed inside. I unlocked the front door, and went inside. It was pitch black in his house. I started looking for the lights, so I could see walking up the stairs. But I couldn’t find them anywhere. I started feeling around, hoping to hit a light switch. I finally grabbed something that I thought was the switch, and pushed it. All kinds of things started falling. Instead of it being a switch, it was a shelf. Something fell on my foot, and it really hurt, it was a flashlight. I picked up the flashlight and started looking around. I guess I knocked down some pictures because there was some glass on the floor. I started picking up the pieces of glass, and then started looking at his pictures. Whoever this guy this was, he sure was the ladies man. I found at least 7 different pictures of ladies on the floor. A picked up the last frame and threw it on a stable shelf, and then my heart stopped. My jaw dropped, and my mouth was open wide. It was a picture of him hugging Jenna. I started freaking out; I wanted to find a light really bad. I felt like I was being watched. So I just finally said fuck it and ran out the door. I had to find this guy. Who was he and what the hell was he doing hugging a psychopath killer?


“Jon, Jon!” I yelled trying to get his attention. Where is the dude hosting the party? “He’s right over there dude, chill!” he said drunk out of his mind. I yelled at him, because I didn’t know his name. He came right over to me and asked if everything was ok. He seemed like a really nice guy, which is why I don’t get why he’d be with a killer. “Do you know who this is” showing him the picture of Jenna. “Yah, her name is Jenna Barkley, I used to date her” he said sounding relaxed. “When is the last time you heard from her?” I said starting to relax, hoping they dated before the incident 2 years ago. “Well actually she just called me yesterday, and told me that she was going to be really busy with someone and she couldn’t see me anymore” he said starting to get sad. But his problems were the least of my worries.


I grabbed Jon and ran for his car. I had to drive because Jon was really intoxicated. Right before we got into his car, it started pouring heavily. Rain wasn’t something we needed for where were about to go. I got in the car and took off down the road. I knew I was going fast because I could see all the dust behind me from me burning out. We started heading down the road at 70 mph. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do when I got there but I needed to get as far away from Wilmington as I could. I’m hoping Jake can figure out what’s going on. I’m driving 2 hours in the pouring rain to ask him. “Where the hell are we going Aaron?” Jon said starting to drool. “We’re going to see Jake,” I said hoping Jon would remember him. “Well I need to take a shit pronto,” he said opening the passenger side window and sticking his ass outside. I thought he was just messing around until I saw something brown fly by the back left window. I was so busy being distracted Jon’s shit that I forgot to watch the road, which didn’t matter because it rained so hard I couldn’t see it anyways. But I must’ve hit something because my front bumper flew off and one of my headlights went out. Jon stuck his ass back inside forgetting to pull his pants up. “Dude!” I said pissed off. I better not have shit on my damn seat I said furiously. “Did we just hit something?” he said starting to drool. “Duh!” I said thinking it was a deer. “ Goddamn Cows!” Jon said laughing hysterically. “It wasn’t cows,” I said wondering where he got the idea that they were cows. “I think it was deer we hit,” I said. “Goddamn Cows!” he said again snorting from laughing so hard.” Why the hell would cows be roaming around the roads this time of night Jon?” I said thinking he was delusional.


But our time of fun and laughter was over. Someone was right behind us and turned on their Brights. “Shut off the fucking Brights” Jon screamed sticking his head out the window. “Jon, stop! it could be cops” I said worried. But they weren’t cops. Cops wouldn’t smack the back end of my car. “Dude, they’re trying to kill us,” Jon said starting to sober up. “Don’t worry man,” I said freaking out. We have plenty of gas to get us to our destination. “Oh really” he said pointing to the gas gauge. It was a centimeter from empty. “Shit!” I said starting to get nervous. “Take this turn” Jon said pointing over to the gas station. I whipped the car to the right and we headed towards the gas station. The car behind us stopped following and went on ahead.


We pulled into the gas stop and he started filling up the tank while I went in and paid. When I came back to the car after paying, Jon was sitting in the car in shock. “What the fuck were they doing?” he said trying to stay calm. “Whoever it was,” I said. They’re gone now. I got out of the car and looked at the back of it. Both taillights were out. I started wondering who that was. My first thought was Jenna, but I wasn’t going to speculate just yet.


I got back in the car and we headed towards Jake’s house. We stayed quiet the rest of the way there.


Forty-Five minutes later, we arrived in the town of South brook, which was a suburb to some big city around 60 miles away. I told Jon to stay in the car and I went to the front door and knocked. Jake’s Aunt answered the door. “Can I help you sir?” she said in a sweet voice. “You might not remember me, but I’m one of Jake’s best friends, I was wondering if I could speak to him,” I said politely. “Oh my, you didn’t hear?” she said confused. “Hear what?” I said also confused. “He was sent to a Mental Institution two months ago. It’s about a half hour from here” she said. “What?” I said even more confused. “What happened to him?” I said about to cry. He was fine when I talked to him on the phone a while back. “He started having nightmares, and trying to kill himself,” she said getting scared by her own voice. “Where the hell is this place?” I said starting to get stressed. “Well it’s about a half hour from here. Just keep going down this road, you can’t miss it,” she said hurrying back inside and slamming the door in my face. “Bitch!” I said pissed off.


I got back in the car and Jon was sleeping. I put the car in drive and started heading toward the institution. I can’t believe his Aunt put him in there. He was fine back in Wilmington I said to myself.


When I got to the institution, I made Jon wait in the car again. I went inside and looked at the visiting hours. I had twenty minutes to figure this thing out. I found out which room Jake was in and started walking to his room. I went slowly because I still couldn’t process in my head Jake being in a loony bin.


I opened his door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was tied up sitting on his bed. He looked dead. “Jake, Jake!” I said hoping he could hear me. “Aaron, is that you?” he said starting to wake up. “What the hell happened?” I said in disbelief. “ She came back, he said starting to cry. She came back, he said in repetition. “Who came back?” I said, even though I knew already. I just had to hear it for myself. “Jenna you idiot!” he said. “Now, Now, I don’t think that’s very nice calling your friend an idiot Jake” someone said standing in the doorway. It was dark, so all I could see was a shadow. Then the mysterious figure turned on the lights, it was Jenna! “Jenna!” I said feeling my jaw drop. What the hell do you want from us! I said feeling a little teary in the eyes. “Now you didn’t think I would let you guys live after killing my best friend did you?” she said started to laugh in an evil way. She pointed the gun up to me and said, “Goodbye Aaron, you’ve lived long enough” and just as she was about to pull the trigger, Jon hit her in the head with a fire extinguisher. “Alright Jon!” I said happy. “Jon? who the hell is Jon” Jake said getting up. He looked so awful. “Jon is my friend from Wilmington,” I said to Jake. “Jon, meet Jake, my best friend” I said. “ I know who he is,” said Jon with an evil grin. “What?” I said confused. Then it got even worse. Jenna rubbed her head and got back up. “Damn Jon, you could’ve hit me a little bit easier” she said rubbing her head. “Sorry honey” Jon said. I had to make it look real. “Wait a minute” Jake said. You guys are in this together? “Nice job Aaron, bringing another killer as well” Jake said giving up. “I didn’t know! Jon, what the hell are you doing?” I said feeling the knots in my stomach grow. “Aaron, meet Claire’s older brother, Jon” she said cocky. “Nothing against you man” Jon said. I was just here to get revenge on Jake. You were a great friend and all.


The next moment happened so fast, I didn’t have time to process it all. Next thing I know, I’m hitting Jon in the face as hard as I can and Jake slammed the fire extinguisher We both ran into the halls and towards the back of the building, hoping they wouldn’t follow. We ran into the back office and locked the door. We turned off the lights and hid in the corner.


We could their shadows from the lights in the hallway. “Whatever happens” Jake said, know that I will always be right there with you. “What are you talking about” I said confused about this whole situation. “I miss my grandpa, and my parents, and I think it’s time to go back to them” Jake said.


The next moment also came by quickly. Jenna slammed the door open holding a steak knife. The same steak knife used to kill Jake’s parents I assumed. Jake pulled a gun out from under the desk and empty out the whole barrel right into Jenna’s skull. He must have known this was going to happen; maybe that’s what these dreams are about. They rip through us, tear away at us, until we get it through our heads, that these dreams were signs of things to come. Jon bolted out of the door when he realized Jake had a gun.


I ran right after him wanting revenge. He was a much faster runner then I thought. He must have been faking being drunk. He really went to extreme measures to fake it. Even I wouldn’t shit out of the window to pretend I’m drunk. Jon sure was a fast runner though, but he was much dumber. He ran right into a dead end. He turned around to find me bulldoze him into the ground. I started throwing punches at his face, until I realized that the blood from my fist was actually mine. I noticed a shiny metal object in his pocket. By this time I was at extreme measures to do anything. I took out the knife and starting stabbing him until I couldn’t even hold the knife anymore.


I sat down next to Jon’s dead body and started to absorb everything that just happened. I just then realized what Jon was talking about when he said he wanted to go back to his Grandpa and Parents.


I started running back to the office, I started screaming Noooooo but I was too late. I heard a gunshot from the office and saw blood splatter all over the office door. I fell to my knees and started crying. “He didn’t need to do that, I could’ve gave him a family,” I kept saying to myself. I finally got the strength to stand back up, and walk into the office.


There he was, lying on the floor, surrounded by blood. And a hole right in the middle of his face. I picked up the gun and opened the barrel to see if he loaded it up all the way. There was one bullet remaining. I starting thinking to myself, why would he load 2 bullets when he knew he would be dead right after the first one entered his skull? Then I started putting the pieces together. Jake knew me so well. He knew what I would do with the last bullet.


I left the building and walked outside to my car. You could smell the rain. The kind of smell that only happens right when the rain stops, and you could hear trickles of the rain falling. I got in my car and turned on the radio. I put the gun up to my head, and said goodbye.

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