Flatline III: Static

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The finale to the Flatline trilogy. Aaron gets sent to an insane asylum for attempting suicide. What he finds there, will lead him to all the answers he's been searching for.

Submitted: January 24, 2008

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Submitted: January 24, 2008



I left the building and walked outside to my car. You could smell the rain. The kind of smell that only happens right when the rain stops, and you could hear trickles of the rain falling. I got in my car and turned on the radio. I put the gun up to my head, and said goodbye.

“No!” screamed the security guard running down the steps. I didn’t care what he said. All my friends are dead and there is no reason for me to be alive. And plus, this is what Jake wanted, for me to kill myself. I didn’t want to fail in that. But I had no choice. I pulled the trigger six times, and they were all blanks. “That’s impossible,” I told myself. Why was this dragging on? Why couldn’t I just kill myself and end this once and for all.

The security guard must’ve heard the entire ruckus coming from inside the Institution. It was only a matter of time before he ran his fat ass into the mess. He grabbed me and I started wrestling with him. I figured all I need to do is find one damn bullet, that’s all that I need. It was weird though, for some reason, god didn’t want me to die. I can prove that because when I was wrestling with the guard, he grabbed the gun, and shots were fired. They were fired from the same gun that drew all blanks when I pulled it six times. Maybe it was a coincidence, having Jake’s bullet be a blank. But me loading the gun all the way when I was heading out into my car, those couldn’t be all blanks. Something was wrong. But it didn’t matter.

By the time he wrestled the gun out of my hands, backup was already coming. The security guard cuffed me, and put me in the backseat of his somewhat comfortable cop car. He got in the car, and we went on our way.

3 Months Later

I woke up to the sound of screaming. I didn’t know if it was Danny, the other insane one sharing a room with me in this hellhole. Cording County Institute, that’s what they call it. I’ve been struggling to make my way around here for the last 94 days. Danny, my roommate, has been my closet friend I’ve ever had. It’s easy to make friends when you’re locked up and can’t get out. I have been making my way up here though. All the officers and workers here are starting to respect me. I think it’s because I’m so quiet.

Danny is a different story. I don’t know whether to hug him, or strangle him sometimes. This one time, we were in the cafeteria getting food, their was an incident with the Soc Gang. The people that have been here since it practically started. He went up to grab the potatoes, while I stayed in my seat. He must have tripped or something, because when I turned around, Mark, the leader of the Soc Gang was lifting up Danny by the shirt, and that’s when Emily came. She was Mark’s girlfriend at the time. But since then, her and I have been getting closer. Anyways, when Mark was about to kill Danny, which he would’ve have done, no hesitation, she whispered something in Mark’s ear to make him put Danny down. She obviously said something threatening, because he turned around and smacked her. She flew against a wall and looked to be unconscious. Then something unusual happened. I actually stood up to him. “Hey” I yelled standing up, “don’t ever touch her again.” “And what the fuck are you going to do about it,” he said grabbing me the same way he grabbed Danny. I don’t know what came over me but I smacked his hands away and put his face up against the fryer. “You ever touch me again,” I was saying in his ear, “and I’ll kill you myself”. From that day on, everyone started respecting me. Especially Emily.

From then on, it’s been us three, making it through this torture, waiting until we’re released. I have to admit - I don’t know what Emily is doing here. She is saner the some of the officers that work here. The only problem she has is her cutting. The first month I’ve been here, she was hiding her scars the whole time. But then she must’ve forgot she had them, because she invited me to go swimming with her in the physical fitness room. That night was the night I knew I was starting to fall for her. I didn’t even notice the scars on her wrist and arms until she came up to me. It was the perfect moment for the first kiss, and as she put her arms on my shoulders to kiss, she saw the scars. That is also the same night she stopped cutting. She is supposed to be getting released some time this month. I don’t know how I’m going to react. I guess the only I can do is act supportive.

Everything was perfect, as perfect as can be in an institute, until the new guy came. The so-called boss of Cording County. He was the meanest guy I’ve ever come in contact with. I bet that if I looked in the book of laws, he would definitely be in trouble for some illegal activities. I think throwing a kid against a wall and punching him in the stomach qualifies.

I didn’t mind him though. All I did was stay out of his way. Until the night before Emily had to go. I made Danny go stay with another person, which is against Cording Institute protocols, but no one even cared. I had set candles all over the room. I was getting nervous, which I guess is normal, since it is my first time. When she walked into the room, by stomach sank. She looked so damn beautiful, I think I started drooling, but wiped it away fast. I laid on the bed and she got on top. We started kissing. We kept going on and on until we were making out with our clothes off. I think it might have actually happened, until Boss came in. “What the fuck is going on in here? I said, ‘What the fuck is going on in here?’.” “We’re just talking,” I said knowing he would probably hit me. He threw Emily on the floor, and tied me to the bed. “No!” I was screaming. I felt so helpless tied to the bed trying my hardest to escape.

He grabbed one of the candles and started pouring the wax on my chest. “How do you like me now!” he kept screaming. I was screaming so hard. The wax drying to my skin was like I was lying on top of a fire.

I heard the staff running through the halls into my room. I started to relax knowing they were almost here. They came in the room and all they did was grab Emily and leave. “No!” I screamed as they shut the door and locked it. “What, you didn’t think they’d save you, did you?” He started laughing this sort of evil laugh. “You’re dumb to think that,” he screamed. “You’re a loony, no one is going to listen to a crazy mother fucker like you,” he screamed spitting in my face. That night I would never forget. I can’t remember what happened from then on. I think I might even of passed out.

I woke up and Danny was sleeping next to me. His right eye was black. “Danny, Danny!” I screamed trying to wake him up. He finally woke up. “I thought you were dead dude,” I said giggling a bit. “What happened last night?” he said rubbing his eye. “Lets just say there’s something else out there worse then abstinence,” I said laughing. I asked him if he wanted to go get some breakfast. He accepted.

I walked down the cold hallway to Emily’s room. No one answered. I saw her roommate Claudia walking past me. “Where’s Emily?” I asked her. “I thought she was with you,” Claudia said trying to figure me out. “Oh right, she must have went to get breakfast or something” I said trying to keep her calm. “Well when you find her, tell her that throwing her mattress on the floor and putting all her shit on the floor is going to get her in trouble,” she said. “What are you talking about?” I said. “She didn’t do that.” “Well, somebody did, and if you think I’m going to clean that shit up. . .” she said whining. I started walking away not letting her finish.

I ran into the cafeteria pushing people out of my way, “Danny!” I yelled trying to get his attention. “What’s wrong?” he said running over. “I think one of the staff members kidnapped Emily,” I said. “We were about to have sex last night, and the Boss came in and ruined it all. Then some staff members came and took Emily away” I said starting to worry. “Dude, calm down. I’m sure she just went for a walk or something, because I know I would having to go through what you guys did last night,” he said calming me down. “That might sound reasonable,” I said proving his theory was wrong. “But then tell me why she would tear up her side of her room for no reason,” I said getting angry. “Just find one of the staff members and ask them what happened,” he said thinking he solved the problem. I saw Smith, one of the black guards, leaving the cafeteria. I ran over to see if he knew what happened.

“Smith, Smith!” I yelled. “What the hell do you want kid,” he said. “Where the fuck did you take Emily last night,” I said not caring if I swore. He started laughing really loud. Loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear him. “You guys had yourselves a crazy night last night,” he said. I was about to punch his ass but Danny held me back. He took me in the room and shut the door. “Dude, I know a way we can get him to talk,” he said. “But, you’re going to have to do something that might go against your pride,” he said. “Name it man,” I said willingly. “You’re going to have to get Mark and his gang to help,” he said. “No way,” I said. “There is no way I’m talking to them.” “Aaron, what’s more important: your pride or Emily,” he said putting it in perspective for me. “Ok man, meet here tonight, at exactly 8 pm, ok?” I said. “You got it,” he said.

After supper, I went and sat at the Soc Gang’s table. Before Mark could say anything, I whispered something in his ear. “Mark, believe it or not, Emily is missing. She personally told me that if anything happened to her, she would want your help. Now we know one guard who knows where she is. Are you willingly to help me or not?” I said backing away from his ear. “What do you want me to do?” Mark said. “I need you and your gang to help me capture this guy and put him in my room so I can interrogate him, my way” I said laying it all out. “Hell yea we’ll help, right guys?” Mark said excited. Everyone at his table agreed. “Ok then,” I said. “Meet at mine and Danny’s room at exactly 8pm.” “Ok” Mark said. “Then what”. I started telling him the whole plan. I watched his face as I could tell he liked the plan. I also thanked him and asked him if we were tight now. “Hell yea were tight,” he said in a Mexican kind of style. “Eight O’clock,” I said reminding him, hoping he wouldn’t forget. Tonight, it’s either finding out the truth, or end up wherever Emily is.

“Lord, be with me,” I told myself waiting in my room watching the clock turn to 8. “You ready” Danny said walking in, getting hyper. “Of course” I told him. “You do know man, tonight, it’s either all or nothing” he said sarcastically. “Thanks man” I said laughing sarcastically. “Everything will be fine,” I told myself hoping it was the truth.

The Soc gang waited in the hallway pretending to be talking. One really bad actor in the Soc gang was Ralph. You could tell he wasn’t doing his part correctly because Mark was sitting across from him going “Oh my fucking god”. It made me laugh but I know I had to keep a straight face. Danny was in the closet of the room. I told him to pop out and do something, mostly because I had nothing planned for him.

I could see Smith’s shadow coming down the hallway. I started to sweat. I kept visioning that Smith was carrying a knife and was going to slaughter us all. Out of nowhere Danny made this moaning noise coming from the closet. “Oh yah baby, right there, but not to hard”. Everyone started laughing. “I can’t believe Danny did that,” I kept saying to myself. That wasn’t even the plan. Smith walked into room wondering what the hell was going on. “Get him,” yelled Mark as he threw a rope over smith and threw him down. I stood there frozen, watching the Soc gang beat the shit out of him. They picked him and threw him on the bed. “Ok guys, that’s enough, leave the room,” I said so I could talk to Smith alone. “What dude, come on, lets fuck him up so more” Mark said. “Guys, just fucking leave for a sec” I said getting angry. Finally, everyone did. “Danny, that means you to” I said with a smirk on my face. “Aw man, you suck,” he said walking out. “That just leaves you and mean,” I said to smith hoping he would get nervous.

I took the rag out of his mouth, and started asking him questions. “Where’s Emily” I yelled. “You’re not getting anything out of me!” he said. I grabbed Smith’s tranquilizer and put it to his neck. “Ahhhhh” he kept screaming. “Tell me now” I said. “What did you do with Emily”? He finally said he would tell me. “Look, I don’t know where she is. Only the Boss knows for sure where she is. The best thing I can do for you is give you the radio that hooks to his walkie talkie”, that’s all Smith could say. The problem was, I didn’t know what to do with him. “Mark” I yelled, knowing he was standing by the door, listening in. “What’s up” he said walking in. “ I have no idea what to do with him” I said throwing Smith over to Mark. “Do something reasonable with him”. “You got it man,” Mark said grabbing Smith and leaving.

I took the radio Smith gave me and turned it on. Danny came into the room and sat down next to me. I couldn’t get anything from the radio, except static. Static on every channel. It must have been one of those radios that you have to be a certain distance to get a signal. I turned the radio over and flipped out. “50 feet!” I said. “That must be one of the crappiest walkie talkies I’ve ever seen” Danny said trying to fall asleep. I felt so bad for Danny. He should have been out of this place after the first month he was in here. He is nowhere near crazy.

After he fell asleep, I got up and started walking around the dark building. No one was around; it was creepy and unusual at the same time. “50 feet” I kept saying in my head. That was horrible.

All of a sudden, I stopped dead in my tracks. I could manage to hear voices through all the static. With all the static, I could only manage to get random words across. Like and, the, and so. “What?” I yelled through the walkie-talkie. “Help!!” someone screamed. I heard it not only in through the talkie, but in the building. Then I remembered it was only 50 feet, I started running into all the rooms near me, I started panicking. “Where the hell are you?” I kept screaming. I know it wasn’t Emily; this was a guy’s voice. I started to get confused, going in rooms I already went in. “What the” I kept saying to myself. I finally just screamed really loud and it was dead. Pure silence was around me. In the building, on the walkie-talkie, nothing. I made sure it was still on, and it was. I ended up facing a door I hadn’t even realized was there. It was in a shadow, in the back left corner of the hallway. I started walking over there slowly, making sure I couldn’t even hear my footsteps. I opened the door and was a dark figure sitting in a chair, with liquid pouring from his neck. I flipped the light switch, and then I turned around and started puking. Smith was sitting in the chair, with stab wounds all over his body, and his neck horrible slashed in a poor way.

I ran out of the room and back into my room. Danny was gone! I looked at the clock and it was around nine at night. The final chance to get to the cafeteria and grab a snack before it was lights out.

I ran into the cafeteria, noticing the blood prints from my shoes. Danny was sitting with the Soc gang eating a quick snack. I ran over there and punched Mark in the face. “What the fuck dude” he said getting up. “Why did you kill Smith?” I yelled in his face. Everybody in the cafeteria went silent. “Uh, it’s a play routine were doing” Danny said moving us all along into our room.

“What do you mean killed” Mark said raising his voice again, now that we were out of the public. “I found Smith cut to shit,” I said. “Mark’s face turned immediately to white. “All we did was tie him up in a chair and leave. You found him dead?” he said. I believed he had nothing to do with it. There’s no way a liar’s face would turn white that fast. “What do we do?” Danny said also pale. “No matter what you hear, stay in this room”. I pointed to Danny, Mark, and the rest of the Soc gang. They all shook their head yes.

I ran through the hallway, and past the room where Smith’s dead corpse was sitting. I had the walkie-talkie with me as well. Who knows what I’d hear next. I ran up to the fire alarm and pressed it. Everyone started running outside. I ran back to the room hoping everyone wouldn’t fall for the prank, which they didn’t. “Ok, now what?” Danny said confused. “Well, with all the loonies outside, all the staff has to be outside to make sure they don’t run off. So where are they going to be?” I said to the group. “Um, outside?” Danny said confused. “No shit!” I said. “Come on, let’s hurry to the entrance doors before the Boss gets outside.

We ran to a door by the entrance, and hoped no one would see us. Then our plan would have been shot to shit. After 10 minutes of everyone running outside, stupid enough not to realize there wasn’t a fire, the Boss started walking out slowly. When he was right by the door, he pulled Danny out of the door. “What, didn’t think I’d see you dipshit” he said laughing. Mark ran out of the door and punched the Boss, and then the Soc Gang ran out and shut the doors and locked it. By that time all the police were outside.

Me, Danny, Mark, and the Soc gang stood face to face with the Boss. “Where’s Emily” I said calmly. Why, she’s outside with the rest of the loony’s he said. “Aaron” someone screamed behind me. “Everyone turned around to find it was the radio. I grabbed my walkie-talkie. “Emily, where are you” I screamed. I’m in the Boss’ office, under his desk, she said crying. “I’ll be right there,” I said dropping the radio. We all turned back around, and the Boss was gone. “Damn!” Mark screamed. “How could we all have been that stupid. Ralph, I thought I told you to watch the Boss no matter what” Mark said pissed off. “I heard something and turned around, just like you guys did,” he said back. “Now what” Danny said. “We go to office and get Emily,” I said. “You know he’ll be waiting” Mark said paranoid. “Yes, but I have been preparing for something like this” I said. “What are you talking about?” Danny said. “Lets just say, when it comes to me, bad things always happen, and it never turns out pretty,” I said back. “Now lets get moving now,” I said running towards the Boss’ office.

We ran to the back of the building, where the Boss’ office was located. Everyone motioned for me to go in first, so I did. There was somebody taped to a chair, bloody. But I couldn’t see because the chair was facing the wall. “Emily” I said running to the other side of the room. “Oh my god” I said turning my face. It was Smith’s dead body. It must have been rotting for the last hour by now. “Well” Mark said curious. “Mark, look out” I screamed as a dark figure appeared in the doorway. “Got you!” the figure said as he took a knife and cut one of the Soc’s necks. “No!” Mark screamed running over to his friend’s bloody body. Just as the Boss’ raised his knife to stab Mark in the back, I screamed “Mark:” I yelled. I took out my gun that I stashed here the whole time I’ve been here, and shot the Boss six times in the chest. He stood for about 5 seconds, and then fell to the ground.

I looked under the desk and Emily was there, taped and tied up. A sigh of relief came over me when she looked at me and tried to smile. I helped her out and untied her. I slowly took the tape off her mouth, and she started to cry. “It’s Ok,” I said to her. “It’s over now, and no one is going to hurt you” I said to her. We walked slowly down the hallway, me carrying Emily, and Mark carrying his dead friend, he was crying. “ I couldn’t leave him behind,” he told me.

We went outside, and walked down the steps to all the policemen and firemen. They took us all the one of the ambulances and we sat in the back getting checked for all kinds of wounds. Mark was over by the fire trucks watching his friend get body bagged. He came over and asked how Emily was. “I’m fine,” she said in a sweet voice. I looked behind me; Danny was sleeping in one of the hospital beds in the back of the ambulance. “What was your friends name?” I asked Mark. “Jake” he said wiping his tears. “Jake huh?” I said. I had a friend named Jake once, I’ll tell ya, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now” I said to him. “What happened?” he said. “I’ll tell you later” I said.

Danny finally came out of the ambulance, “when the hell are the fire alarms going to shut off, I’m trying to sleep in here. “They’re manual alarms, the fire chief said. “We’ll go in there in a minute to shut it off.” My heart stopped when the alarms stopped ringing. “Huh, that’s strange, apparently they’re automatic alarms” the fire chief said. “Dude, we’ve never had automatic alarms,” Mark said. “Guys, stay here”, I said. “Aaron, don’t do this, it’s a coincedence, lets just get of here,” she said. “Emily, I have to make sure, or else he’ll just follow me, and it will never end.” I said. “I’d go in there” Ralph said cocky. “Then go in there macho man,” Mark said. “Well, I’m to tired right now, I need to sleep” Ralph said backing off. “Mark, stay here want watch everyone,” I said walking towards the building. “Just have the cops go in” Danny said thinking I was crazy. “This is something I have to do,” I told Danny staring him down. “I’m not letting you go in there alone” Mark said. “Then who’s going to watch Em and Danny, Ralph?” I said sarcastically. “What does that supposed to mean” Ralph said whining like a little bitch. “Ralph, quiet” Mark said. “I’m going with you” Mark said. “Fuck Mark, just stay and watch them, it’s not that hard. “Fine, calm down” Mark said walking back to the ambulance.

I started walking towards the building, and then a uniform eating a donut stopped me. “What are you doing son, there’s a fire in there” he said stuffing his face. “There isn’t a damn fire in there, I’m the one who pulled the alarm” I said pushing his hand away from my shoulder. “You do know son, that is illegal in these parts of the world” he said trying to be smart. “You know, eat more of those and your ass will consume you,” I said walking up the steps into the building.

I turned one around one last time and looked at Emily. I stared at her for almost 2 minutes before having my stomach turn when I saw the uniform looking at his ass, seeing if it really was fat. “I turned around and opened the door and stepped inside.

It was so humid inside the building. It was actually a struggle for me to breathe. I focused on all the doors I was passing, waiting for someone to pop out and grab me. The more doors I passed, the hotter it got. I walked to the back of the building to look for the Boss’ body. It wasn’t there, which didn’t come to a surprise. I stepped around his desk and started looking through his drawers. In almost every picture, he was hugging a little girl. It must’ve been his daughter. His daughter looked so familiar, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I was too preoccupied on finding the Boss. I got up and opened his closed door thinking he was going to pop out and stab me. My thoughts on finding the Boss changed when I opened his closet door. Inside was a dress, almost like a prom dress, hanging inside. There were bloodstains all over. I dropped the dress when I found a lock of real hair inside the dress. I thought about Emily and what would happen if I died. She would probably start cutting again, which I didn’t want to happen. So I just said fuck it and started leaving.

I was almost going to leave his office, when the radio I dropped started making static noises. I tried fixing the antenna but it got worse. I started walking down the hallway, while the radio got clearer.

I stopped dead in my tracks when the static noise was immensely loud. “YOU’LL PAY,” screamed the voice on the radio. Out of nowhere, the Boss came out of the shadows and grabbed me and we flew out of the side window. He got up and started running. I started chasing him not caring where he was taking me. “Why did he say I would pay?” I kept thinking to myself.

I was amazed at the fact that this guy had to be in his 40’s, and he was still running at an above average speed for how fast we were going. “I’m going fucking kill you” I screamed without knowing it as I was gaining on him. He turned the corner and started heading towards the Cording County Cemetery. I kept thinking “oh great, how original, end all this in a cemetery”. He unlocked the gate and ran inside. A few minutes later, I found him in the cemetery, standing by an open grave. “Wow, your so clever” I said. “How about I walk towards you, and you kill me, how does that sound” I kept saying. He just stood there, his head lowered, but still looking at me.

“Hey Aaron”, said someone standing to the left of me, about 10 headstones away from me. “Ralph?” I said. Shouldn’t Mark be watching you?” I said. “Aaron, meet Billy Remar, or as you guys like to call him, “The Boss”. “Ralph, you were in on this?” I said. “Not really” he said. “I was more in this so I could have special benefits at the Institution. “Your friend Billy over there has a completely different reason:” he said. I looked over at the Boss; he was still standing there staring at me. “I believe you know a certain girl, by the name of Jenna?” Ralph said. “Jenna?” I said getting nervous that maybe Jenna was somehow alive. “Yes, Jenna” Ralph said. “Meet her father” he said pointing at the Boss. My stomach turned, my throat ached, and I was about to faint. “Why are past relations always haunting me “I kept telling myself.

I heard footsteps behind me and I saw Mark running towards me. “Ralph, what the fuck are you doing, running off like that?” Mark said as he entered the grave. “You found the Boss” Mark said. “Go kill him” he said. “Hey Mark,” I said. : Meet the other half of killer: I said pointing at Ralph. Mark just stood there, with his Jaw open. His shocking expression turned into an angry one. “Your Dead!” he screamed as he ran towards Ralph. At that moment, the Boss came running at me.

From that moment everything happened in slow motion. I managed to see 2 people go down out of us 4 before I closed my eyes. I was too afraid to open my eyes and see who they were. As I opened my eyes, I realized I was the only one standing. But I was facing someone I would have never suspected. Danny was right in front of me holding is bloody pocketknife. He killed the Boss. I ran over to Mark and he was lying on the ground. They shot each other I told myself. Mark must’ve grabbed a gun from one of the officers before following Ralph. “Mark” I said trying to revive him. “Aaron, I’m sorry I was mean to you,” he said to me. I started crying. “You have to do something for me” he said. “Name it” I said. “If Ralph was part of this, then the whole Soc Gang is. Make sure they’re put away for good,” he said. “You got it,” I said crying still. “Hey Danny” he said lifting up his head. “Be strong and don’t take shit from no one, especially guys like me” he said. Danny laughed a little, a tear running down face. “You got it man,” he said. Mark laid his head back on the ground, and closed his eyes. Danny and I walked back to the institute, Emily crying as she ran up and kissed me. “I thought you were dead when I saw you fly out the window” she said, “Where’s Mark and Ralph” she said again. “They didn’t make it,” I told her again. She hugged me tight and said she would never let go.

“Officers, take these guys downtown” Danny said pointing to the rest of the Soc Gang. “They were in on all these killings and we can prove it.” He said acting all tough. He came over to me and Emily, and we all hugged. “You know guys, for the first time in a while, my friend lived, and my girlfriend wasn’t a killer” I said. Then Danny looked at both Emily and me. “Now what?” “Oh, you know” I said winking at Danny. “Sick!” he said walking away. “Now where were we?” she said before she kissed me.


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