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I bear witness to my sickness


I bear witness to my sickness
The air I breath is infectious
My spoken word contagious
Hear me but keep mum
For my sanity is on the run

Wise men heed the call
Cure me of my illness
Save me from this madness
Dementia rests eternal
Inside me burns fire infernal

As my mind decays rotten
My memories fade forgotten
I linger on by a thread
Smoking barrel but no gun
Repent your sins and be done

Submitted: April 13, 2010

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I have a grandfather going through alzheimers right now, he was my first thought after reading this poem. Not sure if that's the intent or meaning, but it speaks to me that way. Sad in nature, but well done none the less.

Sat, May 22nd, 2010 9:13pm


My thoughts go to your grandfather :)
All my poems have some kind of back story to them but are left for interpretation by the reader. I'm glad that it speaks to you in some way whether I meant it to or not :)
TYVM for the comment.

Sat, May 22nd, 2010 3:08pm

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