Sweet Dreams

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Olive La Brash's life has tooken a unwanted turn when she becomes an orphan and has to stay with a horrible orphanage with a beastly warden all has been destroyed for her until she found a pillow that reads "Sweet Dreams"

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



My name is Olive Labrash. I had a good family; a dad, a baby brother, and a mom/BFF.  I realized your whole future can change within a minute. They said they wouldn’t be long at the store, but after hours of waiting on my little, wooden chair 6 p.m. turned into 7 p.m. which then turned into 10 p.m. and no family.  I waited by the red telephone. Its trilling caused a disturbance in my worries.  I heard a formal yet sad voice saying; “I am sorry to inform you Miss Labrash, but your family has died in a car accident.  The police have sent a car to take you to the adoption agency. Goodbye.”

A salty tear ran down my pale skin like a raindrop on a window; slowly but still moving. This doesn’t happen to thirteen year olds, or anybody. I started to sniffle and snort until my sapphire eyes went blind with tears. My heart felt as if someone stuck a knife in me. But I had to get ready to move out of our old broken house. In the winter the cold air would come to my room through a hole the size of a soccer ball. When it was really cold I would get frost bite, but I learned to wear socks all the time in winter. I got up to my chilled room to throw on my ragged bell bottom jeans and my plaid shirt. The doorbell rang echoing in my ears. This was the last I would ever see this place and I finished packing a few things and threw on my cotton sweater. Before I left forever, I took the family portrait to always have and remember.  When I opened the door I was surprised to see a police officer offering a warm hug. I took it because I wanted someone, and NEEDED someone.  He was a husky man with little to no hair on his head, but a thick mustache laid across his red lips. ‘You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah I guess.” I said sounding unsure of myself.

He gave me a smile saying you don’t need to lie about this. But he respected my privacy and headed towards his police car.  I followed him like a puppy and got in holding back my tears and sniffling. The ride was silent, but silence was what I needed so I could think about my new, miserable life. After thirty minutes we finally arrived at an old, worn down adoption residence. He got my bag and walked towards the door.

We had to wait what seemed like two hours in the cool fall air, but out came a slim, tall, wrinkled old women with a professional blouse and cardigan and a knee length skirt. She had a ballerina like posture but puckered up lips. Her dry lips opened and she hissed;

“What is your name?”

“Olive ,Olive Labrash.” I responded.

She gave me a sharp look with her hazel eyes as if she was saying follow my rules and you’ll be safe. A chill went up my spine. I noticed the officer moving away slowly until he reached the police car. This day is turning into a nightmare. I wanted to hug my mom so badly right now that it hurt. I walked into this spooky house. Dark wooden floors covered the whole level matched by navy blue walls.  As  I walked in a giant creak sounded in the floors, almost as if they were was about to break. The door slammed shut.

The woman looked like she couldn’t smile with her lips pursed together so tightly.

“Rule #1 : ALWAYS call me Miss. Pepper, never anything else.”

A big gulp went down my throat saying in my head, “Why didn’t I die too?”

“Rule #2: Do all of your chores and some of mine.” she cackled. “And rule #3: Never EVER be bold or question me! Now go to your room!” Miss. Pepper shouted.

I scurried up to the room with the open door.  There was one other girl there too.  She sat on one of the twelve uncomfortable looking beds with her dirty white night gown. Her long luscious milk chocolate locks lay on her gown and snaked across her creamy brown skin. She was beautiful but her eyes were so strange. They were pearl white with a sparkle almost as if God gave her two white stars for eyes.

I finally got the nerve to say,“Hi, I’m Olive.”

She didn’t say anything, but she got up from the disheveled bed and started to walk towards the shattered window. WHAT WAS SHE DOING! I had to stop her. “What are you doing? Stop that!”, I demanded.

But it was no use, she kept gently walking to it without making a sound. I ran towards her to stop her but then all I saw was her hair trailing behind her out the window. I zoomed to the window to see her fall, but when I looked down I saw nothing, no blood, no body.  Where did she go? I was heading towards Miss Pepper to tell her a girl had run away.  But then, something caught my eye; a white pillow about the size of a textbook reading “Sweet Dreams” laying on the bed. I inspected the object but there was no name or anything on the pillow.  I decided to change into PJ’s and call it a night.  A lot happened tonight, more than I could handle in one day.

That night I had a very heartwarming dream. It was I in a meadow in my favourite season, fall. My long amber hair whipped in the wind like it was a leaf.  Three shadows appeared. I started to think it was a nightmare, but it was my family. The whole night we sang, laughed and danced.  But the craziest thing was the pillow was there, lying on the emerald grass.

I woke up to all these other girls, all in the gowns and all asleep. I decided to fall asleep again but this time I put the pillow on the dresser and no amazing dreams. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to finish the dream.

When we all woke up I started to ask around about this mysterious girl. Who was she, where did she come from? Is she okay? Nobody knew who I was talking about and they were wondering if I was okay. I started to question myself.  Was this girl just a dream? I decided to drop it. Nobody would believe me including myself.

At 8:00am we all crept down the stairs, and walked to the dining hall where we were served breakfast.  The oatmeal was tasteless and the milk tasted warm.  I met some of my roommates.  One of them I was very fond of.  She was named Alice Kelly. She had hair that looked like a touch of the sunshine had touched her head.  Her copper eyes set off her lightly toasted skin.  She seemed to be my only real friend here. 

The matron walked in with her usual sour look. Her hazel eyes started to shout at me to go over there. I walked with deep concern that she was going to make me cry.

“Olive, why didn’t you make your bed when you woke up?” she questioned.

“I..I didn’t know we had to make are beds.” I quietly stuttered.

She was very terse when she said,

“Do it NOW!”

I could taste salty water of my tears when I was on my way upstairs. Life has been so cruel to me. What was God thinking putting a friendly Canadian girl in an unlucky life? It was almost as if he was punishing me for being good.  That night I felt so cross; I needed to find a way to go back to the land of milk and honey of my dreams.  So I kept grabbing the pillow. 

I was using my “Sweet Dreams” pillow every night now.  And speaking with Alice seem to heal my heart’s wound and ease my life; although I still had to deal with the warden who constantly found errors in my work around the house.  Nobody else would have this problem. I was so frustrated about this page in my life. Finally I went to the matron’s office and talked to her so she could stop bullying me. I opened the door while knocking it. To my surprise I found Miss Pepper sobbing.  When she realized I was there she wiped her tears away and dried her dark wrinkly bags as if nothing happened.

“Miss Pepper, are you okay?” I asked with utter curiosity.

“Yes you little rat, I’m fine!” she shouted, still sounding sad and pointing to the door.

I was heading out to the door, but then she kept bawling her eyes out. I felt obligated to just ask her what was going on.

“Miss  Pepper, are you okay?” I said not sure if I would get in trouble.

“No, I’m not, my sister has died!” She sobbed.

My body started to move without thinking and I offered her a hug. To my surprise she got up, shuffled on the floor, and took my hug. We stood there for a minute just hugging in silence, but I had a feeling that silence is what she wanted. I told her about my family’s death and how I know how it feels to lose somebody that was close to you. I also told her that I felt so miserable here especially with her being very terse with me all the time. Miss Pepper apologized for her actions and explained how she too had misfortunate events happen to her that caused her to be somewhat grumpy. When I left her office I thought for the first time in a long time she smiled with sparkling eyes. I felt as if a giant anchor had been  lifted off of my shoulders. Now it was just about dealing with two things: who will adopt me and what was that mysterious girl in the bedroom doing.

Even though my life was getting better, I still liked to use the pillow.  It was almost like having a piece of delicious candy every day, it might only last for so long but it’s something to look forward to everyday. Tonight’s dream was different. Instead of seeing the usual three shadows, I saw two unfamiliar shadows. It was a slim tall women with blonde tight curls that met her collarbone and a very friendly looking man with  raven black hair. He had a aura of a very warm man. They stood there 10 meters away from me just smiling. I was confused. Who were these people? Why were they not talking? The girl who jumped out the window somehow appeared out of thin air. She smiled and started to walk over to me and talk to me.

“Olive, do you like your pillow?” she asked cheerfully.

“Umm , what do you mean? I thought that was your pillow and why did you jump out that window? And why does nobody else know you?” I asked.

“Because Olive, I’m your guardian angel. I created this dream world so you have something to have that had happiness in it.  You don’t think I would let everyone see me ? That would totally destroy my secret.” She told it to me like it was as easy as two plus two.

“Now wake up, because that happy couple is going to adopt you, but don’t worry I’ll always be watching.” she beamed.

I still had so many questions but I did as  I was told. I decided not to tell Alice because I knew she wouldn’t believe me.  I trusted myself , that’s all I needed.

The angel was right, the same couple I had seen in my dream came in and wanted me to be their child. Miss Pepper asked me nicely (finally) to pack my things while the Wilsons sign the adoption papers. I dashed up the stairs and packed my stuff. I left the pillow on the bed. I felt as if I no longer needed it.  I felt as if everything had been answered about the horrible episode of my life. No more misery for me anymore.

 A friendly voice called me to come down the stairs. I was now Olive Wilson. They drove a nice Subaru and they opened the car door for me. They got in and the man started to drive off into the sunset.

“Hey Martha, this looks like a great day for getting our new life in order,” he said .  We drove into a brand new house that was in the forest which was covered with beautiful red, orange, yellow trees.

“I think you’re incredibly right Sean!” Martha said joyfully.

Life is not fair all the time. Life can throw lemons at you, but with a bit of time and sweetness you can make the best lemonade in the world.


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