Lost In Reality.pt.1

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I was bored lol, and what do i do when im bored?

Jesse is spending the summer at her grandmas because her parents are going on a couples retreat. They lost all trust in Jesse a long time ago, and they resort to sending her to the only place they know she will behave.

Submitted: August 08, 2010

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Submitted: August 08, 2010



My name is Jesse, I am fifteen, well almost sixteen, only two weeks. I am not the average fifteen year old; I don’t look like all the other catty bitched who walk down the halls of my school. I don’t dress like them, I wear shorts that cover my ass, shirts that cover my tits, makeup that doesn’t make me look like a drag queen. I don’t get fake tans, I don’t wear fake hair, I don’t have fake nails, or fake eye lashes, or fake friends. Well, really I only have three friends, but honestly who needs more then that? There’s Boo, her real name is Adina, but she has the tendency so scare people so we call her Boo. She only wears black pants, never shorts. She has about a million pairs of converse, and a million band tees that say Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Dance Gavin Dance, Silverstein, Avenged Sevenfold, you get what I mean. Last but not least there is Evan, hes hot and I’m not afraid to tell him that, I hear girls all day in class talking about him. Hes not that typical hottie, captain of the football team, plays all the girls like they are cards. No, he has never had a girlfriend, his favourite sport is water polo and he doesn’t have that many friends, but more than me of course. My parents are, annoying. They are very lovey dovey and my friends think that’s great, most parents now a days are divorced. Yet I still manage to barf in my mouth every time I hear them making out.


The thing I think I am going to miss most about this summer is not seeing my friends, my parents are sending my to my grandmas. She lives in a small town, the biggest brand name store they have is La Senza. Pathetic? Yes. My grandma lives on the beach, which is nice, unfortunately its ocean water which I am terrified of. My grandpa died a couple years back so my grandma has been lonely and she is very excited I am visiting, but honestly I don’t know how its going to be. My grandma is in her mid eighties and she’s losing her memory and hearing and its very hard to have a conversation with her. I’m sure I will find something to do up there while I am bored out of my mind.


I set my ass down on my mom’s bed and began watching her pack clothes for her trip. She says a couple’s retreat is for couples and not their whiney children, I’m guessing the whiney child is me considering I have no siblings. She pulled skimpy dresses out of her closet, folded them neatly and them set them in her huge suitcase.


“Mom, is it necessary that you send me to grandmas? Can I not stay at Boo’s place, actually no, why can’t I stay home?” My statement started calm and end harsh and frustrated.


“You know why.” She replied like any mother would when they had absolutely no reason.


“No actually I don’t, please elaborate.” I say clearly putting me in first place.


“What do you mean you don’t know!? I am not having this discussion with you right now.” She pushed me into second, but I am not the kind if teenage who lets people push her around, and I will not loose this argument.


“What would be a good time for you then?”


“Once we have left and you are at Grammies.” The way she said Grammies made it sound nice but her tone was sarcastic and frustrated.


“Too bad. I want to know why.”


“Because, there were many nights I lay awake wondering where you are, and I call your cell phone millions of times but you don’t answer. A week later you will just show up back at home and when we asked what happened you say you ‘don’t wanna talk about it.’ What do you expect Jes?”


“I expect you to understand and make me feel comfortable coming home. But if this is how you feel I may just not come home.” I storm out of the room before she can relpy, I knew I had to bolt. I saw a tear forming in her eye and I knew if it fell I was screwed.


So idk how i feel about this yet, i just wrote it in like thirty minutes so ya. If you like it great and please feel free to give me negative feed back, i would love to learn from it. :)

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