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Im not done my novel.
Im not even close to being done.
Here is a little taste of it so far.
Pretty much my story is a love triangle, like every other story out there lol. idk wth to say about it. just read =]

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



No one is home so I throw off my bathing suit at the door, walk to the kitchen, grab a granola bar and go for a shower. When I get out and dry off I grab the phone and text Liam: “Hey, wanna hang out today?” I stick my phone in my bra and go downstairs to watch some TV. Finaly my phone beeps after a couple hours of me waiting for him. I open my phone and am surprised to see he wasn’t the one who texted me, it was Erin.

Erin: “could you meet me at the beach in 5 mins please, its important” I turn off the TV and run upstairs, put some make-up on, brush my hair and teeth and leave. The sun has just set, the sky is a bluish grey and the clouds slowly creep in, there is very few people at the beach. I cant see Erin anywhere so I lay down facing the sky, counting each breath and listening to the laughter of teens.


I hear foot prints of someone walking close to me, I look to see just the silhouette of someone, a man. I immediately know who it is.


“Fancy seeing you here.” I say surprised Liam is the one walking here, instead of Erin. He sits down beside me and kisses my cheek, he puts his arm around by back and pulls me closer to him.


“Do you need to be anywhere tomorrow?” He asks, whispering in my ear so quietly it takes me a second to understand what he said.


“Nope, not that I know of. Why, what are u thinking?”


“Surprise.” He says and takes my hand in his as we walk along the waters edge. We walk in silence for probably ten minutes before he starts the conversation. “What did you do today?”


“Erin and I went to the beach and met these guys that she is into.”


“Do you like them?” He asks shyly.


“Well I don’t know them, they seem nice but if you mean LIKE like them, then no. I love you.” I look up and see him smile. “So, where are we going?”


“It’s a surprise.” He pulls a bandana out of his back pocket, folds it then places it gently around my eye; he olds my hand and directs me. My feet stop kicking sand everywhere and start pounding along the hard asphalt. We walk in a hurry, rushed and out of breath, unable to keep a conversation going. This wasn’t exactly the romantic evening it seemed like it would be. We walked for so long my feet hurt, my flip flops had been worn down and I was sweating. Great.


The sound of cars went flying by my ears as if they were inches from me. I could clearly hear the beat up old cars and the nice new Ferraris. Slowly the sounds diluted and faded was we slowed down and started walking at a normal pace. I am such a complainer, I always tell Liam when I am cold, or hungry and I wont stop until and I am fed. But tonight I held in all my complaints, I am hungry, sweaty, out of breath, tired, soar and anything else that comes with speed walking in shorts and flip flops. Yet for some reason, tonight feels different and I cant ruin it with my complaints.


“Okay, I am going to pick you up and you are going to grab onto a ladder, climb up it and when u get to the top stop.”

“Climb a ladder!?”


“Chanel, please trust me. I really want to do this and I think you will enjoy it but you have to climb a ladder.




“Blindfolded.” He hoists me up and I grab onto the ladder, pull my feet up and continue climbing. I would normaly be saying to myself ‘don’t look down, don’t look down,’ but obviously that wouldn’t help me what so ever. I climbed very slowely and cautiously.


“Babe?” I yell loudly so no matter how far he is he can here me.


“Don’t worry, I got you.” He says, he must only be a couple bars behind me. Finally I reach the top and stop, holding onto the bars with all my strength.


“I’m scared.”


“Don’t be, just jump up over the ledge at the top of the ladder, everything will be fine. I feel around till I find the edge of the panel across from me, I hold tight and hoist my body up and pull myself over. I pull so hard and fall past the edge, hitting the ground/bottom with my hip.


“Owch! Jesus, you didn’t think to tell me I would fall?”


“I cant really understand what your saying just a second.” Liams voice sounds faint, like there is a wall guarding his voice from reaching me.


I hear a thud, then his hands are under my legs and back. He lifts me up, walks a little and then puts me on the feet. “Ready?” He whispers in my ear. His hands slide from my hips, up my sides to my neck and then he unties the bandana. Once I feel the bandana slip off I open my eyes.


“I have never seen the city like this.” The lights of the bridge glisten, car lights fly by and all the skyscrapers are lit up like candles. He stands behind me, puts his hands around me and rests his head on my shoulder. “I love you.”


“I love you too.” I turn around to kiss him, our lips moving together, we were made for each other and nothing is going to change that.


We sat on the rooftop for probably hours, I don’t even know what we talked about, random stuff. I love, love, love Liam but, I don’t know, its just, ugh, its hard to talk to him about personal stuff. Hes a guy, who is more interested in the size of his biceps then the drama and bitches I have to deal with daily. I understand hes a guy and, girl drama isn’t his idea of a good conversation but gossip is the best conversation for a girl. With him we talk about our futures, where we wanna go, who we wanna me and all that stuff. We talk about our dreams and our memories but we never talk about the present, what’s happening right now. Maybe that’s because I don’t want to tell him stuff about the present, maybe its to important for people to know right now?






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