Forgetting Never Soothes

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This empty soul... what it´s like. (Bear with me, this one´s kinda long...)

Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008



This empty soul
That I call my own
This one that wants to be free.
The one that wants to
Leave the ground and grow wings.

This empty soul
That wants to feel
But in denial rejected his love
And after a time
Forgot it all

This empty soul
That burns like a brand
forgetting never soothes the pain
Its hanging there
Just out of reach, again.

This empty soul
It´s froze like ice
Fears the tear that´d melt its core
It fears because
It´s happened before

This empty soul
That shakes in fear
Scared, alone, and in the dark
Secretly longing for
Some infintesimal spark

This empty soul
That yearns to climb
Higher than the mountain peaks
But fears the wind
Bars what it seeks

This empty soul
That wants to leap
Off the cliff of broken dreams
But fears the world
Will hear its screams

This empty soul
That wants to lie
Alone in its insanity
But fears the end in
Beguiled humanity.


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