Resisting Phantoms

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Phantoms, blood-red eyes... what more to say? Read it if you will...

Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008



Wonder now, in forest dark,
Devoid of life, of any spark;
It lulls, its calm bewitching hymn
Has brought to end many sure men

Hear the note, the marvelous tune
Forever never felt so soon
Reach out to touch what´s never there
See the beauty - stop and stare

Jet black tresses, lips tinted wine
Porcelane skin was never so fine,
Grasping hands of fragile power
Complete perfection, a delicate flower.

Lilting voice, yet strangely rich,
Hitting just the perfect pitch,
Haunting eyes, a deep blood hue
Hypnosis plays its illusions true

Lay down child, rest a while
The chill mirage whispers with a smile
Forget forever, where you came from
In frosty warmth your mind will numb

Brutal innocence takes its toll
Feel the pull within your soul
Dream on, it shant work to resist
The illusion that enver did exist

The silent lust deep in those eyes
Those hands grasping for your demise
Bewtiching beauty, those eyes so red...
Run child, run! She wants you dead.

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