A Journey Through The Basement

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Based off a video game - Written for a highschool grade writing portfolio.

Dear Isaac,


When mother starts to scare you

and you feel there's no escape

just jump into the cellar

because there you won't be hurt


But she keeps haunting you

sending her demons after you

chasing you through the dark basement

picking up speed


But they keep getting stronger

and you cannot fight anymore

you go a bit deeper

into the catacombs


Here you seem safer

but that security dissipates

when you go into the next room

and the monsters keep on chasing


You fight with your feelings

getting stronger every floor

you seem to be less afraid

as the caves pass you by


It gets darker as you run

the depths make you shake

they seem to get sadder




and you just get range upgrades


When this necropolis becomes never-ending

and you cannot take it anymore

you can work up the courage

to face your mother


And when you finally do

you travel into the womb

but her enemies keep improving

but your confidence has never been so high




You fly through the utero

getting more confident as you go on

you go right into your mothers heart

and take one final punch


Now you have to choose

to heaven


to hell



If you go to heaven

there you will face yourself

your demons follow you through the cathedral

but maybe you'll improve your stats


After you face yourself

you will go into the chest

and you'll get four





But there you'll face blue baby

who's much stronger than you are

if you succeed in this battle

mother will start to care


If you go to hell

Sheol will certainly welcome you

Satan's never been so happy

to have someone fight his battles


But of course you must fight him

for your demons keep your trail

they tell you to kill Satan

or they will kill you


Keep on fighting your way

through all of Satan's phases

and once you become the lord of hell

you'll move on over to the dark room


You don't get new toys here

but maybe you'll meet Guppy

and he'll help you

in your quest



Down here the lord is the lamb

but you don't really care

you're the most powerful

of them all



So bring on any fight

Mega Satan stands no chance

against the frightening




And Isaac, I know

Sometimes it gets so hard

you just want to die


But trust me when I say

a victory is not built

from the first floor


If you keep on fighting

and you keep on believing

and you keep on improving

and you keep on living


You will come out with a beautifully satisfying win streak.

Keep on going, Isaac.

We're all rooting for you.

Submitted: September 22, 2015

© Copyright 2022 FleurDesrosiers. All rights reserved.

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