Ramsey 3

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The next in the series.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



Chapter 1
Shopping Spree
Ramsey and the Dirty Paw were behind the Grocery Store, making final arrangements. Dowwle was going to take a few dogs down the lane into the Meat Department. Ramsey was going to take a few dogs from across town into the Dairy Section. Howdy and a few dogs were going to cause chaos in the Snacks Isle, and Schnapps was going to wreak havoc in the Desert Department. All the dogs were there, behind their guides. “Ready…set…GO!” shouted Dowwle.
The dogs ran in. At first the customers were perplexed, but then when they saw what the dogs were doing, they started yelling and running. Dowwle took the dogs into the Meat Department, and trashed up the place. They jumped on the shelves and knocked off all the dried meat that was stacked into neat piles. They got into the raw meat and messed it all up, eating a lot of it. The worker was yelling, but a flying piece of steak in the face silenced him.
Ramsey was in the Dairy Section, and having lots of fun. He got into the milk cartons and the hall was flooded with milk in about 30 seconds. They ripped apart the cheese, and knocked it all onto the floor. The yogurt was a different story. It was splattered all over the walls and the customers and workers who dared approach with a broom or a purse.
Howdy, who was in the Snacks Isle, was sowing mayhem. Chips, soda, Gatorade, and all sorts of other things were all over the floor. The chip bags, so neatly stacked with care, were now on the floor, popped, ripped to shreds, and their crushed contents on the floor and in the mouths of Howdy’s hungry group. The soda that was on the floor wasn’t helping matters. It was increasing the chaos. It was giving the dogs a sugar rush.
Schnapps was in the Desert Department, was having the time of his life. The ice cream was on the floor and all churned up in disgusting colors. The cake mix was all over the floor, the chocolate was all over the floor. It was chaos. The dogs now started racing through the store and barking happily, occasionally pilfering some stuff from the ground.
The manager came out and cried out in shock. His grocery store was a mess. He saw the dogs running around and reached for his cell phone. Ramsey knew what he was going to do before he did it. He ran at the manager, pushed his legs, and the manager slipped in some melted ice cream, but not before he shouted, “Richard, get over here ASAP! We’ve got a ton of-”
“RUN!” shouted Ramsey. Richard banged the door open and stomped in. He yelled and chased after the dogs. He knew exactly who was responsible for this…
Chapter 2
Ramsey looked at Dowwle, and said, “Now!” Dowwle barked three times and Schnapps jumped out of nowhere, but he wasn’t as lucky. Richard dodged him, and before Schnapps could get up and attack, a black mass hurled through the air and hit Richard square in the face. He did not get up, so the dogs ran away. When they rounded a corner, they saw the thing that had saved Ramsey.
It was a schnauzer, not white like Schnapps, but it was pure black. The schnauzer said, “Hey guys. I’m Cocoa. I saw that guy chasing you, and I decided to help.” Cocoa sounded like a female. “Thanks a million, Cocoa, I owe you one!” said Ramsey.
Then the oddest thing happened. Instead of looking back at Ramsey and saying you’re welcome, she looked at Schnapps and said, “Schnapps, is that you?” Schnapps looked at Cocoa in amazement, and said, “Yeah. Is that really you, Cocoa?” “Is this your group?” Cocoa asked. Without thinking about Dowwle or Ramsey or even Howdy, he said, “Of course it’s my group!” “Wow, can I join?” asked Cocoa eagerly. Howdy growled. “Yeah sure, of course you can join!”  Schnapps said. Howdy thought, I have a bad feeling about this…
Chapter 3
Hard to Keep a Secret
Now that Schnapps was reunited with his old friend, he had started to do everything with Cocoa. They were the perfect team, doing everything five times better than anyone else would have anticipated. They shared food, water, the old pillow Schnapps had found a while back, they shared everything. They played tug-of-war with the bit of rope that they had taken from a factory, they shared bones, and they did everything together.
But Howdy was growing more jealous each day. She respected Cocoa for saving Ramsey, but she resented that Cocoa was taking up all the relationship that she and Schnapps had shared. Every time she saw them playing or doing whatever they did together, she growled and stalked away, and Schnapps wouldn’t pay any attention to her, which hurt her even more.
Eventually, she grew to hate Cocoa. She wanted her to leave, and eventually stopped coming on their evening raids. Instead of coming, she sat in her bed for 2 days straight, imagining on how to get Cocoa out of the group. Finally she had a solution. True, the others would think it was cruel, and that she was being ungrateful, but her personal battle with Cocoa had just gotten personal.
She went up to Schnapps, who was predictably playing with Cocoa, and she asked, “Hey Schnapps, you wanna play tug-of-war?” Schnapps said, “Sorry, it’s a two person game, and I’m already playing with Cocoa.” Howdy snapped. “Well, maybe Cocoa would like to know that you’re not the leader of the Dirty Paw! Dowwle and Ramsey are the leaders and they are fifteen times smarter than you! All you do is eat and complain and sleep! You don’t deserve the leadership of the Dirty Paw; you don’t even deserve to be in the Club!” Schnapps retaliated by saying back, “At least I’m not jealous of my best friend’s friend!” Howdy screamed back, “All right then, why don’t you leave with your girlfriend! Go back to the dump where you belong, and take your precious little friend with you!”
Cocoa had a shocked look on her face. “Is that true, Schnapps? What she just said” “Cocoa…are you okay?” asked Schnapps. Cocoa ran away, her tail between her legs, whimpering. Schnapps glared at Howdy, and asked, “What did you do that for?!” Howdy didn’t answer, but she looked satisfied with herself. Schnapps growled, and ran away. Good riddance, Howdy thought to herself.
Chapter 4
Schnapps was in a rage. He wandered around in search of Cocoa, to apologize for lying, and plead that she rejoin the Dirty Paw. He looked everywhere around the city, and he had to be careful of Richard, because he was patrolling the city at day. Schnapps could only search by night. He looked everywhere Cocoa might be: Behind the Grocery Store (Which was under rehabilitation, and Schnapps had to be especially careful around that area, for Richard was patrolling the Grocery Store with a tazer. He also searched around the Kennel, in hope that Cocoa had sought lodging there, but it was for naught, for she wasn’t there. He looked around Petco, hoping that she had wanted to be adopted, and he even looked around the Adoption Center, but she wasn’t there.
At last he had to give up. She was nowhere to be found. He must’ve combed the city 10 times before he had been forced to give up. He heard a whimpering noise, and he ran to it, hoping it was Cocoa. It wasn’t. It was a dachshund. It was tiny; it had smooth, blackish tan colored hair, and was clearly homeless. The dachshund looked at Schnapps, and gave him a look that clearly said, “Help me…” Schnapps guessed it was male, and he sniffed him. He asked, “What is your name?” “Valdez.” replied the dachshund. It whimpered and said, “I need help. My family abandoned me just after I was born. I’m forced to live off rats, garbage, and other stuff that comes through here. Occasional handouts, but I need a home. Can you help me?” Schnapps looked at him with wonder. A poor defenseless puppy had survived in the city living off of naught but trash. He took pity on him and said,
“I cannot help you find a family to take you in, but I can be your friend. You must be a good fighter of you can catch rats. I used to have some friends, who formed a group called the Dirty Paw. They’ve always wanted a dachshund in their group. Perhaps they’ll take you in. But I’ll have to bring them here; you’re too weak to go on the streets, especially with Richard around. You know who Richard is, right?” “Yes.” replied Valdez. “He was the monster who drove away my parents and siblings when I had just been born.” “I’ll go bring them. Stay out of trouble.” Schnapps said, and bounded away.
Chapter 5
Sniffing a Trail
Where’d he go? thought Ramsey for the thousandth time. A few weeks ago, Schnapps and Cocoa had disappeared. Nobody knew where they’d gone, it was likely that they’d gone off together; they were inseparable. As soon as Schnapps and Cocoa had left, Howdy ran back saying, “They ran off! I couldn’t do anything about it!” Since then, the Dirty Paw hadn’t been going on their nighttime raids. They couldn’t do it without Schnapps. He was he reason they had gotten away with every single raid. About a week ago, they had been forced to accept that Schnapps and Cocoa had been taken captive by Richard, and were now dead, because he was still thudding around with that belt of green needles they had so narrowly escaped about 5 weeks ago when they had escaped the Pound. Ramsey had no desire to repeat the experience, but the alternative was either to let Schnapps and Cocoa die at the hands of Richard, or to raid the Pound. To do that, they had to find a member who was equal to Schnapps and train him or her.
Dowwle came up to Ramsey and said, “I don’t think we have a choice, Ramsey. We’re going to have to risk capture, and find out where Schnapps went and Cocoa went.” Ramsey jerked out of his reverie. For the first time in his life, he was afraid of the streets. “Wait a minute…” Ramsey said. He had just smelled something. He smelled Cocoa. He followed it. When he got to where it was strongest, he smelled until his nostrils were full. He let of back out. He sniffed again. A thought just occurred to him. “Schnapps and Cocoa split up. Schnapps knows that he needs to keep to the shadows, but Cocoa…” A horrible thought just occurred to him. “Richard’s got Cocoa! Schnapps is still out there! We need Schnapps to rescue Cocoa; we have to find him straight away!”
Ramsey, Howdy, and Dowwle now had a new priority; to find Schnapps and rescue Cocoa from Richard. Ramsey and the others started scouting out. They stopped by the Grocery Store (newly refurnished), but Schnapps was nowhere to be seen. They ran over to the Dog Hotel, but he wasn’t there either. They stopped by the Kennel, Petco, even the Adoption Center, but still, he was nowhere to be seen. They were frustrated. Had he gone out of the city?
A week later, they were almost forced to give up, when they reached an old shack, some of the roof had caved in, but they could here a slight whimpering coming from it. They edged towards it, thinking it might be Schnapps. It wasn’t. It was a dachshund. It whispered to Ramsey, “Who are you”? Ramsey responded, “My name is Ramsey. Have you seen a white schnauzer come by here?” Yeah…” said the dachshund. “He was the one who found me. He said he would go back to his group to find his gang called the D-d-d, I can’t remember it. Do you know him?” “Yes,  Ramsey said. We are called the Dirty Paw. We can’t find him. We need him to help us rescue a fellow member and a friend. Could you help us? Do you want to join?” Yeah, okay. I think you need to know my name though. The name’s Valdez.” said the dachshund. Valdez Ramsey thought, rolling the word around. “Welcome to the Dirty Paw.”
Chapter 6
Discord on Greater Levels
Howdy was walking along the sidewalk when she saw an apple. She ran over. Since she thought it was one of Richards’s ideas of a clever dog trap, she pretended to walk right past it, but grabbed it, then ran full pelt into the alley. She skidded to a halt, then started to devour the apple. It was great. It was definitely a trap. No wonder the apple was so good. But then, a white shadow sprang out of the darkness, so quick, Howdy didn’t even see it coming. She knew now what the apple was for. She knew exactly what and whose maneuver that was.
Schnapps slashed at Howdy’s face. He missed, but Howdy heard his claws whistle through the air. She turned and tackled Schnapps. She bit, clawed, slashed, and twirled, all leading to a more complex maneuver, but it was no avail, for it was Schnapps who had helped her with that maneuver. Nevertheless, she never quit. That’s what the Dirty Paw admired about her. She never gave up. Now to show this hairball how a real dog fights! she thought. She got up onto her hind legs, and started slashing with her paws. When that did not work, she got onto her front legs and kicked with all her might. Schnapps, as he was the fastest, dodged it, but he caught the brunt of the blow, which sent him crashing to the ground. Growling, he got up and attacked again, grabbing her in the throat, and tightening his grip. She started to choke.
Thankfully, the Dirty Paw came up and as one, Ramsey, Dowwle, and Valdez all shouted, “ENOUGH!” Howdy and Schnapps slowly backed away from each other, growling. Dowwle stepped forward, and said clearly, “Because you two were caught fighting like you were starving rats, you are hereby expelled from the Dirty Paw!” “WHAT?!” Schnapps and Howdy shouted in unison. “Schnapps was the one who attacked me!” Howdy yelled. “Oh, but why don’t you tell the truth about how Cocoa left!” Schnapps snarled nastily. “You were the one who drove her away because of your lies!” shouted Howdy, who seemed to be pouncing on Schnapps again, ripping out his throat. “And you were the one who divulged it, because you were the one who was so jealous of your best friend’s friend!” Schnapps responded in a rage. “It doesn’t matter! You are both expelled! If you don’t have anything to say nice to each other in front of us, then leave NOW!” Dowwle shouted at the top of his lungs. Schnapps and Howdy ran away, their last words to Dowwle were, “Then you can eat our entrails for all we care. The Dirty Paw was the only thing worth living for.”
Chapter 7
The Training of Valdez
“Get up, Valdez! Get up! Time to start training!” Ramsey said to Valdez. He got out of his little dog bed, and stood in front of Ramsey. Ramsey admired Valdez. He was the slyest he had ever seen, slyer even than Dowwle, who had saved their lives during their brief spell in the Pound, slyer than Schnapps, who had helped them escape the Pound… No. He had to stop thinking about that. It was only making his job harder.
“We’re going to raid a small house. We need you to go in first and make sure that the inhabitants are out of the way. Only then can we start raiding the house for supplies. It is your training. If you fail, you’re going to be abducted by Richard, because this is not a drill. We need supplies, and the family we’re raiding is going to call Richard. Got all that, Valdez?” Valdez thought for a moment. He was scared, it was his first raid after all, but the chances of being caught were kind of slim. He was very sneaky. It was he who had found the Dirty Paw’s stash of supplies, and they couldn’t find him for about an hour. Even so, he was nervous. It was a raid, and potentially dangerous. A million things had to go right, and the Dirty Paw had rarely failed in raids. Would he fit in, or would he screw it all?
“Yes. I’ve got all that. I’m nervous, but I’m confident we will succeed in this raid. When do we begin?” “We start in about five minutes. I don’t exactly know where it is, but I’m confident that we can do this raid without major incident.” Ramsey ran over to Dowwle. He wanted to know himself where they were going to raid. “Where are we going to raid? I know it’s a few block away, but apart from that, I don’t know everything.” Dowwle turned to Ramsey, a grin on his young face. “Feel like a little revenge?” Ramsey stared, perplexed. He didn’t know what was going on, unless…
“Remember that mad old lady you ran away from about a year ago, before you met me? Remember Helga? We’re going to raid her house, she’s got a new house, and it’s loaded with food. Not the junky, 60 year-old foods you described, but good stuff; really good stuff, like hot dogs, beef jerky, bread and peanut butter, chips, all sorts of stuff; enough to feed an army, certainly enough to feed a couple of homeless dogs for a few months. What do you think?”  
Ramsey, for the first time in a long time, was scared. He hated it at Helga’s house; she was bound to be still hunting Ramsey. He had escaped her house twice the previous year, and having done so, earned another enemy. He had lots of enemies, but he stayed out of sight. “I don’t like it, but we haven’t lost a raid in a long time, so I’m feeling a little confident about it. Plus, we’re low on supplies, so we can’t pass up on this opportunity. I’m in. Let’s go!” Dowwle smiled. Ramsey knew that look. He had seen it many times; the look that got them into so much danger, but the look that said that they were going to have a great time, and success.
Chapter 8
The Raid
Ramsey’s gut was clenched. If the raid succeeded, they would get a lot of food. If it didn’t, they were all captured or dead. Still, they couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they couldn’t miss it. Valdez ran up to Ramsey and asked him, “Do you know where we’re going to raid? Will it be easy?” Ramsey looked at Valdez critically and responded, “It won’t be easy, but then again, we’ve never failed a raid in a long time. We’re going to raid an old lady’s house, and it’s stocked with food.” “Excellent!” shouted Valdez. Ramsey, Dowwle, and Valdez turned and quietly walked into shadows of the alleyway.
Ramsey looked at Dowwle. His eyes narrowed, and he nodded. Ramsey looked over at Valdez and nodded. Ramsey gazed at the house that was Helga’s. It looked totally different. It was two stories high and was about twice as wide as the last one. Dowwle ran forward and circled towards the trash cans. Ramsey was familiar with this move of his. Valdez shot forward and started to try to jump up onto the balcony, which was easy because of the pile of logs sitting right beside it. Ramsey ran towards the front porch and hid under it.
A resounding crash made him smile; Dowwle had knocked over the trash cans, and sure enough, footsteps sounded above Ramsey and an all-too familiar voice sounded above him. “It’s not that windy, how did the trash cans get knocked over?” Ramsey winced, and smiled. The voice was the exact same as he remembered it, like a badly tuned radio. Because my brother just knocked them over, you foul old raisin, Ramsey thought with relish. As he thought she would, she left the door open. Ramsey checked that the coast was clear, and he darted forward, speeding into the kitchen. There was a footstool next to the counter. That was exactly what Ramsey needed. He hopped up onto the stool and onto the counter, and there was big bag of Beef Jerky. Ramsey’s mouth started to water just looking at it. He snatched it up, and walked it over to Valdez with the basket. “This looks like it will last us a while,” Ramsey told Valdez as Valdez looked at it with a wide-eyed rapture.
Ramsey ran back and tore open the fridge door. A pack of raw ground beef fell out. Ramsey was starting to think that Helga had it all. He ran up to Valdez and tossed to him, and ran a quick check to see that Dowwle was making plenty of mayhem to stay Helga. She was now preoccupied with the fact that something had dug up all her plants, and was now in the process of repotting them. Ramsey smiled and ran to the closet, which was open. He noticed a large bag of Ruffles, a jar of peanut butter, and a hulking jar of peanuts. He hauled them out to Valdez, who had now acquired a wagon somehow and had all of the stuff in it. He dished them out and Valdez asked, “Am I doing well enough? Are we going to do it?” Ramsey smiled, “Oh yeah, you’re doing excellent. I don’t know and I don’t care how you got the wagon, but you are doing excellent.” A bang brought Ramsey back to his senses, and he spun around. There was Helga, looking livid, holding Dowwle by the collar. She had her cell phone out, and was talking fast. “Richard, the dogs, they’re raiding my house! Get over here as soon as possib-.”
Ramsey dived at her, knocking the cell phone out of her hand and making her fall back into the wall. “RUN!” Ramsey shouted to Dowwle and Valdez, but the sound of heavy footfalls were sounding behind them, and sure enough, Ramsey was caught in a net. ‘Blast it!” Ramsey snarled to himself. “Ye filthy sewer rat, did you think you could evade me forever?!” Richard snarled right next to Ramsey. Ramsey growled and lashed out at Richard, scratching his cheek and drawing a little blood. Richard howled with pain and slapped Ramsey hard on the back, making it sting, but Ramsey was tough, so it didn’t bother him much. But Richard hoisted Ramsey up into the air and threw him mercilessly in the back of his truck. Dowwle and Valdez followed, but a scream of pain caused Ramsey to look around. It was Howdy.
Howdy was clawing, scratching, biting, and kicking, or doing anything to make sure she could cause as much pain to Richard as she possibly could. Richard took a knife from his back pocket, and slashed with al his might. It missed, but Howdy heard the blade slash through the air. She ran to the wagon, fastened the harness, and fled. Richard stormed back into the truck, and drove off, Howdy on his tail.
Chapter 9
Apology and Rescue
Howdy felt terrible. She looked at the truck she was pursuing, and gave an almighty leap. She missed. She started to run again, but a white shape detached itself from a bush and hurtled in front of Howdy. She skidded to a halt, and saw Schnapps looking at her, his face set in that look of determination she knew so well, and knew that she could not stop him. “What do you want, Schnapps? Why aren’t you with your girlfriend?” Schnapps snarled a warning, and said back, “I saw it all. The raid, Ramsey’s capture, you fighting Richard, and you chasing the truck. There’s nothing you can do, we have to help him get out. Otherwise, he’s going to die. The Pound isn’t the right place for Ramsey.” The impact this had on Howdy was immense. She realized how stupid she had been. “Look Schnapps, I’m really sorry about Cocoa and what happened between us a few weeks ago. I was stupid; I was jealous, and I was wrong about you. I hope you accept my apology. Will you help me save Ramsey and the others?” Schnapps gave Howdy his usual grin, the grin that she knew so well. He was ready. She was ready. “Let’s kick Richard’s butt.” Schnapps said with relish.
Howdy turned and caught sight of the Pound. Richard’s truck was just pulling in. Howdy’s eyes narrowed, and she prepared to spring, but Schnapps growled and said, “No Howdy! If you give us away we’ll never get them out of there, not to mention the fact that you’ll get us all killed.” Howdy stopped, and said, “Sorry about that.” Schnapps said, “Okay, we need a plan. I have one. You go in first and look like you got lost or something, and put on a great big puppy face. That should lure him towards you. Then when he passes this bush, I’ll run in, and get the lock undone. You just have to keep him busy until we can get out. Then we attack Richard. Like that?”
Howdy considered, then, “Its okay, but I don’t like it how you go in alone, while I’m out doing it. Although we’re bound to get sighted easier if we go in together, what if you mess up? What if I mess up? What if the other dogs make a noise? So many things could go wrong here. It’s too dangerous, but it’s the only plan we’ve got, so full steam ahead.” Schnapps grinned. “Let’s go.”
Chapter 10
The Pound Again
Ramsey was defeated. Dowwle was defeated; they were all defeated. Valdez looked around in fear. Dowwle looked defeated, and Ramsey felt nothing short of terrible. They were back in the Pound, with no hope of getting out. Well, maybe Howdy would come, but she wasn’t part of the Dirty Paw anymore. She would not come. Dowwle said, “We were so close, guys. It’s my entire fault; I couldn’t keep her occupied enough to-.”
“Shut up, Dowwle, we all messed up. Valdez didn’t do anything, he didn’t deserve this.” Ramsey interrupted furiously. He was scared, he was angry, but most of all, he was sad. He had failed to get the supplies. The Dirty Paw was finished. That’s when Ramsey heard a commotion outside. “Hey, there’s the dog that gave me a pounding down at the raisin’s house! She’ll be inside with all the other sewer rats soon!”
Ramsey felt elated. If that was Howdy, then they were saved. If not…well, he didn’t want to think about it. It looked as if Howdy was making quite a commotion, because Richard kept running around and cursing, and, although Ramsey couldn’t see it, swinging around his net. A white streak shot it, and next thing Ramsey knew, Schnapps was right in front of him, a grin on his face.
Chapter 11
Scrap Fight
“Schnapps, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here! It’s too dangerous! One, you’re kicked out of the Dirty Paw, and two, why are you here?” Ramsey said. “I don’t care if it’s too dangerous. One, even if I’m not in the club, it doesn’t mean that I can’t save my friends, and two, I’m here to save you guys!”  Ramsey considered, and then said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Get us out!” Schnapps got out a little penknife and began to pick the lock. Where he had learned that, Ramsey didn’t care, but as long as Howdy continued to distract Richard, it was fine with him. In no time, Ramsey and the others were safely outside of the cage. Valdez looked around and said, “Hey Schnapps, there’s Cocoa! We have to rescue her!” Schnapps turned and started to pick the lock, but Richard came in, Howdy was in his net. He let out a savage war cry at the sight of them, and threw Howdy over his shoulder.
He ran at them, and he smashed into the chain-link fence. He wheeled around and charged at them, this time (Ramsey had no clue where he had gotten it) holding an axe. It wasn’t a giant fireman’s axe, but it was a small hatchet. “Oh crud…” Ramsey thought. Howdy charged at him, knocking him into the chain-link fence and causing his axe to fly downwards to Cocoa. If she had not moved, she would have been killed. Luckily, the axe cut a hole in the fence, and she scurried out, jumped, and bit Richard in the butt. He howled in pain.
Valdez turned and walked over to a metal brace suspending a beam overhead. He started to claw at it, trying to break it, but it was too thick. A black paw descended and he leapt out, but it was Howdy trying to break it too. He grinned at her and she returned it, and in one combined swipe, they managed to make it loose, and it tumbled towards the ground, right towards Richard. Schnapps and Cocoa tackled Dowwle and Ramsey out of the way. If they had not acted, they would have been crushed. Not Richard though. He was big, and absorbed most of the impact by throwing his hands in the way, but they heard a sharp crack and the dogs winced. Richard’s hands were broken, and he was swept off his feet and into the wall, where he lay unconscious. The dogs barked in celebration, but they turned on their heel and pelted towards the door, into the sunshine, and back home.
Chapter 12
Schnapps and Howdy stood at attention, Dowwle pacing in front of them. “You were caught attacking each other, thus you were expelled from the Dirty Paw. Yet you did not follow orders and stay away from us. You returned and help us thwart Richard and get us out of the Pound. Therefore, it makes sense that you return. Welcome back!”
Schnapps and Howdy turned to each other. “Friends?” Howdy asked him. “Friends.” agreed Schnapps. They turned to Cocoa. “Do you want to join? You’ve helped us with a few sticky spots in the past, we could use you.” said Ramsey to Cocoa. “I’d love to join, guys, honestly, but I think I belong elsewhere than the Dirty Paw. I’m sorry guys. I’ve caused too much trouble.” Schnapps couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Cocoa, abandon him for another life? But then again, he had been a jerk. “Okay, suit yourself.” Ramsey said, and Cocoa turned and walked away, but not like a fool, like a member of the Dirty Paw. Into the shadows of the alleyway. “Hey guys, guess what I brought back?” said Howdy in a singsong voice, and she dragged in the wagon of supplies they had filched from Helga. The dogs cheered and started to chow.

The End

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