Ramsey 4

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The last in the series.

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



Ramsey 4
By: Matthew Vistnes
Chapter 1
Matter over Mind
A hulking figure stalked towards a small building. It was the dead of night, surely the dogs were asleep. He could catch them now…but no. He had other plans. He knocked on the door and a figure opened it. A small and skinny man with uncombed hair opened the door. “It’s about time, do you have the money?” he asked the big man with a small squeak in his voice. He sounded intimidated. “Yes.” said the man in a deep and ruthless voice. The little man trembled; the voice intimidated him.
The big man stomped in and opened a bag full of money. He slammed it onto the table, and the little man smiled. “You have the parts?” the big man asked. “Yes,” answered the little man. “I suppose you are going to make them your servants?” The big man’s eyes narrowed, “Of course not! I hate the lot of them! I want them all dead, or out of my way!” The little man trembled. “You don’t have to get out of hand, Richard, it was a question.” Richard handed out the money. “Have it ready in a week, Curbbes, or it will be your head on a plaque above my fireplace.” Dr. Curbbes recoiled, and said hurriedly, “That wasn’t part of our deal, Richard! You are getting out of hand, threatening me every other night!”
Richard snarled and said angrily, “You don’t know what it’s like with those five running around, raiding every house to support their dirty little paws! They drive me mad! I want them out of my way! I want them FINISHED!” Dr. Curbbes jumped at the ferocity in his voice. He whimpered something, and Richard snarled in mirth, “What’s that, Curbbes? You’re scared of me? Is that what’s holding you up?” Dr. Curbbes shook his head violently and started bustling around, carrying the money into a safe, and starting to take the parts and go downstairs into his basement. Richard smiled, satisfied, and left with a sneer on his face. Those dogs are going to get what they deserve, Richard thought with malice.
Chapter 2
Dowwle, Ramsey, Howdy, Schnapps, and Valdez were circled around all the supplies they had pilfered from Helga’s house two weeks before. There was still enough left to last about another week or so. It was too bad that they hadn’t been able to raid more, Richard and Helga had seen to that. Still, that didn’t stop them from having the time of their lives.
“So Dowwle, where are we going to raid next?” Valdez asked in anticipation. He loved raids, and performed exceptionally on them. “A small house about a block from here, it’s not too hard. I’ve been watching them for a while, and I think they’ve gone on vacation or something. We can pilfer all we want!” The dogs cheered (In whatever way dogs cheer) and Ramsey said, “Hey has anyone seen Richard? I haven’t seen him in so long. It’s unusual; usually he’s out in the alleyways trying to look for us, but I think that A: he’s given up, or B, he’s making some master plan to capture us.” Howdy said, “I think I saw him once, carrying a large bag of whatever to the outskirts of the city. That was last night when I was on my patrol duty, but I haven’t seen him other times.” Schnapps piped up, “I also saw him storming off towards a hunting shop and came out holding a small wrapped package. I think it might’ve been a pistol or something-”
Dowwle interrupted, saying, “If both of you saw Richard, and he really was holding a pistol, then he must’ve been holding some money in the bag. Either he’s been robbing banks, or he’s trying one last time to get us.”
This sentence had a big impact on the rest of the Dirty Paw. “If Richard’s using that much money to get rid of us, then it must be some big plan, because his usual plans are to leave food out and get us with a net and stick us behind a fence, which we can easily get out of, but if he’s doing something worse, we are going to do all we can to either disable what he’s doing or find a way to get him under arrest, so he won’t be able to carry out his plan,” piped up Valdez. The Dirty Paw looked at him. Ramsey responded, Valdez, great theory. I think you’re right; we must keep Richard from carrying out this plan of his, however, in order to find out what he’s doing, we need a plan. We have to get close to Richard, but its way too dangerous, especially after we escaped him two weeks ago.”
So then the Dirty Paw began to think of suggestions. Not one of them seemed effective enough to get them that close to Richard, seeing as he was now patrolling with a tazer, and if they got close enough to him, they would be on a surgery table with a green needle in their neck.
Chapter 3
Obedience is Sweet
Richard stalked out of his house. He turned to his mailbox and ripped it open. He was in a ferocious temper, having just seen the Dachshund that had injured his hands, and before he could get out his tazer, had disappeared. He grabbed a letter that he knew was from Dr. Curbbes and ripped it open, but careful not to damage the letter. He read it. It said,
I’ve finished the device. Pick it up tonight in the center of the Mall at midnight tonight, and do not be late. If it’s anywhere 5 minutes past 12, it’s going down the drain, and you will have missed out on your chance.
Dr. Curbbes
Richard felt elated, which was most unusual, since he was mostly always in a towering temper, because he was not going on duty like he should, and mostly because the dogs were now raiding more than ever, and he couldn’t stop them, because of that stupid Dachshund they had recruited. It was so sly! One moment he would look at it, he would run, and before he had reached his tazer, all that would be left was a few shaking leaves. He hated that dog more than the young Tibetan spaniel that he hated so much; it had defied him for so long…but it wouldn’t for long. Not until he had made sure that they were out of his way.
Richard checked his watch. Almost midnight, he thought. He burned with excitement. For the past month he had been in a foul mood, all because the stupid scientist couldn’t find it in his time to do what he needed to do. He turned at the sound of footsteps and say Dr. Curbbes carrying a small package. Richard’s eyes narrowed and he thrust his hand out. Dr Curbbes recoiled, and said demandingly, “Where’s the money, Richard?” Richard scowled and threw a bag of cash at the scientist, which knocked him over. Striding up beside him, he grabbed the package and stalked off into the night, burning with triumph.
Richard stalked towards the Pound. His hand throbbed involuntarily, and he swore loudly and almost dropped the device. His hand had been throbbing on and off since that stupid Dachshund had crushed them with that pole. He almost screamed with frustration. He opened the door and his eyes narrows. The dogs looked nervous, and that made him smile. He hated them all. Time to see if that stupid little man did what he was supposed to do, he thought. He directed the device at the dogs and pressed the big red button. At once, the dogs’ eyes slid out of focus and they acquired a blank look on their faces. Richard smiled with triumph.
“Now listen to me, my slaves. There is a group of dogs comprised of two Tibetan spaniels, a black Labrador, a white Schnauzer, and a short-haired Dachshund. Kill them, and come back to me with their heads.” Richard said in a commanding voice. The dogs slowly nodded and turned. Richard sneered. They wouldn’t stand a chance, now.
Chapter 4
 Attacks and Relocation
The Dirty Paw were at a loss to know what Richard was up to, but three times they had seen him, and he looked happy, which was unusual. He was pretty much always angry-looking. The last theory they had come up with was that Richard had finally given up, and that he was having a better time, possibly a wife or girlfriend, and he was finally moving on with life. Ramsey had stomped on that one by saying that every time he had seen him, it had been malevolent happiness, as if whatever he had been trying to do he had finally achieved. This only made the Dirty Paw even more nervous.
“I saw Richard today, and I could have sworn I saw at least three or four dogs following him. Has he really given up and moved on with his life, or do you think he had a nice big cookie in the back of his pocket?” said Schnapps at one meeting. This only made the Dirty Paw hungry; they had exhausted their supplies and they were going to have to raid again. “Shut up Schnapps, you’re making me hungry,” said Howdy playfully. “That’s enough fooling around, you guys. This is serious business.” said Dowwle.
Ramsey got up and walked away. He was sick of the others arguing over what Richard was up to, because he was up to something, he just couldn’t think of it. He saw a dog about a block away. It saw him, and started walking towards him. Wasn’t that the bulldog that was at the Pound? I certainly remember him from somewhere. Maybe he escaped right after we did.  Ramsey cocked his head curiously, and the bulldog bared his teeth. Ramsey’s eyes widened. How could I have forgotten? Bulldogs are aggressive to little dogs like me, and I’m certainly smaller than he is. Ramsey started to walk away, slightly scared of it, afraid that it would attack him. He ran back into the alleyway and told the others. They decided to stop the meeting and continue it elsewhere.
They were walking along the alleyway when the bulldog Ramsey had seen earlier and started to snarl menacingly. Ramsey started. Was he about to attack? But then he amended himself; one against five? There was no chance this dog would win this fight. But then, six more dogs jumped out and now it was in their favor. Seven to five would lengthen them odds against the Dirty Paw. But they had overcome more challenging things than this…
Ramsey discounted that thought when the dogs attacked.
The bulldogs circled them, and then jumped. They piled on top of Ramsey and Valdez, because they were the smallest, and they rest of them just ducked, slashed, blocked, and bit their targets. They worked as a team and individuals as well. “Seems like the end for you guys, ye filthy sewer rats?” the bulldog on top of Ramsey sneered in his ear. Ramsey stopped struggling, horrified about that little phrase on the end. Ye filthy sewer rats… That was what Richard said to him when he had been put in the Pound. It sounded like Ramsey knew what Richard’s master plan was…
“No, it is the escape for us!” Ramsey snarled back, and with the strength that even surprised Ramsey, threw off the bulldog into a wall. He fell unconscious. It looked like the other dogs had managed to frighten off their attackers as well. “Guys, we have to…get out…of here! There’s going to be five times as more dogs here if we stay!” shouted Ramsey to the group. They ran without hesitation.
Ramsey paced around the group like a caged wolf. He turned to the others. He said,” When that smelly flea-bag was on top of me-.”
Schnapps stifled a giggle-
“It snarled, ‘“Seems like the end for you guys, ye filthy sewer rats?”It was the exact thing Richard said to us when he captured us and threw us in the Pound. I think I know his plan. He’s twisted the dogs into doing his will, and I think I know what was in that bag he was carrying a few weeks ago.”
The dogs gasped (in the dog way) and started to put the puzzle together; Ramsey already knew it, but he let them figure it out on their own.
“If Richard has enslaved the dogs against us, then we know why he had the money. He obviously tried to hire someone to make or do something. Did you see how big the bag was? There must’ve been a hundred thousand dollars in there! If he hired someone to do something and he needed money-” said Dowwle.
“Then he must’ve gotten a machine or something in return! If what we guessed is true, then he’s made-” said Schnapps.
“A Mind-Control Device.” Ramsey confirmed, to obvious horror.
Ramsey barely slept that night. How would they counter a Mind Control Device, and especially a bunch of dogs who were enslaved to Richard’s diabolical will? He knew that he had given up trying to capture them. Now he was trying to kill them. He couldn’t do it himself; he was to slow, but if he had enslaved about 40 dogs…they would be hard-pressed to survive. He didn’t have long to ponder that though, because the next thing he felt was considerable pain. A jaw had bitten into his side, and he felt the nastiest smelling breath on his face. He jumped up and sounded the alarm. About 10 more dogs piled into their lair, seeking to kill them in their sleep. Fortunately, they had all been awake, haunted by the same thing that had plagued Ramsey. They put up a fight.
Howdy jumped onto her back legs and shoved the dog attacking her out of her way, almost easily. He dropped to the ground, snarling, and blood trickling out of his eye. He bared his teeth and snarled like a rabid animal. He jumped on her and started slashing like a drunken person, obviously trying to cut her throat. Howdy was more than a match for him, however. She jumped on her hind legs and kicked with all her might, as she had done to Schnapps when they had last gotten into a fight. This dog didn’t know what was coming, and it wasn’t that fast. It caught the whole blow, and flew backwards. It slid to the ground, unconscious.
Schnapps was struggling, but not a lot. He ducked around his attacker, which was a Golden Retriever, but could not land a single blow on his opponent. He snarled nastily, and pounced on Schnapps. He could not get out from under his opponent’s weight, but it was lucky that Schnapps had stuck his legs under him. The Golden Retriever curled up into a ball, whimpering, and fled.
Valdez was just having fun. He moved around his enemies so easily, it looked like the dogs were just getting a workout. They would slash, but to find Valdez behind them, and he would strike them in the bottom, which sent the Bernese Mountain dogs snarling. Valdez was just irritating them, and then when they were too tired, Valdez would strike. That was his strategy. It worked yet again. They fled.
Dowwle and Ramsey were fighting four at once; they really were good fighters. The others joined up and in no time brought them down. They sagged, panting.
“We…have…to relocate…It’s not…safe where we… are at the… moment!” Ramsey said with difficulty, his lungs felt like they were going to pop, and the bite in his side didn’t help matters. “Hear, here!” the others responded.
Chapter 5
A Near Miss
The Dirty Paw met in a small shack; the shack that they had found Valdez in, and decided that it should be their temporary meeting place. They had agreed to get close to Richard, and try to destroy the Mind Control Device. “We have to do this, you guys. Either we lose our cover, or we lose the group! Understand?” “Yes!” the others shouted.
They saw Richard near the Pound. A small grey device was in his pocket. So that’s it…thought Ramsey. Unfortunately, Richard saw him, and screamed in rage. He dragged out his tazer and shot it at him, but he missed. He shot four more times, but the battery died. He swore at the top of his voice, and dragged out the MC Device. He aimed it at Ramsey, and pressed the red button.
At once, Ramsey felt lightheaded, as well as a glorious empty feeling in his head. But he knew what was happening. Richard was trying to enslave him. Fight it! Ramsey told himself. Whatever happened after, he would not be a slave to Richard’s will. Even so, he could hear Richard’s voice inside his head. “Kill yourself, dog. You have done nothing to benefit the others.” No! I will not! Fight it, Ramsey, fight it! Richard was gaining control. Just then he thought all hope was lost, Schnapps came pelting out of nowhere, and tripped him. Richard howled with anger, and lunged at Schnapps, who sidestepped, and Valdez came running out. Richard roared with frustration. Valdez circled around his legs, tripping him again. He grabbed his MC Device and directed it at Valdez, but he was gone. Where did he go now?! Richard thought with rage. The answer was behind him.
Valdez came pelting out from his cover, and ran beneath his legs. Just as Richard turned and pointed is once again at Ramsey, Dowwle jumped in front of him and took the blast instead. Ramsey charged and knocked the MC Device out of Richard’s hand, and Dowwle came back to himself. Richard howled with frustration, grabbed his pistol, and shot a hole in the ground a hair’s breadth away from Schnapps. A mental scream pierced the dogs’ ears as Howdy flew out and started buffeting Richards with her legs, tail, and body. Just as Richard started tiring, Valdez saw his weakness. He attacked in the worst place for a man. Richard doubled over, screaming in pain.
“Time to go!” shouted Ramsey. The dogs followed suit.
Chapter 6
A Little Meeting
Ramsey had a plan. They would find the person who made it and overpower him. The only question was: How? He had considered it, and thought they could bring him down by sheer force if they had to. When he had figured out who had made the device, he had been tailing him ever since. The scientist would look around, and all he would see was an innocent Tibetan spaniel sniffing a tree or a bush. But little did he know that it was the dog that Richard hated so much.
Ramsey and the others grouped around and started to discuss tactics for the last time. “I take it we are going to have to overpower this Dr. Curbbes guy?” asked Schnapps. “Yeah, and it’ll be difficult, seeing as he knows who we are, and he’ll probably call Richard. But if we overpower him quickly, he probably won’t call him. I’ve been observing him for the past week, and he is small, scrawny, and twitchy; your average mad scientist.” Ramsey said. His words comforted and excited them. It was extremely dangerous for them to forsake their hiding place; Richard had ordered his minions to patrol the city in case they came out.
Dowwle started to pace. Howdy was sitting there, licking her paw, which was her way of showing nerves. Schnapps started to roll around, and Valdez just sat there. Valdez never showed his emotions, except for when he was angry. Ramsey was starting to feel that this war was more trouble than it was worth.
Dr. Curbbes stumbled across his front porch. He opened the door and found a Tibetan spaniel sitting in front of him. “You…you’re the dog that Richard was trying to catch!” The Tibetan spaniel did something Curbbes did not expect; it sneered at him. “What are you doing here?” Curbbes demanded. The Tibetan spaniel barked twice and a black shadow jumped out of nowhere, and knocked him to the floor. Curbbes screamed in panic, but could not reach his cell phone to call Richard. The Labrador snarled in his face and growled a warning. A presence touched his mind, and from that emanated a female voice, “If you panic or do anything to attract your little friend, I’ll kill you.” Dr. Curbbes started, thinking where the voice had come from. He said, “No, no trouble at all. What do you want?!” Another presence touched his mind, and from that emanated a young male voice, like that of a pre-teen. “We have a few questions for you. If you don’t answer, we’ll kill you. If you answer them correctly, we leave you alone for the rest of your life.”  Curbbes started to sweat. He could either tell them what he knew, or get his throat cut…but then he remembered all the torment he had suffered at Richard’s hands. He wanted him finished. “O-okay. I’ll help you. What do you want?” “Well, if you follow us, we’ll tell you.” the Tibetan spaniel said.
Dr. Curbbes was told to sit in a chair. He sat down, sweat beading his face. He looked towards the Tibetan spaniel, and asked, “Well, do you have a name?” “Yeah, you can call me Ramsey.” said the Tibetan spaniel. “Okay, Ramsey. You have my attention. What do you w-want?” “You were hired by Richard to create a Mind Control Device. Don’t ask us how we know this. You have to destroy the source that powers it. Also, tell us his master plan to destroy us, or if you don’t your consequences will be severe. How much did he pay you? What is his master plan? How can we get into his house? Answer all of them without question of us, and you will live.”
Dr. Curbbes started sweating like mad. He was a twitchy man, and he was under extreme pressure. Tell them what you know, Curbbes! Ramsey’s eyes narrowed, and he raised his paw. Curbbes shouted in panic, “Wait! Stop! I’ll talk!” “Good.” Ramsey said, satisfied, he put his paw down.
“About a month ago, after he had dealt with you escaping the Pound again, he came to me and threatened me into accepting his offer. He hired me to make the Mind Control Device that you mentioned. He threatened me day after day, telling me to hurry up, or else it would be my head on a plaque above his fireplace. He started to grow angry, and his threats became so numerous I decided to just do what I needed to do. I built the MC Device and gave it to him at midnight in the center of the Mall. He paid me about $3,000.00 in total.”
“Did he reveal his plan to destroy us?”
“Yes. In our last meeting, I persisted until he told me. He plans to enslave all the dogs in the Pound, and set them against you, to kill you and bring back your heads. If that should fail, which it has, and should the Mind Control Device break, he will use all the Mind Energy he has collected and use it to charge a device which he can use to wipe out every dog in the city. He hates them all, especially you. Get out of the city, save yourselves. There’s nothing you can do. Richard is going to win this time.”
“Where is the power supply for the MCD?”
“In my laboratory. I keep it in an unbreakable material, in case somebody wanted to destroy it.”
“Well? What are you waiting for?! Destroy it!”
“No. It has been my entire life’s work. Not to mention, I got paid about three grand for it. Besides, if I destroyed it, Richard would kill me.” Ramsey raised his paw threateningly. “Okay, okay! I’m going, I’m going!” And with that, Dr. Curbbes stumbled to his laboratory, closely monitored by the Dirty Paw.
Curbbes walked up to the glowing cyan-colored pyramid that was the power supply for the MCD. He raised his hand over the keyboard, and typed in the Automatic Shutdown code. Then he raised his hand and it hovered over the button. It was his life’s work, not to mention his life depended on it. But then all the torment he had suffered at Richard’s hands came crashing down on him. He had lost his job because of him. His hand descended… and pressed the button.
At once, the machine started beeping, slowly at first, but faster all the while. The pyramid turned from glowing cyan, to bright green, then to a blinding white, and then it cooled down, and it was an empty gray color. “Destroy it, Curbbes.” Ramsey said threateningly. Curbbes opened it up, took up a hammer in his shaking hand, shut his eyes tight, and swung the hammer down. The pyramid shattered.
Dr. Curbbes started to cry with joy and grief at the same time. He cried with joy because Richard’s initial plan had gone wrong. He cried with grief because it would lead to every dog’s destruction in the city, and he loved dogs, and because those five had just destroyed the work of his life. He turned around, but the dogs were gone.
Chapter 7
Raiding for Answers
Ramsey, Dowwle, Howdy, Schnapps, and Valdez were celebrating. They had destroyed the MCD, and they could easily raid Richard’s house for the plans. Somehow, Valdez had gotten hold of a gigantic bag of Beef Jerky and they were all eating it on the outskirts of the city. They were halfway through the bag. “How exactly are we going to raid Richard’s house? He’s bound to have extremely tight security installed.” asked Schnapps. “Well, I guess we could always resort to the basic plan. Valdez and Schnapps distract, I knock over the trash cans, and Dowwle and Ramey raid. It’s never failed before.” said Howdy.
“You guys, we’re going to have to actually use logic this time! Richard’s house is bound to have every kind of motion sensor, security camera, and alarm he can buy! This is no laughing matter!” Dowwle said with annoyance. “How about we just take Howdy’s suggestion? It’s never failed before, and it might work. Remember, Valdez can disable motion trackers and cameras, but who cares about the alarm?” Ramsey offered. “Yeah, whatever Ramsey. If this doesn’t work, it’s on you though.” Dowwle said with a touch of exasperation. Ramsey grinned.
The Dirty Paw was hiding behind trees and bushes. They saw Richard’s house. “On three, okay? One…Two…RAID!” shouted Ramsey. The dogs charged forward. Howdy circled around to the back, Ramsey and Dowwle his under the front porch, and Schnapps and Valdez followed Howdy. Soon enough, they heard the BANG of the trash cans, and the expected war cry they knew so well. Richard charged out, a broom in his hands. They heard, “THOSE DARN DOGS WILL NOT RAID MY HOUSE EVER!!” Ramsey and Dowwle sneaked inside, and started to search.
Dowwle jumped onto the counter and started nosing around for the plan of their downfall. He nosed open a drawer and looked inside. He snarled with frustration. Where could that big fat hamburger have hidden them? He started to pile stuff on top of each other. He hopped up on top of the fridge and searched fruitlessly. The bangs and screaming comforted Dowwle. Schnapps, Howdy, and Valdez were keeping him busy.
Ramsey was having no luck in finding those stupid plans. He searched in Richard’s bedroom, the living room, and finally he was almost about to give up when he heard a bark of triumph. He skidded into the office, and saw Dowwle holding an envelope in his mouth, labeled, “Dog’s Destruction.” Ramsey leapt up and grabbed it, and ran at the door. Their progress was barred by Richard, who had seemed to have given up chasing the others and decided to come inside. He yelled with surprise at the blue envelope in Ramsey’s mouth, and then he drew a knife and attacked.
Ramsey jumped from side to side, deftly avoiding Richard’s slashes. “Run! I’ll deal with him on my own!” he shouted to the others, but they shook their heads and watched with fear, too scared to attack. Richard picked up and book and threw it at Ramsey, who retreated into a corner. Richard smiled. Here was the downfall of the dog that had caused him so much pain. He raised his knife, and Ramsey lashed out, cutting open his lip with his sharp teeth. Richard screamed with rage and lunged with the knife. Ramsey tried to avoid the blow, but there wasn’t enough room. The next thing he felt was the worst pain he had felt in his life.
He saw the blade penetrate his side, saw his own blood spurt into the air, and a scream of rage filled his head. His side stung and ached, along with the horrible sensation of the knife being pulled out of him. His lush coat was soaked in his own blood, and his vision started to fade. Ramsey thought feebly, Fight it! You are not going to die! I can make it…I can make it…and his vision blacked out.
Chapter 8
A True Survivor
“Get him to the Vet or he’s going to die, come ON! Move!” Ramsey’s eyes flickered open, but he was so weak, they shut by themselves. His side burned and stung, and he could feel blood trickling down, but it seemed to be dry for the most part. He fell unconscious again…
He was being laid on a soft surface, and felt a needle going into his skin…in and out…in and out…while hurried voices rushed around him. They sounded worried…
There was something being wrapped around him. Was it masking tape? He couldn’t tell. The voices rushed over him again, but this time they sounded hopeful, relieved. Ramsey could tell a little bit more, but he was still sub-conscious…
Ramsey’s eyes were gritty. He had trouble opening them. When he cracked them open, he was blasted with a wave of light. He squinted, and he could see well. He slowly opened them, and found he was in a room, with blankets covering him and a peculiar feeling in his side made him wonder what happened. Then he remembered the feeling of the knife sinking into his side…the pain…the blood…and then he remembered the voices around him…worried…relieved. What’s going on? Where am I? he thought.
A veterinarian opened the door and said, “Oh, good. You’re awake. You were hurt pretty badly, weren’t you, honey? But we got you nice and fixed up…don’t worry…it’ll be okay.” Where is the Dirty Paw? Where’s Richard? What in the name of God is going on? Ramsey thought slowly. He got up, and when he put weight on his leg, pain blasted through him. He dropped to the floor, whimpering. Dang it! He looked at his side and saw his hair completely shorn, but he had a bunch of bandages wrapped around him.
The vet opened the door again, and saw him out of his little bed, and said in an annoyingly soothing voice, “Oh, you naughty little rascal, you should be in bed.” Ramsey rolled his eyes as she picked him up and set him into bed. He never did like humans much. She gave him a few treats to occupy him, and left the room. Ramsey took a bite of the treat she had given him, and found out he liked it, ate them all.
Over time he grew bored, and started to examine the room. Once in a while, the vet would come in and stick a needle in him and injected some medicine into him while he was chewing on a bone or something. It didn’t hurt, but it grew annoying. He found out that he was at the Veterinarians Hospital, the hospital for sick and injured animals. When was the Dirty Paw going to raid this place and rescue him? He didn’t like it there. Once in a while, they would bring food and check on him.
About three days after he had been rescued, the vet came in and said, “Let’s see how your injury is.” She peeled off the bandages, and he stared at the place where Richard had maimed him. A small scar about an inch long met his eyes. The skin there was pink and swollen. It tickled a little when she touched it, and when she started to pluck out the stitches, he saw with amazement, the most welcome sight staring through the window.
It was Howdy. She looked at him with wonder. “Ramsey! Are you all right?! We thought you were dead!” she said. “Not quite. Where are the others?” Howdy looked pleased. “They’ve been checking on you every hour, for the past four days.” She looked nervous and pleased. “The reason we couldn’t get you out is because first, we didn’t want to get you out until you fully recovered. Second, they don’t let in stray animals, and today’s the Adoption Day, so we decided this is the best time to get your out.” Ramsey grinned at her, and Howdy looked revolted at the veterinarian picking out Ramsey’s stitches. “I can’t believe you put up with that Ramsey, if it was me, I’d have knocked her over and sat on her face.” “Not if you’ve been crippled temporarily.” Ramsey shot back.
Howdy looked around to make sure that nobody was there. “What happened when I fainted? Why didn’t Richard just kill me then? Nothing would have stopped him.” “The police heard the commotion. They came over just as we’d gotten him outside, and they saw him with a bloody knife. He had to run for it. He’s on the run now. He’s a criminal.”  Howdy said with mirth, obviously overjoyed that Richard was a criminal. Ramsey looked at her. Then he realized that the vet had left him, and was now being shooed away by the vet, but not before, The Adoption will start in an hour. Be ready to run.”  Ramsey settled down on his bed, thinking about nothing but getting revenge on Richard.
Chapter 9
The vet came into Ramsey’s room and said, “We’ll find you a new home in a bit.” She picked him up. Ramsey was sick of the vet. She was annoying. His treatment at the hands of Richard and the vet had changed his opinion on humans. They didn’t annoy him, they nauseated him.
The vet took Ramsey outside and placed him in a kennel. He now wanted to be back in the thick of action, in a battle against Richard. The people started to come up to the kennels, and look in the kennels. He heard “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” from the people. He wished that the Dirty Paw would come soon. In no time, he saw a young woman come up to his cage and say, “Oh he’s sooo cute!” Ramsey winced.
The lady who complimented Ramsey went up to the manager and asked him how much Ramsey was. The manager told her something, and she smiled. She paid him, and then opened the kennel. She picked him up, and say, “Come on. Let’s get you some treats back home.” Home…home…so cozy…he would never have to hunt for supplies. But then he remembered the Dirty Paw. That was his family, and the alleyways were his real home, and he really belonged in the thick of action.
At that moment, the Dirty Paw circled the corner at top speed, and sped right at him. He was saved. He squirmed and writhed and finally, she let go of him. He ran towards his friends, his real family. His face split into a grin at the sight of them, but the scream of the manager caused him to whip around. “Stop him! He’s getting away!” Veterinarians were running up with big juicy-looking bones and calling him. He sneered, and they stopped at once, amazed and confused. The Dirty Paw, reunited, rounded the corner and bounded back home.
Chapter 10
The Final Battle
Ramsey, Dowwle, Howdy, Schnapps, and Valdez had a party. And what a party it was! Fizzy drink was everywhere, chips all over the place, Beef Jerky in their mouths, and cookie crumbs scattered all over the place. They were having so much fun. Little did Ramsey know that the others had gone out of their way to fetch as much supplies as possible for a Recovery Party for him. They were tactful enough to not ask him what it felt like to be stabbed, and he was very grateful.
“So Ramsey, how exactly did you live through that prison of yours?” Schnapps asked Valdez. “I just let that monster carry on what she was doing and eventually, I learned to expect it.” Ramsey replied. Then Schnapps asked the question that Ramsey was dreading.
“Is it time to fight, Ramsey?”
He knew what he meant. Was it time to challenge Richard head-on? Release every bit of pain and misery they had suffered at Richard’s hands right back into a good solid blow? Time to attack and attack until Richard had left their lives forever?
The Dirty Paw gathered and Ramsey said, “If one of us gets hurt, the others run. I don’t care if it’s me, Dowwle, or anybody else. Run. Understand?” The statement was grave, but serious. “Yes!” they all said. They saw Richard sneaking around, looking around, and then he saw the dogs. His eyes widened at the sight of Ramsey and he said, “No. It can’t be, you’re supposed to be dead!” Now it’s your turn, you stupid, big fat monster! Ramsey thought with rage.
He sprang at Richard, who whipped out his knife and started slashing. Ramsey recoiled and snarled. Howdy jumped over him and slashed with her sharpened claws, cutting his muscular arm. Richard yelled with pain and frustration as Valdez sneaked up behind him and bit him in the bottom. Richard snatched up a fallen branch and whipped it at Ramsey, which he dodged. Schnapps came up and started clawing at his legs, his face blurred with a feral snarl.
Richard finally recovered and picked up a plank. He swung it at Howdy, who caught the blow in the side. She collapsed, snarling, and lunged at him. He didn’t see it, because he was now preoccupied with Valdez, who had just bitten him again. Howdy grabbed his ankle and bit as hard as she could. He swore angrily, and flung her off, and her place was taken by Dowwle, who got in front of Richard, tripping him, and causing him to land hard on the ground. They heard a sharp crack as his ankle twisted and broke. Ramsey ran up and pounced, but was defied as Richard threw him hard, onto the ground. He raised his arm, and a control was clutched in his hand. The control to the DD Machine! We have to stop him! Ramsey thought frantically.
Richard laughed maniacally and was about to press the button and wipe out the Dirty Paw, when Cocoa flew out of nowhere. She grappled with his face, as he screamed in pain. When he finally threw her off, his face was covered in bloody scratches and cuts. He got out his knife and threw it at Ramsey.
Ramsey stared at the blade as in slow motion. It was razor sharp, and it had death written all over it. Without thinking, he rolled out of the way, and the knife missed him by a hair’s breadth. Richard roared, and pulled a pistol out of nowhere. He shot, but missed. He shot again, but missed. Ramsey’s eyes widened as Schnapps, Cocoa, Valdez, Howdy, and Dowwle all hurtled at Richard, all from different directions, and crashed into him at different times, knocking the pistol and the remote out of his hand. Ramsey heard the siren of the police and shouted, ‘Back off! The police are coming!” They did not hesitate.
The police car pulled up and the occupiers got out. They stared at the dogs, and pulled out needles full of green liquid. “Clearly these guys have got rabies! They attacked this criminal though, and brought him down. Test them.” A person walked up to Ramsey and pulled his mouth open. He checked around, and then moved on. “They don’t have rabies. They are just mean dogs by the looks of it.” The policeman who was next to Richard pulled out a pair of handcuffs, and then said, “Because you were caught three times being cruel to a fellow animal, you are arrested and face ten years in prison! Come on! Move!” The dogs looked dumbstruck, and then they cheered. “Richard in prison for ten years for cruelty to animals! YEAH!!!”  shouted Schnapps. “Just think! We can raid all we want now!”  whooped Ramsey and the others. They ran off home, to what definitely looked like a brighter future, a lot more chowing down, and a lot more celebration.
Chapter 11
Celebration and Induction
The Dirty Paw reveled in Richard’s imprisonment. There were all sorts of food scattered all over the place. There were chip bags open and empty. The soda was in the bowls and more than 3 bottles had already been depleted. Beef Jerky was in their mouths; peanut shells were all over the place, and most of all, there was certain warmth in the air; the warmth of victory and friendship…and food all over the place. Dowwle caused a diversion by diving into a stack of potato chips, covered in soda. But strangely, Cocoa was standing at the start of the alleyway, not partaking in the party. Schnapps went up and asked, “What’s wrong Cocoa?”
“I said I wouldn’t join the Dirty Paw because you lied about it, and I never realized how much fun you guys are having together, and how much fun we had. I’ve changed my mind; I think I want to join you guys.” Schnapps was overjoyed. “I’ll go tell Dowwle and Ramsey!” he said, and ran back to the party.
A moment later, Cocoa stood before the other members of the Dirty Paw. She looked nervous. Dowwle and Ramsey stood in the center. “Cocoa, you are prepared to surrender all responsibility, your home, and your current life for the Dirty Paw?” asked Ramsey. “Yes.” replied Cocoa.
“You are prepared to follow orders and participate in raids and help us survive?”
“And you will swear upon your paw you will never betray us to anybody?”
Satisfied, Ramsey looked at Cocoa with admiration and happiness. “Welcome to the Dirty Paw.”
The dogs cheered and went back to the party, and it now looked like a brighter future.

The End

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