First time with poetry!

Cotton Candy Lane

Birds swoop down towards a church steeple
the church steeple being the tallest of this town.
During a clear day, the backdrop of the town views a city.

Before the city there is a long street
On this street lie two story houses with green lawns parallel to each other,
cars parked in red, blue, black & green
at the end of this street lies a school.

Before the school a strip of trees reside
these trees only bloom three weeks per year.
These are cherry trees; colored like cotton candy
they are called Sakura in Japan.

Before the season of summer these pinks bloom.
With an expression of solidarity, a boy walks the long street.
His backpack slung over his shoulder
pink petals ballet around his feet.

As he reaches his destination,
the trees dance to the cadence of the wind.
A petal withdraws from the tree
spiraling down to the palm of the boy.

You start always smiling
ever quiet ever tender
and I, a lost a child
always frightened I remember
that you came and found me.

Blinded by unshed tears,
the tears we cry
are echoes that tell
what tomorrow will hold
and I’m well in your arms.

And I heard,
bells ring out
across the land bringing peace at last
to your heart my dearest friend.

Now the love that you gave me
blooms and will live on
through the tears of us all
without end.

Submitted: May 02, 2010

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Ben Walker

Cool poems writing your frist 2 poems must have been difficult but you did a great job! i liked "Kioku" it had more emotion.

Sun, May 2nd, 2010 10:05pm

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