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This is a true story it actually did happen to this author

Submitted: April 12, 2011

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Submitted: April 12, 2011



A True UFO Story


Phil Robbins

Synopsis : This is a true story it actually did happen to this author.

Do i expect you to believe it? Thats up to you really , all i can do is tell you what happened to me and my family in 1981. We had an unusuall experience to say the least you see we believe we followed a UFO about ten miles on a lonely country road before it took straight up in the air,

Hi , all as said this is a true story so i'll be using my name and names of my wife and two daughters . Yep , i'm Phil Robbins , my wifes name is Hazel, and my oldest daughter is (actually she is my step-daughter but i think of her as my own) her name is Penny at this time she was 12 going on 13 her sister

which was mine and Hazel's was Starla at the time she was i beleive 8 yrs. Old. We were living in Hooks , Texas at the time where i was the Water and Sewer Superintendant . We had moved 8 months earlier from Broken Bow , Okla. So i could take the position in Hooks. My wifes family lived in Idabel ,Okla. Which was 10 miles from Broken Bow . My family while there in Broken Bow attended a church called Faith Christian Center. A non denomenational chrismatic church. It was the christmas season and we wanted something special to do so we thought hey why not go up to Idabel visit with my wife's sister and her family a bit on New Years Eve. And then attend our old church (Faith Christian Center ) for the watch nite service.

The service and watch nite was good with a lot of good food also (hey us country folk like to eat ya know) After the service was over one of our friends envited us over to their house to caught up, seeing it had been 8 months since we left to go to Hooks and my new job there. We talked until about 2:30 am

New Years Day before Hazel and i decided we should head home. But before we left i ask our friends to pray a travelers mercy prayer over us ,which they did. From that moment on everything started getting weird.

The trip back to Hooks was only about an hour and a half approximatly at normal hiway speeds consisdering they were country back roads. But as a said things sort of got weird. Yes , it was after 2:30 min the morning and a holiday weekend to boot but it was like driving in a ghost dimention. On the way to Hooks we had to pass thru several small towns before we got to the Red River bridge which seperated Okla and Texas . Well each little town we went thru for some reason or other was like no lights at all on even in the stores which in itself was strange. There was just one more little town we had to go thru before we got to the Red River and the road was basicly a straight road but just hilly. My wife and i both were making comments as to how strange everything was after we left Broken Bow when all of a sudden with out warning something came loose from the exhaust system and my pick up truck started making all kinds of motor noises (you know like a dragster with out a muffler) . Even though it was in the country you could still get a ticket for a loud engine noises such as a faulty muffler system. So i was concerned that i might get stopped for that and at the time didn't have a lot of fianances to pay a traffic fine ticket. When this happened we were approximatly 5 or 6 miles outside this last little town before we had to turn on to the road that would take us to the Red River . As i sort of coasted into the little town my wife and i noticed some strange things that seemed to be going on. First thing

we noticed just before we got to this little town was a very bright reddish flashing light located somewher between this little town and the Red River . It was bright enough that it was literally lighting up the sky above it. That in itself was errie and as we approached this little town there was a little store

that had lights on with a lot of cars around it but didn't seem to be a soul in it or around it. Plus the fact the atmosphere , you know that creepy feeling you get when things just don't seem right with where you are. I was almost afraid to make the turn a give the truck any gas because of the muffler system making so much noise . But we did and started on the trek toward the river and heading in the direction of that strange redish blinking lights. I looked in my rear view mirror and thought that i saw a vehicle following me some distance behinfd with their lights off. However by this time i was outside the little towns city limits so whoever was following stopped for some reason or other. The speed limit on this strech of hiway was set at 55 mph so we were going at the speed limit . We were gradually , it seemed , getting closer and closer to that red blinking light.

As i have mentioned before this road was hilly but relativly straight, we topped this one hill and in the valley below was what i thought looked like an

ambullance with all kinds of red flashing lights. Oddly it seemed as though it was just sitting there not moving at all. That is until i got within about 50 feet or so of it then it started moving towards the river about 25 miles an hour.

Hazel kept telling me to slow down and not pass it (like i said it appeared to be an ambullance) , besides i couldn't on just a 2 lane road with double lines. By this time however it was about some where between 3:30m and 4 am in the morning . I couldn't understand why this ambullance was only doing 25 mph on a 55 mph road . But for reasons unknown to me i just kept following this thing towards the river. Let me explain here , from that last little town and to the river was only 10 miles and from the river to Hooks it was only another 10 miles.

As i said we were following this thing what seemed like forever when we started to top the last hill just before the river. All of a sudden i heard an unusal swishing sound and what ever the thing was that was in front of us seemed to me at the time went straight up in the air . And suddenly as it dissappeared there appeared in the middle of the Red River bridge two

Patrol cars facing each other on the side of the road with red lights flashing.

Ok, i got nervous again thinking unless i can just coast by them , because i was just coming off the hill on to the bridge . I was hoping that i had enough momentum to get passed them enough to use the gas to continue on after passing them without them following me and giving me a ticket. Well just as we passed them it appeared as though they were just standing there frozen in time without moving a muscle. My oldest daughter (step-daughter) confirmed what my wife and i saw latter.

Well twenty minutes latter we were pulling up to our apt. in Hooks and managed to get in and go to sleep until about 9 am . I woke up as did my wife and decided to turn on the tv and watch what ever programs they might have on that early for the new year holiday. The channel that was on was on the local news channel and a news man was talking about an unusal light display and said a possibble ufo report . He had anotherr person at the Red River bridge saying the ground ,trees and power lines were covered or littered by what some were calling angel hair . This sometimes was a direct result in some instances of ufo activities. The tv camera man was panning the area

of the bridge showing the angel hair debri . I told Hazel , i 've got to go see this but i first had to see if i could fix what ever happpened to the exhaust system first. Fortunatly all that happened was a conection came undone and a new u-bolt fixed the problem after shoving the parts together again . So 20 minutes latter we were heading to the river .

I was thinking at the time that maybe what i thought happened didn't . i told Hazel that it might have been that vehicle just turned off on a side road and i only thought it went straight up before we crested the hill to the river. Sure enough as we got closer to the river we started seeing the angel hair everywhere . The color of a silverish white and in long strands. The police where out directing traffric because of all the vehicles driving around and people stopping in the area to view this stuff. I drove on across the river to okla just to see if i was right that the vrhicle just turned off onto a side road.

Guess what no such luck , nothing but ditches ,fenses , and trees on either side of the road before the top, at the top ,and even on the down slope goiung towards the river. This meant to me that the only thing that could have happened is it went straight it as i saw it do the nite before.

What the thing we were follwing that night was i'll probably never know for sure . It may have been an answer to prayer for travellers mercy and protection or my family or i had a very close encounter with a ufo. Which accidently preformed the answer to travlers mercy and protection.

Authors note: Unless your a die hard ufo fanatic like myself ,your probably thinking that i've made this story up. But it did happen to me just as i said.

Please read and review .

Pss: noticed i actually have use very little caps except were they are supposed to be. So hopefully from now on i wont get any flames as to the caps in my previous stories that i have posted here. Oh , yah any flames i get i put in a bucket of water to cool them off first before reading again lol...

Pss2: also would be interested if any of you all have had anything like this happen to you also. If so and you'd be willing to share your story (privately) or publicly as i have i'd like to hear from you.

  guppylove 2010-07-13 . chapter 1
I was an X-Files fan for years. So I'll say this for your story. I only wish I was there when you talked about it. Reading this was like listening to a person talk. Nice job

\"\" \"\"\"\"guppylove 2010-07-13 . chapter 1
I was an X-Files fan for years. So I'll say this for your story. I only wish I was there when you talked about it. Reading this was like listening to a person talk. Nice job
\"\" \"\"\"\"guppylove 2010-07-13 . chapter 1
I was an X-Files fan for years. So I'll say this for your story. I only wish I was there when you talked about it. Reading this was like listening to a person talk. Nice job
\"\" \"\"\"\"guppylove 2010-07-13 . chapter 1
I was an X-Files fan for years. So I'll say this for your story. I only wish I was there when you talked about it. Reading this was like listening to a person talk. Nice job

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