Mahi Mahi and Rice!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'z loves to go sailin and even betta I'z love fishin and sum times I do'z dim both together and out do'z day ones wid day big fancy power boat and makes dim look bad.
so if in yaz wants another story frum yaz old cap-pin Mike
dim I'z dig'z in mee'z pocket for sum-pin yaz like's

they wanted me to go fishing but I had to pass
cause on thier boat I couldn't afford the gas
sitting at home gets me real bored
so I did something that I could afford
as for them I had to be bailing
cause for me I'd rather be sailing

well them fellers never checked thier bait boy they regret it
the whole darn day they was fishin on credit
don't know which one of them boys was fooler
but I think his name was Cobby Booler

well I finaly made it out there just took more time
next thing you know I got two dolfin on the line
both reels a screaming boy what a thrill
kind a like a chinese fire drill

all by myself and so remote
I got them fish in the boat
well them fellers asked me for help so I figured no harm
when they passed by I gave them my lucky charm
when they got tired and thier day was over
and they couldn't catch fish with my four leaf clover
they went home and had sushi chop slopped and diced
I'ze still sailin home eating mahi mahi and rice!

by Capt. Mike

Submitted: March 12, 2011

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