Prickly Tales

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This is the start of a series of short stories that I intend to write, about the stuffed animals that I have at home.

This one in particular is about Prickly the Hedgehog, a funny little character that would scare the mane off a lion!

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



Prickly the Hedgehog was born, or so he says, in Buckingham Palace. Of course, this was not the real Buckingham Palace, where many members of royalty have lived since the \"\"reign of George IV, no. This Buckingham Palace is exactly the same size as the real thing, but directly underneath it. You forget that, although hedgehogs are especially civilised creatures, they still have not forgotten their remarkable talent for digging. This was how Prickleham Palace, to give it its proper name, was first created. Prickly’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Uncle Constantinople was the founding Father of Prickleham Palace, as he was the only Prickle who didn’t mind getting large globules of dirt underneath his claws whilst digging excessively. After ‘borrowing’ the original plan of Buckingham Palace from a rather large local museum, Uncle Constantinople decided that, mainly for novelty rather than practicality, he would base this remarkable feat of digging on the great Palace that it resided underneath. But instead of it being the way up that it was above the surface, he turned the plans upside down (deliberately, of course), and created Prickleham Palace upside down, making it so that if you could see both buildings from the side, you would think that someone had put a mirror between the two. Anyway, that, summed up, is the history of Prickleham Palace.

But you did not receive this book to learn about the long and prestigious history of Prickleham Palace, along with all its inhabitants. This book is here to tell you about Prickly the Hedgehog, the second-to-latest hedgehog in the Prickle family. That being said, the Prickle family is quite widely spread, as it turns out that every single hedgehog in the entire world is a direct relation of Prickly, and so a member of the Prickly household. There’s French Hedgehogs, German Hedgehogs, and even Australian Hedgehogs, who find Prickleham Palace very fitting, as it is the right way up for them. Every Christmas, every single member of the Prickle family, from all over the world, convenes at one member of the family’s house, where they will stay for the duration of the winter. Some still hibernate during this period, whilst others stay awake, having become accustomed to human traditions of not hibernating, although some humans do find it to their liking to sleep almost constantly whenever it is a tad nippy outside. It was last year that the Prickle Family Reunion took place at Prickly’s House, that also being my house. Luckily, as hedgehogs are so small, there was enough space for all of them somewhere in my house, and in the garden, and in the woods nearby, and in the trees (some had come from near the Amazon Rainforest) in our back garden. After a lot of pushing and squeezing, and quite a lot of sharp pains as I accidentally trod on a few, we managed to fit all of them in or nearby our house. Well, just imagine the commotion! Lederhosen here, black berets there...they were from all over the world! It was just as well that, in hedgehog circles, it is only polite to speak the language of the country that you are in- otherwise, who knows how we could have asked them to be quiet, go to sleep...even how to tell them that it was Christmas Day -I simply can’t imagine!

Currently, as I am sat writing this in my bedroom, Prickly is overseeing my work, with his son Spike by his side. Although he can be a lovely hedgehog at times, he is mostly a bit temperamental whenever he feels he has been treated unjustly, or something bad about him is said...

“Yes, Prickly? Have I written something wrong?”
Yes. You have said that I am temper...temper...uhh...
Yes, that. I am not...
Oy! I was going to say that!
“Sorry, Prickly. Please continue.”
As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, I am not temper-mental. I am a calm and dignified hedgehog!
“Of course you are, Prickly. Now, may I get back to writing about you?”
Yes you may. He he! Look at me, Spike, I’m an Editor!

Sigh. Anyway, back to Prickly. Although he can be a little cross at times, at other times, he is ‘...a calm and dignified hedgehog’, in the words of himself. Now, I cannot mention Prickly the Hedgehog without mentioning also his love of girly... “AHEM”... sigh... domestic sciences. Prickly adores anything that is particularly enjoyed by those of the female gender. He loves to cook, clean and twirl about my bedroom in a pink floaty frock. I am sure that somewhere in the garden he has burrowed out an underground wardrobe, where he keeps a vast collection of pink outfits, most of them modelled on the attire donned by characters from Jane Austin novels.

It appears that dresses and pink things have always been Prickly’s passion. He now even owns a shop in Teddy Town, Prickly in Pink, where he sells a vast array of all things pink and floaty. I am aware that he buys a large amount of his wares himself, but I’d best not mention it here. So why not pop down to Teddy Town, and visit Prickly’s store – I am sure that he’d love another valued customer!

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