Brick.. by.. Brick..

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Way too often do we bring down walls, just to have them rebuilt. It's learning when to bring them down and knowing when to put them up.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



It's took me so long to bring down my walls, but I did. 
Slowly, breaking down piece by piece of old memories.
Making way for the new, Making way for you.. 
It took patience I didn't know I had, but I found 
Cautiously moving, but finding peace that had been lost. 
Finding peace within me, peace and truth. I thank you. 
Walls that took years to make, walls built in silence 
How pain does make a person forget to be human. 
It took me so long to bring down these walls, but I did. 
How I tore through old rubbish of dreams forgotten 
Why did I allow myself to forget to feel?
What was I protecting myself from? 

As I think back, I'm reminded, it kind of felt like this. 
An endless burning in the bottom of a pit 
Being engulfed by a cruel and spiteful world 
Old wounds forgotten, new ones made. 
I guess it's time to lay new foundation. 
So I begin building, but this time making my walls stronger. 
Endless nights of tossing and turning, restlessness. 
Oh How I know this well, my old companion. Insomnia. 
I hear the breaking of a beated heart, Can you hear it? 
cautiously moving, for now my peace has been misplaced.
So I begin building, but making my walls stronger. 

I think this time I will build a door, just incase. 
For when I try to brave a day, a new.
I will make this house my home for protection. 
building strength within every wall made. 
Every wall a memory, a tear and a goodbye 
How I'll remember you.. How I'll miss you..  brick by brick..

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